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Videogames are a huge passion of mine. I've been into videogames ever since my parents got us an NES for Christmas. I enjoy many different genres of videogames, and my current mood usually reflects the games I'm playing. I'm always looking for new friends to game with so don't hesitate to add my gamertags to your friends list!

MyVideoGameList.com was originally built by myself and morgan as a place to track the videogames we were playing or had finished. It's very similar to MyAnimeList which was built to meet needs that the original MyAnimeList.net website was not meeting. We intended for MyVideoGameList.com to be used by a few close friends however it seems other gamers have discovered us and started using it as well! Since then we've done a small amount of promotion and advertising, but we still consider ourselves to be a small, close-knit community. Since the spring of 2011 we have grown into a community of 25,000+ users. I personally continue to work on and develop the site as much as I can when time permits. I also continue to learn new things about web development and community management on a daily basis. We hope to continue to build and improve upon what MyVideoGameList already offers.


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