Bio Blocks

Bio Blocks is a puzzle game with weapons that destroy your opponents board. Supports 2 player versus locally.

Rapid Rabbit

Easter is coming and the Easter Bunny is collecting eggs. Would you like to help him? In Rapid Rabbit you can choose from different rabbit characters and collect as many eggs as possible. But be careful: tricky obstacles are coming to your way, so jump, slide, shoot, kick and the...


Match two similar fruits, and they will disappear. Are you tired of jewels? Are match-three games too complicated for you? Biniax2 to the rescue!

Rainbows Shooting From My Balls

Bounce the Balls back and forth against the enemy paddle. Things can get rather chaotic, so be sure to keep up with things. Don't Panic!

Raccoon Lagoon

Guide Duncan to fortune as he searches for the lost Croctonian Golden Apples! "Raccoon Lagoon is a gorgeous cel-shaded platformer with addicting gameplay and fantastic level design. Part Tomb Raider, part Crash Bandicoot, Raccoon Lagoon feels like an authentic modern update to platforming classics of yore."

r0x Alternative Titles: r0x (Extended Play)

More avoid-em-up than traditional shmup, r0x (Extended Play) is a simple arcade game where ammo is scarce and you are rewarded generously for taking risks and flying dangerously. Graze rocks, bullets and enemies to recharge your cannon and thrust at breakneck speed through the deadly meteor storm to rack up...

Beta Collexion Alternative Titles: AGameAWeek.com's Beta Collexion

A collection of 26 fun, awesomely playable, little retro games. In this sequel to Alpha Collexion, you'll be fighting alien swarms, battling army troops, destroying explosive boxes, protecting the universe from a destructive planet, wrapping gifts, and much much more.

Bermuda Dash

Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle! Fly a water jetpack in the most mysterious place on earth! Can you make your way home before the last whirlpool closes forever? Be sure to have a look around, things are not always what they seem. And above all have fun, it's the journey...


You have accidentally made your way into the heart of an asteroid field! Using your ships lasers and quick reflexes, how long will you last? L Stick - Move Ship R Stick - Rotate Ship R1 - Fire Laser

Beat Time

Beat Time is a fast pace rhythm game that is easy to pick up, yet difficult to master. Indulge yourself with more than 30 different Dubstep/Techno tracks. Play "Beat Time" today, and lose yourself in this ghetto trance.

Beat Bros

***Kill Screen CREATE "Best Couch With Friends" Finalist*** Beat Bros is a competitive, fast-paced, grid-based fighting game for 1-4 players! A bonkers rhythmic action-puzzle smash-broguelike with frenetic, deterministic stategy at its core, and a host of weapons, powers, and randomized levels, Beat Bros is a near-endless reservoir of "couch with...

BeastGameware presents Bowling Alternative Titles: Bowling

BeastGameware Presents: Bowling is a game where you can enjoy bowling right on your couch. Play the game and upload your statistics to the online cloud services !. -The JANUARY UPDATE (1.1): This update removes the online account requirement and now only asks for you to make a new username...

BattleZone Mars

BattleZone Mars is a first person shooter where you fight against green dudes from Mars hell bent on conquering the earth. BattleZone Mars features: * Amazing 3d environments * 12 types of weapons: guns canons, lasers, and more * 10 types of monsters * High quality sound * Single or...

Battle Sudoku

Innovative multiplayer take on the famous single player game of Sudoku. With seven unique power-ups and five difficulty levels, it's fun for 1-to-4 players! Compete against one another, or work together to solve each board.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum exposes players to a dark and atmospheric adventure that takes them into the depths of Arkham Asylum –Gotham City’s high security psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. Use Batman’s legendary gadgetry, strike from the shadows, and confront The Joker and Gotham City’s most notorious super villains.

Batman & Robin (2015) Alternative Titles: Batman & Robin

The Joker has broken out of Arkham, and with him, he's taken five of Batman's most deadly foes! Together, Batman and Robin must overcome the five villains and find clues as to where the Joker is hiding so they can stop his sinister plan! Are you brave enough to don...


FREE 4 players Classic Beat'em all ! Come with your friends to our virtual theater and see the play everybody is talking about ! In a theater-themed world, you are the actors, playing the role of the heroes, chosen to restore peace in the cursed world of Bastonnade. With its...


Are you good in logic games? Think you can solve any puzzle? Try yourself! Absolutely free! :)

Bang Bang Bang! Alternative Titles: BANG BANG BANG!

A Western quick-draw game to play with friends. - Local multi-player; for 2 - 4 players - Featuring original music by Dave Dexter - 6 Characters - Bot support (but it's better with friends!)

Bandit Skies

Bandit Skies is a simple, accessible retro shoot-em-up with loot-gathering, RPG elements. Take to the air to put a stop to the bandits, grab their loot and use it to help out the people you meet on your travels!

The Bananatree Brothers: Eat Carrots

Blaine and Albert Bananatree were directed by their parents to start eating their vegetables - so they’re re-farming Banana Island with carrots! The boys LOVE bananas, so it’s such a temptation to go to the centre of the island and pick a banana from the only tree - but they...

The Bananatree Brothers

Blaine Bananatree has returned to Banana Island - this time with his brother Albert in a banana-split-screen multiplayer mini-game where the brothers eat and plant their way to superstar status like a rock-band and a punny joke. Sibling rivalry has gone bananas. This game consists of one 2-player competitive multiplayer...

Ballistic SE

Ballistic SE is an intense, arcade dual-stick shooter. It features endless waves, 5 unique challenges, 10 ship enhancements, 20 achievements, and eye-popping graphics.

The Ball

As an archaeologist working on the slopes of a dormant volcano somewhere in Mexico, you get stuck in a cavern. It doesn’t take long before you realize this is more than just a cave. You reveal ancient ruins that have been hidden from outsiders for centuries and discover a mysterious...

A Zombie Stole My Toaster

Why aren't these zombies interested in my brains? What - get off my stuff! My toaster... My Cactus! Noooo! Possibly the craziest, weirdest, zombie game you ever played.

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