Playstation 4
    Demon Pit

    Demon Pit PlayStation 4

    Arise Demon Hunter. It is time. The years you spent slaughtering demon-kind in the mortal world did little to cleanse your soul. Your sins have been laid bare and you have been judged. You are damned for eternity. The pit awaits! Inspired by the fast-paced FPS games of the 1990s, Demon...
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    Dead End Job

    Dead End Job PlayStation 4

    Dead End Job sends you into a madcap, whacky world to bust up ghosts. It’s a procedurally generated, couch co-op, twin-stick shooter that straps a vacuum pack to your back, and puts a plasma blaster in your hand. For you, it’s just another day in the office. You take on the...
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    Unit 4

    Unit 4 PlayStation 4

    An evil alien army has stolen the sacred artifact of our heroes' tribe while invading their home planet. Similar reports are coming from other planets and the solar system will decay without the power of these artifacts. Our heroes will begin an epic journey to uncover the truth behind this...
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    To Leave

    To Leave PlayStation 4

    Harm’s Door is very delicate! Even the slightest touch against seemingly harmless things and, whoosh!, the Door will burst open, absorbing Harm and setting him back, sometimes to the loss of all progress, and right into the very life he fought so hard to leave behind. Still, Harm will always keep...
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    Spirit of the North

    Spirit of the North PlayStation 4

    Play as an ordinary red fox whose story becomes entwined with the guardian of the Northern Lights, a female spirit fox. As you journey over the mountains and under red-stained skies you’ll discover more about your companion and a land left in ruin. This 3rd-person adventure game will send players on...
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    WWE 2K15 2K Showcase: One More Match

    WWE 2K15 2K Showcase: One More Match PlayStation 4

    Relive the heated Randy Orton and Christian rivalry with hours of new 2K Showcase action in One More Match! Battle through epic matches as their story is told through your gameplay and historical WWE footage. Also get playable WWE Superstars from 2011: Christian, Randy Orton, Edge, Mark Henry and Sheamus...
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    Pato Box

    Pato Box PlayStation 4

    Pato Box is an adventure/fighting game inspired by the "Punch-Out!!" series. Is a surreal boxing quest with a luck! Test your reflexes as you fight your way through an evil corporation in search for retribution. Uncover their deepest secrets by exploring thrilling 3D environments with a graphic novel/comic book art...
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    Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

    Street Fighter V: Champion Edition PlayStation 4

    Rule the ring with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, the most robust version of the acclaimed fighting game! This new version includes all content (excluding Fighting Chance costumes, brand collaboration costumes and Capcom Pro Tour DLC) from both the original release and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Champion Edition adds...
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    OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes

    OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes PlayStation 4

    Based on the hit Cartoon Network show, this game stars pint-sized hero K.O. as he punches, slide-kicks, combos and power-moves his way through hordes of evil Boxmore robots on an epic quest to save Lakewood Plaza Turbo from the maniacal Lord Boxman. In this story-driven adventure game meets action-packed cartoon...
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    Orc Slayer

    Orc Slayer PlayStation 4

    The world has been overrun by Orcs, the few humans who survived the great Orc uprising have fled their homes. Towns and castles have been left abandoned, the world is at the mercy of the ferocious invading armies. Stubborn and determined you refused to run or die, hiding in the...
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    Jydge PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: JYDGE

    JYDGE for Yourself Build your JYDGE. Enter Edenbyrg. Get out alive. JYDGE is a lawful but awful roguehate top-down shooter where you get to build your own cybernetic JYDGE and eradicate crime in the never-sleeping megacity of Edenbyrg. Create your own play-style by augmenting your JYDGE, modifying your Gavel rifle, and choosing...
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    Scramble PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Arcade Archives: Scramble, Scramble Wars, スクランブル

    Scramble your fighter and take on the enemy! The base is heavily guarded and you must guide your ship through five levels of enemy defenses before you can destroy your objective....
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    Stay Cool, Kobayashi-san! A River City Ransom Story

    Stay Cool, Kobayashi-san! A River City Ransom Story PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun Gaiden: Ikasuze! Kobayashi-san, 熱血硬派くにおくん外伝 イカすぜ!小林さん, 열혈외전 멋지다! 코바야시, 热血外传:好酷啊!小林, 熱血外傳:好酷啊!小林

    A short while after the events of ""Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari""... Reiho High School, where the battle took place, has these Big Four, who are feared by all the others schools around. And at the top of the Big Four, reigns only one man: Masao Kobayashi. Here's one of his stories. Back in middle school,...
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    Dusk Diver

    Dusk Diver PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Dusk Diver 酉闪町, Dusk Diver 酉閃町, ダスクダイバー酉閃町

    Dusk Diver is an anime style beat-em-up action game. You will be playing as Yumo, an ordinary high school girl, to fight with the Guardians against those Phantoms who dare to enter the realm of men. ■ Combat & Guardian Support System Use light and heavy attacks to chain up combo moves,...
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    Shovel Knight Showdown

    Shovel Knight Showdown PlayStation 4

    Included in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Shovel Knight Showdown is the ultimate platform fighting experience, where you can duel with up to 4 players and scramble after gems as your favorite heroic or villainous knight from the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove saga. Gather your pals for endless multiplayer clashes, or choose...
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    Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones

    Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones

    Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones is the final chapter in the pirate trilogy Nightmares from the Deep, and tells the story of fearless museum custodian Sarah Black and her daughter, Cory. After discovering mysterious notes confirming the truth of the Davy Jones legend, Sarah calls a press conference to reveal...
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    Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren's Call

    Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren's Call PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren's Call

    The rain slicked off his coat in rolling sheets as if compelled by the dark malevolence of the night itself. Lightning flashed at scattered intervals, and the thunderclaps carried on the wind were harsh and wanton. But there was no turning back. Oddly enough, he was hopeful. He had to...
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    Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart

    Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart PlayStation 4

    Would you like to enter a thrilling Pirates world where danger lurks in every corner? You are a museum owner pursuing an undead pirate who kidnapped your daughter. You quickly realize that the villain is entangled in a tragic, centuries-old love story, and wants to resurrect his mistress with the girl’s...
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    Dark Arcana: The Carnival

    Dark Arcana: The Carnival PlayStation 4

    An enigmatic carnival has come to town, bringing an unsettling mystery with it. A young mother has gone missing, and now its up to you to find her before its too late! Investigate two worlds: the one you live in and an alternate plane existing behind the carnivals Hall of Mirrors....
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    Super Robot Wars X

    Super Robot Wars X PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Super Robot Taisen X

    Super Robot Wars is a simulation RPG with various types of robots crossing-over from different anime titles to fight against common enemies. More than 90 titles (including the best version) have been released to date. In 2016, the 25th anniversary of this series was localized for Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong,...
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    Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink

    Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink PlayStation 4

    Delve into this exciting detective adventure game with a steampunk twist! Strange earthquakes are causing the worlds cities to crumble to ruin. The brilliant Dr. Ambrose Ink hopes to expose the underlying cause of this phenomenon, but he needs the assistance of his longtime friend, Agent Evangeline Glass. The heroine...
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    Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition

    Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition PlayStation 4

    Pillars of Eternity, the ultimate role-playing experience on PC, comes to Playstation 4! Created by and for role-playing fans by Obsidian Entertainment, masters of the RPG genre, Pillars started as a Kickstarter project, where it shattered all funding goals and pulled in more than 75,000 backers. From there, it released...
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    The Little Acre

    The Little Acre PlayStation 4

    The Little Acre follows the story of Aidan and his daughter, Lily, set in 1950's Ireland. After discovering clues as to the whereabouts of his missing father, Aidan begins investigating until he inadvertently finds himself transported to a strange new world. Ever the hero, Lily sets off after him, encountering...
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    Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends

    Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends PlayStation 4

    Step into the shoes of Mary Gilbert -- world renowned botanist and guardian of Fern Flower -- to once again explore the mythical realm of Slavic fables. Travel to forgotten flying islands among the clouds to stop an evil sorcerer and gain the favor of a thunder god. Save your...
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    Eventide 2: The Sorcerer's Mirror

    Eventide 2: The Sorcerer's Mirror PlayStation 4

    Explore a forgotten mountain village that is teeming with magic and become part of a Slavic legend. You must uncover the dark secrets of an immortal sorcerer to stop his evil rituals and save your niece! Throughout your journey, you'll need to team up with other people and even magical...
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    Eventide: Slavic Fable

    Eventide: Slavic Fable PlayStation 4

    Your grandmother is caretaker for the beautiful Heritage Park, a magical place where mythical creatures live peacefully alongside humans. But when an evil force seeks to destroy them, she summons you to use your botanical skills to save an endangered plant that is their last hope for survival. That is,...
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    Sid Meier's Civilization VI

    Sid Meier's Civilization VI PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Civilization VI

    Sid Meier's Civilization VI is an entry in the long-running Civilization series of strategy games. It retains most of the features of Civilization V (with expansions), with the World Congress being the only significant omission. On top of this, the game adds a new victory type (religious); separates technological and...
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    SpeedRunners PlayStation 4

    In a city filled with superheroes, getting to crimes becomes a competition on its own. Fortunately there are enough rockets, bombs, grappling hooks, spikes, and other goodies lying around -- to make the competition fun and fast. Welcome to SpeedRunners. SpeedRunners is a 4 player competitive platformer with grappling hooks,...
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    Raging Loop

    Raging Loop PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Rei-Jin-G-Lu-P, レイジングループ

    Immerse yourself in a thrilling psychological horror story taking place in the secluded Japanese village of Yasumizu. A heavy mist surrounds the place, preventing everyone from ever leaving. Ancient gods have come back to hunt the villagers down one by one. The feast has begun, can you escape the village...
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    Mortal Blitz

    Mortal Blitz PlayStation 4

    Mortal Blitz applies Gun Shooting games from arcade game centers into VR platform, and lets you experience the whole new 1st person VR action shooter experience. In this game, the player becomes ‘Yuhei’ ex- F.O.R.C.E. (governmental elite soldiers), and toils and fights in the mission to thwart the evil plans of...
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    Déraciné PlayStation 4

    Déraciné is a story adventure game from Sony Interactive Entertainment, SIE Japan Studio, FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki, known for their collaboration on Bloodborne. Taking the role as an unseen faerie in a secluded boarding school, the player moves around in frozen time, collecting various bits of information that serve to...
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    Nubla PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: The World of Nubla

    Dive into the paintings of artists such as Joseph Turner, Max Ernst, David Friedrich, and Joseph Cornell in a point'n'click adventure that will take you through the fantastic world of Nubla, full of puzzles and forgotten places. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, looking for your personal identity and place...
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    Dark Devotion

    Dark Devotion PlayStation 4

    Explore the secrets of a mysterious fallen temple and put your Templar faith to the test in Dark Devotion, where no sacrifice is too great in praise of your God. Measure your devotion and your bravery by journeying into deepest darkness for answers to questions that will challenge your very...
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    Twisted Metal: Black

    Twisted Metal: Black PlayStation 4

    Prepare for the next chapter in car combat. The latest installment in the Twisted Metal series, Twisted Metal Black, has Calypso returning to host another contest of wreckage and devastation, in which the victor is allowed to have one wish granted. Slip into the minds of insane contestants competing in...
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    Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

    Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 PlayStation 4

    The much-awaited sequel to PAC-MAN™ CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION! Featuring eye-popping 3D graphics and funky visuals, the latest version of the classic game takes chomping and chasing through mazes to a whole new level! Make up to four ghost trains for maximum chompage! New modes include Score Attack and an Adventure Mode with fast fleeing...
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    N1RV Ann-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

    N1RV Ann-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: N1RV Ann-A

    Cyberpunk Bartender Action N1RV Ann-A (pronounced simply as Nirvana) is a booze em' up about waifus, technology, and life in the dystopian economic bubble. A sequel to the critically acclaimed VA-11 Hall-A, Nirvana takes place in Saint Alicia, an artificial island located in the Caribbean that's experiencing a big economic boom...
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    Hero Defense

    Hero Defense PlayStation 4

    Hero Defense challenges fans from MOBAs, RPGs and Tower Defense games to strategically manoeuvre their upgradeable heroes to destroy hordes of sinister creeps. Take charge of five unique heroes that battle their way through various arenas to defeat Count Necrosis. In order to destroy the world's most powerful vampire, your team...
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    Streets of Rage 4

    Streets of Rage 4 PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Bare Knuckles 4

    The all-time classic Streets of Rage, known as Bare Knuckle (ベア・ナックル Bea Nakkuru) in Japan, is a trilogy of beat ‘em up known for this timeless gameplay and electronic dance influenced music. Streets of Rage 4 builds upon the classic trilogy’s gameplay with new mechanics, beautiful hand drawn visuals and...
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    A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher

    A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher PlayStation 4

    A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher is the only split-screen single player twin stick risk 'em up in which your score is meaningless unless you exist. You control two ships simultaneously. Destroy the left to earn points, while recovering resources on the right to multiply those points. The left side does...
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    Ribbiting Saga

    Ribbiting Saga PlayStation 4

    Blast enemies from range with a unique arsenal of weapons and upgrades. Use an intuitive targeting system to always face your target. Even combine your abilities with dodge-rolls to take quick shots and look cool doing it. - Choose Your Path - Journey where you want, when you want. Dungeons change based...
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    Astalon: Tears of the Earth

    Astalon: Tears of the Earth PlayStation 4

    Three explorers wander through a post-apocalyptic desert to find a way to save the people in their village. A dark, twisted tower has been pushed up from the depths of the Earth... but does it hold the answers they seek?...
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    Refactor PlayStation 4

    Every day in the world of Refactor thousands of puzzle pieces are created for the explicit purpose of playing “The Game”. Requiring perfection, only perfect puzzle pieces are selected for use and those who are imperfect are shunned by society and decommissioned. Thrown into this hostile environment, it is up...
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    Relic Hunters Legend

    Relic Hunters Legend PlayStation 4

    Relic Hunters Legend is an online cooperative Shooter/Looter/RPG from the creators of Chroma Squad, Dungeonland and Relic Hunters Zero. The game is currently under development. If you want to play it now and support the development, please join in our Founders program at our website....
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    Babylon's Fall

    Babylon's Fall PlayStation 4

    Details for the game remain cryptic. There's nothing on the official site but the two trailers and the promise of more information next summer. After seeing some gameplay footage, though, that art is a bit more interesting. The player character in the footage is clearly the tall, thin fencer-looking character...
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    SkyScrappers PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Sky Scrappers

    CO-OP ARCADE FIGHTER-CLIMBER. Run, jump, and fight your way to the top of a collapsing building. Compete with up to three of your friends in this 90s style competitive platform brawler. SkyScrappers is a classic arcade-style, vertically scrolling, competitive fighting game. Select from a diverse range of extreme sportspeople, to...
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    Disgaea 4 Complete

    Disgaea 4 Complete PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Disgaea 4 Complete+, Makai Senki Disgaea 4 Return

    When the Corrupternment threatens to disrupt the way of life in Hades, Valvatorez finds himself at the helm of a fiery revolution. The former tyrant will need to call upon new allies, recruit a formidable army, and learn a thing or two about political unrest if he hopes to take...
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    True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2

    True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2 PlayStation 4

    True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2 is the sequel to one of the best rated horror escape games, acclaimed for its story and the atmosphere of horror mystery. Holly Stonehouse followed the clues from her old family house to finally arrive at the Dark Falls Asylum and again see that someone...
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    Haven (2020)

    Haven (2020) PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Haven

    Yu and Kay have escaped to a forgotten planet. Play the two lovers settling in an unknown world. Survive together, glide over the plains, camp, restore the planet, fight if you have to. All that matters is to stay together....
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    Resident Evil 3

    Resident Evil 3 PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: BioHazard RE:3

    Discover the origins of this unprecedented biohazard, and witness its end. Fight your way to freedom from the brink of despair A series of strange disappearances have been occurring in the American Midwest within a place called Racoon City. A specialist squad of the police force known as S.T.A.R.S. has been investigating...
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    Star Ocean: First Departure R

    Star Ocean: First Departure R PlayStation 4

    Space Date 346: The crew of a Terran Federation ship arrives on the planet Roak. With the help of a stalwart band of local heroes, the crew must work together to unravel a mystery and halt a galactic war. Star Ocean: First Departure R is a remake of the very...
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