I have a STRONG dislike towards game ratings, and as such I have complete lack of ratings on any of my games. While I could go through and rate them based on my personal enjoyment of the game, it's still completely subjective. I'd prefer a world where players would judge a game on how it's content pertains to them in particular, rather than it being insultingly reduced down to a number. It's like going to the doctor "rate how much it hurts on a scale of 1 to 10", how about "I can tolerate it if there's like people bleeding out or whatever."

There's no way I can remember all the games I played before computers started keeping track for me. There's a lot I missed, but I'm pretty sure I remembered all the ones that actually mattered to me. I also used to say here that I'd keep track of all the games I played from then on, but... well a year went by without me updating this list at all. I'll fill in everything in between best I can, but it'll probably be a bit spotty from now on.


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