This VGL is a combination of three siblings! (2 guys, 1 girl) ((But mostly just me [the girl] that games now! So, yeah, this is technically my account, haha.))

As you can see I have a terrible habit (since I was a kid) where I buy games, start 'em, almost get to the end, and not finish them... LOL I'm working on that this year HAHA. I end up putting my games away for 8 years LOL. This year I hope to finish as many games as possible.

What We've Got: - Nintendo 64 - SNES - Gamecube - PS2 - Gameboy Advanced SP - PSP - DS Lite - 3DS (Original) - PS Vita - PS3 - PS4

Hoping to get the Switch when the next Tales of game and AA game are announced (and ofc for BOTW and Harvest Moon too) and also have been wanting to get a 3DS XL (;____;)

Video Games I'm Currently Playing (That aren't on the MVGL database): Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness


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