I have a STRONG dislike towards game ratings, and as such I have complete lack of ratings on any of my games. While I could go through and rate them based on my personal enjoyment of the game, it's still completely subjective. I'd prefer a world where players would judge a game on how it's content pertains to them in particular, rather than it being insultingly reduced down to a fucking number. It's like going to the doctor "rate how much it hurts on a scale of 1 to 10", how about "it fucking hurts." Similarly I don't want to use ratings as a "how much I recommend this" either. I wouldn't recommend one of my favorite games, Bayonetta, to my feminist friend that struggles with the hallway simulator that is Final Fantasy XIII.

There's no way I can remember all the games I played before computers started keeping track for me. There's a lot I missed, but I'm pretty sure I remembered all the ones that actually mattered to me. I'll be sure to fill out any more that may come to mind, and will definitely keep track of all the games I play from now on.

I once had a list here of all the games I played that weren't in the database, but since then most have been added. I'm not gonna bother listing what few remain anymore since they're pretty obscure anyway.


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