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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Nintendo 3DS

I completed this game a long time ago... This remake gave us the possibility to play this masterpiece of Nintendo 64... About gameplay. Something that is trademark from the saga is the exploration and dungeons... To complete the game you need some objects and find the way to keep going, and for this you need to explore and what it is more important, think. It is amazing how amazing are the dungeons , because in all of them you have to use their main object to beat them. All the bosses of the game are very enjoyable, needing an specefic object to beat them, like the dungeons. The combat is the same as the original game, dodging , blocking and giving hits with the sword, the slingshot and the bow are also the same , but the difference is that you can use the motion of your 3ds or 2ds to...

God of War

God of War PlayStation 2

I have recently completed this game and now I know why everyone recommended it. Let's start with the gameplay. It is obviously based in hack n' slash mechanics and has a lot of fast paced action, but this game has something that I love, i'm talking about the different ways to kill your enemies and the different abilities that you can use. This offers you the possibility of play with your own style. This game also innovated in terms of upgrading your weapons and abilities with its leveling system. You can collect orbs to increase their level. All of this without mentioning the finishings, boss fights and little puzzles. This game has a little bit of adventure in some moments , for example in moments that you find a secret orb chest , minotaur horns and gorgon's eyes. And there are also some easy puzzles in some parts of the...

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 PlayStation 2

!Detras de ti imbesil! -Resident Evil 4 was special game on its decade because it added an "over the shoulder" third person camera . This mechanic differences this game from the previous ones, The most part of the game is action, there are more enemies and you need this shooter mechanic. In my opinion what makes this game worse is that there aren't so many puzzles as in other resident evil games. This gameplay in our time is not a great thing , but at that time it was really innovative. I still loving it's gameplay even being a bad decision in the saga. The aim with the red dot for me it's a cool mechanic that is different from other third person shooters. There are parts where there are puzzles and that it's nice to keep some of the essence of the saga.This game also includes a very common nowadays mechanic...

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