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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time PlayStation 2

The King and the Prince of Persia are besieging the Maharajah's castle to plunder the treasures hidden inside. In order to impress his father, the Prince sneaks inside to recover the magical Dagger of Time. He quickly learns that this dagger has the ability to control time. The malevolent Vizier has other plans for the dagger, however, and tricks the Prince into unlocking a mysterious...

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A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence PC

Developed on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC by Asobo Studio, A Plague Tale: Innocence will offer an adventure supported by an original scenario, with gameplay that blends action, adventure and stealth phases. Follow our protagonists Amicia and her little brother Hugo, both orphans and on the run from the terrifying Inquisition. Our young heroes will also need to survive against an even greater danger:...

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Undertale PC

A long time ago, two races ruled peacefully over the Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS. One day, a terrible war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters underground with a magical spell. In the year 201X, a small child scales Mt. Ebott. It is said that those who climb the mountain never return. Seeking refuge...

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Inside (2016)

Inside (2016) PC

Inside is a cinematic platformer with many game mechanics similar to the developer's previous game Limbo. The player controls a young boy and it starts with no context as he climbs down a rock at night in a dark forest. There are no conversations or explanations in the game, but the events reveal it is set in a dystopian universe where sinister experiments are performed...

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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back PlayStation 1

Taking place on a fictional group of islands near Australia, Crash Bandicoot 2 follows the adventures of the anthropomorphic bandicoot Crash. Crash is abducted by series villain Doctor Neo Cortex, who has seemingly turned over a new leaf and wants to save the world. Crash is thrust into several parts of N. Sanity Island in order to gather Crystals that will allow Cortex to contain...

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Control PC

After a secretive agency in New York is invaded by an otherworldly threat, you become the new Director struggling to regain Control. This supernatural third-person action-adventure game will challenge you to master a combination of supernatural abilities, modifiable loadouts and reactive environments, while fighting through a deep and unpredictable world. Become the new Director struggling to regain Control. You are Jesse Faden, a young woman with a...

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A Way Out

A Way Out PC

A Way Out is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. It is specifically designed for split-screen cooperative multiplayer, which means that it must be played with another player through either local or online play. In the game, players control Leo and Vincent, two convicted prisoners who must break out of prison and stay on the run from authorities. As the story of both...

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God of War II

God of War II PlayStation 2

God of War saw Kratos, a mortal warrior, set upon an epic quest to dethrone a God. But his journey did not end there. In God of War II, Kratos sits atop his Olympus throne, as the new God of War - far more ruthless than Ares ever was. To end his continued torment, Kratos must journey to the far reaches of the earth and...

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God of War

God of War PlayStation 2

Loosely based on Greek mythology, God of War is a Greek epic with vengeance as its central motif. The player controls the protagonist Kratos, a Spartan warrior who serves the Olympian Gods. The goddess Athena tasks Kratos with killing Ares, the God of War and Kratos' former mentor who tricked Kratos into killing his wife and daughter. As Ares besieges Athens out of hatred for...

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