The Dangerous World of Castles

Our intrepid hero is in a land full of castles. Fending off the evil creatures, our hero brings along an insane number of swords to throw.

Burning Cooking Passion Pro

Up to 4 players cooking off to become the best breakfast chef in town, if your food is disgusting you won't last, so don't burn your food too much!

Bump 'n' Capture Alternative Titles: BUMP'N'CAPTURE

Bump your way through to the crystal! Bring it to your home.. quickly! .. cause you are not alone. Watch out for other crystal robbers!


The bulls have escaped! You have one minute to destroy capitalism. This game is a collab with Hayden Scott-Baron, Alex May and Battlerager.


Enjoy the music, dance with bullets. Watch it, dodge it, catch it, crush it. What else do you expect? BULLET WALTZ. *Intense flash alert

Build It Up

Build it up is a puzzle game, enabling you to build structures based on blueprints presented on screen from building blocks, by operating a crane. Ever imagined how it would be to build something? Now is your chance, operate the crane from cabin and build various structures based on the...


The bugs are creeping in to the room. Blast them all away! Destroy all the bugs before you run out of bombs!

Bubblr - Dummy in Trouble Alternative Titles: Bubblr in Trouble HD

Bubblr in trouble HD you control "dummy", the crash test dummy, who gets attacked by zombies and has to defend himself and therefore needs your best reaction skills. Dummy is jumping around the platforms and has a soap bubble-cannon and can bubble zombies. Furthermore dummy can use other weapons like...

Quick Colors 1.0

Quick Colors is an awesome casual/arcade game where quickness is the key to winning. The objective is to change the center ball to match the incoming ball when they collide. The game starts out slow but then revs up fast as your score increases. There is also several different modes...


Welcome to Quadroville the 3D First Person Shooter where the goal is to remove the criminals from the street and protect the innocent civilians. You can arrest the criminals or simply gun them down in this street battle shoot 'em up. Everything might be square in the retro City of...


A curious set of quantum-locked crates are lying in the warehouse. Simply push all the crates onto the buttons, to complete the level, remembering that they all move together..


Move, grow, and split your bubbles, as you relax on a beautiful tropical island! Eliminate your opponents until you’re the last survivor. Play against the computer or with friends. Up to 8 players, and only one controller required! Simple for anyone to play, yet the strategy will intrigue the masterminds....

Ruzafa's Nightmare

Classical and fast paced beat' em up. Ruzafas' sculptures have came to live and are destroying Castellón's city. If you've read the whole description, there's a cheat for you :D In the options menu, change 10 times between on and off the sound switch. A boy shouting will be heard,...

Run Dash Dash

A simple task. Just run over the floor tiles. Collect 50 tiles to beat each level.

Run Cyber Run

An endless runner made for the 2014 #cyberpunkjam. Watch out for the spikes! -100% free! -3rd party controller support.

Rubble N Strafe

Machine gun, bomb and rocket your way through an infinite horde of enemy troops in this updated take on the arcade action game. Inspired by the Amstrad classic "Harrier Attack", see how long you can survive until you're blown out of the sky, divebomb a little too deep or just...

Rose and Time

A stealth, time-travelling, puzzle game. - Collect crystals to time travel - Rewind out of paradoxes - 20 Mind/Time bending puzzles - Story with hand-drawn illustrations - Works with 360/PS3 controllers

Brutal Arena Alternative Titles: Brutal Arena: Boss Edition

Brutal Arena is a fun, lowest-common-denominator, local multiplayer action arena. Simply have your character grab a weapon as fast as possible and blow the other players away! Currently supports up to 4 human players, 9 playable characters, 4 game types, 8 levels, 6 weapons, and built in controller mapper.


BruhAdventure, The Game where you explore the city of BruhHills and it's secrets! You can enjoy a tasty snack while you are at it! The game has farting humor, toilet humor, and many other kinds of immature humor! The people who live in the amazing city of BruhHills are very...

Bridge (2013) Alternative Titles: Bridge

Minimal storytelling game.

Brick Break Blitz

With jaw droppingly beautiful 3D graphics full of particle loveliness, this is Brick Breaking done in a classic style but executed with flair and imagination. • Easy and fun to play, testing your Brick Breaking skills as you progress • Over 80 levels with 4 different themes – Space/Underwater/Retro/Candy Box...


Blast your way through 64 levels of destruction, as you blow up your box, and hopefully manage to catch the enemy splodges in your wake. A game of skill, precision, and things blowing up!


Bounce the Ball against the wall! It seems simple enough, but as the game progresses you'll find lots of obstacles cropping up along the way. Bash walls to pieces, battle against alien invaders, destroy oncoming centipedes and avoid dangerous meteors in this sometimes chaotic re-imagining of the classic Ball vs...

Boulder Jape

The objective is to collect all the fractals and find the exit at each level. 40 Levels to play and the game is completely free.


Rose is a 1st person point and click atmospheric adventure game, in the tradition of "Scratches", "Dark fall", "Blackstone chronicles" and more. Abandoned for nearly 30 years, the house on the edge of aevus street has long been the center of local myth and legend. The mystery surrounding the death...

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