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List of Consoles I own: Playstation 2 (Slim version) Playstation 3 (Slim version, not the super slim) Playstation 4 (Original 500GB Model) Playstation Vita (Original model cuz I heard it has a better screen, got it preowned because of that, also the newest console of this list) No point getting a PS1 or PSP because all the games I want them are at the PS3 and PS Vita's PSN store respectively.

Nintendo Entertainment System (Had a phase where I wanted to start Retro gaming because I kept watching AVGN vids lol) Nintendo Gameboy Advance (SP Version, way better than original cuz backlight) Nintendo Gamecube Nintendo DS (Lite version, used to own the original then traded it in, this version shits all over the original imo) Nintendo 3DS (New Nintendo 3DS XL version) I used to own a Wii but sold it, regretted it and plan to rebuy it, do not plan to get the Wii U until I can list at least 5 games I want for it (Too many Mario games, where is Metroid and Zelda Nintendo? A proper Zelda please, not a remaster or a Dynasty Warriors reskin)

And last but not least a PC, which I only use for CSGO lol


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