Atari Lynx

    Robo-Squash Atari Lynx

    Experience the Ultimate Zero-G Futuresport. Take the challenge of multi-dimensional competition. Control and aim your racquet to deflect the ball as it comes at you. Hit exploding bricks and special items for power ups. Miss the ball and you'll be splattered! You and a friend can "Lynx up" for an awesome two...
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    Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop

    Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop Atari Lynx

    In this game you play the role of Dirty Larry, an obvious pastiche of the no nonsense cop Dirty Harry of the movie of the same name, played by Clint Eastwood. The game starts of with the police chief giving you a harsh talking. You are ordered to bring in...
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    Zarlor Mercenary

    Zarlor Mercenary Atari Lynx

    Zarlor Mercenary is a vertically scrolling shooter in which players takes the role of a mercenary group. The scenario is a long-time war between the Mendicant and Zarlor races and the mercenaries are hired by the Zarlors to clear out six levels hold by Mendicants. The basic gameplay consists of using...
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    BattleWheels Atari Lynx

    In the year 2019, Humankind turned to more and more dangerous games for its entertainment. Fight in high-tech cars armed with missiles, machine guns, flame-throwers, and more through dead cities and desert wastelands; a sixteen arena battle royal! Fight as a team or go solo! Custom build your car from...
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    Xenophobe Atari Lynx

    Zee-no-phobe: fear of anything alien. At first glance, you'd never guess there was a living thing aboard the deserted starbase. But inside, it's alive and crawling - with the most gruesome horde of alien lifeforms in the arcade galaxy. They lurk around every corner, they blend into every background. They...
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    Todd's Adventures in Slime World

    Todd's Adventures in Slime World Atari Lynx

    Todd and Rooney are mild-mannered go-getters who believe it is easier and more rewarding to drive a space cruiser than to navigate a desk in some window-less office. One dreary day, Todd gets stuck in his cubicle for several hours because the space exploration business has become a pastime for...
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    Gordo 106

    Gordo 106 Atari Lynx

    Gordo, the laboratory monkey, is free of cage 106, but his adventure of escape and revenge is just beginning. Even with super-monkey intelligence, he needs your help to explore the lab's six levels, freeing his captive friends and destroying evil scientists in his fight for freedom....
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    Awesome Golf

    Awesome Golf Atari Lynx

    Awesome Golf is as the name suggests, a golf simulator. There are 3 courses to play: one in the U.K one in the U.S and the third one in Japan. The gameplay involves you lining up your shot via an overhead view which when set up switches to a third...
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    Gates of Zendocon

    Gates of Zendocon Atari Lynx

    The hideous spider Zendocon captured you and sent you deep into its web of 51 deadly universes. You must survive each universe and its hostile alien inhabitants if you hope to return home. You will find allies along the way. If you can free Zendocon's alien slaves, they will help...
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    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Atari Lynx

    Alternative Titles: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure, Bill & Ted's Adventure

    The Lynx title based on the Keanu Reeves/Alex Winter film franchise actually takes place after the second film, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. Out for revenge after being humiliated by the high-school duo, Death kidnaps their "medieval babe" girlfriends from the first film, and drags them throughout history. Luckily, the...
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    Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom

    Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom Atari Lynx

    Alternative Titles: Ninja Ryukenden III: Yomi no Hakobune, 忍者龍剣伝III ~黄泉の方船~, Ninja Gaiden Episode III: The Ancient Ship of Doom

    Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom, known in Japan as Ninja Ryūkenden III: Yomi no Hakobune (忍者龍剣伝III 黄泉の方舟?, lit. "Legend of the Ninja Dragon Sword III: The Ark from Hades") is a side-scrolling platforming video game developed and published by Tecmo. It was released in Japan on June...
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    Pinball Jam

    Pinball Jam Atari Lynx

    Pinball Jam is a Lynx conversion of two pinball tables: "Elvira and the Party Monsters" (Midway, 1989), and "Police Force" (Williams, 1989). Both feature authentic table layouts, targets, and bonuses; the conversion of Elvira and the Party Monsters also features digitized sound effects, including the voice of Cassandra Peterson (Elvira)....
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    Turbo Sub

    Turbo Sub Atari Lynx

    Earth has been invaded in the 28th century! Only you and your Turbo Sub stand in the enemy's way! Cruising underwater, you will find great treasure and great danger, too. Use your wits and your firepower to overcome the Stealth Raiders and restore Earth to peace. Comlynx™ with another player...
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    Paperboy Atari Lynx

    Jump aboard your heavy duty bike for a ride through the burbs. Avoid hazards like motorcycles, brawling dudes, mad dogs and crazed grannies. Bust the windows of those non-customers, deliver to your subscribers and earn big points by mastering the radical training course. Keep it up for a week and...
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    NFL Football (1992)

    NFL Football (1992) Atari Lynx

    Alternative Titles: NFL Football

    NFL Football is an officially licensed NFL Americal football game. The game is played by holding the Lynx vertically and sports zooming and scaling graphical features, with an overhead, top-down view. Games last for four 15-minute quarters and it contains circa 25 offensive plays. Passing is done by holding down...
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    Dracula: The Undead

    Dracula: The Undead Atari Lynx

    In this game you play the role of Jonathan Harker, an Estate Agent who has visited Dracula's castle to conduct some business. The gameplay is a point and click style adventure except it has been tweaked to accommodate the Lynx controls. To interact with an object you move Jonathan next...
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    Battlezone 2000

    Battlezone 2000 Atari Lynx

    In this game you play the role of a tank commander who is fighting in a future war in the 21st century. The game is an update on the classic arcade game Battlezone and stays true to the original in terms of gameplay. The gameplay involves you driving round a...
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    Super Off Road

    Super Off Road Atari Lynx

    Enter the world of off-road racing as 4 vehicles will face each other, on a series of tracks which are based around flipped and reversed versions of a core selection. Fame, glory and bikini clad women await your victories and the taste of dirt awaits if you fail. Let a...
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    California Games

    California Games Atari Lynx

    Get ready for the gnarliest, most radically awesome sports events under the sun! They're six of California's hottest games. Geared for daredevils - and guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping! First, pick your sponsor. Then tackle the heavy competition in surfing, rollerskating, BMX bike racing and more. Take risks to...
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    Klax Atari Lynx

    For one or two players, KLAX makes you move fast - and think faster! Catch colored tiles coming down a conveyor belt. Score big points by arranging them in same-colored stacks of threes - vertically, horizontally or diagonally. A tic-tac-tile game if you will. Sounds easy? It is... until the...
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    Toki Atari Lynx

    Toki is a platform game with many various levels: jungle, underwater, volcanic caves, on the ice and so on. The hero of the game is a young jungle-man named Toki. One day the evil wizard Dr. Stark kidnaps his girlfriend Wanda. When Toki tries to save her, he is turned...
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    Batman Returns

    Batman Returns Atari Lynx

    Atari themselves adapted the 1992 superhero sequel Batman Returns for their Lynx handheld as a side-scrolling beat'em'up. Batman must move through four levels on his quest to stop the Penguin and Catwoman. Enemies trying to stop him include circus clowns on the streets, policemen (whom Catwoman put on his trail) on...
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    Double Dragon

    Double Dragon Atari Lynx

    Set in a post-apocalyptic New York, Double Dragon is the story of Billy and Jimmy Lee, twin brothers trained in the fighting style of Sou-Setsu-Ken. Together, they manage a small martial arts training school, teaching their students in self-defense. One day, Billy's girlfriend, Marian, is kidnapped off the street by...
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    Pit-Fighter Atari Lynx

    Pit-Fighter is a 3rd-person fight game that features digitized graphics of real fighters and zooming effects. Players select one of three fighters (Buzz, Ty or Kato) to take on anyone who dares. At the conclusion of a match, players are individually awarded a Knockout Bonus, Brutality Bonus, and a Fight...
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    Shadow of the Beast

    Shadow of the Beast Atari Lynx

    While very young, Aarbron was kidnapped and enslaved by the Priests of the Beast Lord. He grew up on drugs made to destroy his own will and turn him into the Beast Messenger, a powerful creature serving Maletoth, The Beast Lord himself. He did his job, until one day he...
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    Steel Talons

    Steel Talons Atari Lynx

    Fly The Army's Most Advanced Attack Helicopter ...Without Enlisting! Strap on your flight harness and prepare to fly in Steel Talons, the arcade megahit - now for your Genesis! This high-tech combat flight simulator with 360 degree polygon graphics gives you total control of the Army's most advanced attack helicopter. Imagine...
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    Ms. Pac-Man

    Ms. Pac-Man Atari Lynx

    Ms. Pac-Man is an arcade video game from the Golden Age. It was produced by Illinois-based Midway Manufacturing corporation, the North American publisher of Pac-Man. Ms. Pac-Man was released in North America in July 1981, and is one of the most popular arcade video games of all time. This popularity...
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    Ninja Gaiden

    Ninja Gaiden Atari Lynx

    Ninja Gaiden (NINJA外伝?), known in Japan as Ninja Ryūkenden (忍者龍剣伝?, literally "Legend of the Ninja Dragon Sword") and as Shadow Warriors in Europe, is a side-scrolling platforming video game. It was developed and published by Tecmo for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES); its development and release coincided with the beat...
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    Joust Atari Lynx

    In Joust, players take control of a knight with a lance who rides their flying ostrich to do battle against computer-controlled evil knights who ride atop vultures. Players must flap their steed's wings to hit the enemy from a higher jousting point to destroy the vulture and its rider. Once the...
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    Shanghai Atari Lynx

    Steady your nerves and concentration. You're about to play Shanghai! Shanghai is based on an ancient game that's over 25 centuries old. Over the years since, it has been a favorite of pirates and smugglers, flappers and gangsters, of working men and the well-to-do. Now you can play it too,...
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    Checkered Flag

    Checkered Flag Atari Lynx

    Checkered Flag puts you in the driver's seat of a Formula 1 race car! Choose from 18 high-speed tracks, three different transmissions, and single-heat or tournament racing. For really tough wheeling, challenge up to five of your friends and get into big-time competition! The game features tracks located in the American...
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    Rygar Atari Lynx

    Fight the good fight! The odds are against you, but you are the chosen one, Rygar. So pick up your shield, whisper the protection spell, and scream your war cry as you fight your way through 23 levels of lush landscapes and blood curdling creatures. Rygar is a side-scrolling action game. The...
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