Final Fantasy V

The Elemental Crystals are the life source of the planet. With them, gentle winds blow, the seas are active, fire burns bright, and the earth is full of life. All seems well in the world, until the wind suddenly stops, the sea begin to grow stagnant, the heat of fire becomes scarce, and the earth begins to wither. King Tycoon, sensing a premonition of evil, hurries off to check on the Wind Crystal, only to witness it destroy itself.

Meanwhile, a young traveler named Bartz is camping in a field when a giant meteor strikes the planet. When he heads out to examine the meteor, he is shocked to find a young girl named Lenna, who is the princess of Tycoon, and an old man named Galuf, who is on a critical mission. Later, joined by Faris, a pirate captain, the foursome must travel the land in search of the destroyer of the Crystals, and save the planet at any cost.

Final Fantasy V is a role-playing game that uses the Active Time Battle system first introduced in Final Fantasy IV. It also incorporates the Job/Ability system from Final Fantasy III, which keeps the core gameplay centered on four main characters and allows the player to change their classes, or 'jobs'. A new feature lets the player assign an ability from one job to a character who has another job.

The Game Boy Advance version adds 4 new jobs, a new 30-floor dungeon, a bestiary, a music player, the ability to quick-save anywhere and at any time, a few extra pieces of equipment, and an updated English translation.



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Alternative Titles
Nintendo Super NES
JP Release Date
December 6, 1992
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7.8 by 196 user(s)
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Nobuo Uematsu
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