Playstation 4

    Redeemer Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Redeemer: Enhanced Edition

    REDEEMER is an intense Brawler where you will punch, hack and blast your way through enemies using fists, hammers, fire arms and even the environment. It grabs the genre by the throat and drags it into 2017 in brutal style by adding a deep melee combat system and numerous unique...
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    XING: The Land Beyond

    XING: The Land Beyond Playstation 4

    What if you had the power to go up to a gravestone, read the epitaph, and transport yourself into the lives of the departed? Your body may be gone, but your life has just begun. In death, you will find yourself on a journey across a series of mysterious lands, an...
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    Zenith Playstation 4

    Zenith is an action RPG with a classic approach to the genre: the protagonist is Argus Windell must explore the map, enter ruins and dungeons, kill enemies and complete quests in order to achieve experience and upgrade your equipment and your character abilities. It features a humour-oriented story and ambientation,...
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    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Playstation 4

    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is an updated release of the original Street Fighter V. The upgrade to this edition is free for owners of the original version of the game. This release contains all the content of the original game along with the twelve DLC fighters added afterwards for...
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    The Dwarves

    The Dwarves Playstation 4

    The Dwarves is a fantasy role-playing game with a strong story and tactically challenging real-time battles. 15 playable heroes, each with individual skills, are to be deployed cleverly. Take on superior numbers of orcs, ogres, älfs, bognilim, zombies, dark mages and many more foes, to give them the low-down. Based...
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    Color Zen

    Color Zen Playstation 4

    Color Zen is a new kind of puzzle game. One that invites you to put on your headphones, relax, and find your way through an abstract world of colors and shapes. With simple, intuitive controls, the game invites you to relax and immerse yourself. There are no points or penalties for...
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    Candleman: The Complete Journey

    Candleman: The Complete Journey Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Candleman

    Candleman: The Complete Journey is a unique puzzle platformer, where light is both a welcome ally and a deceptive foe. Take the role of a little candle who can burn for only 10 seconds, and venture through an unsettling darkness of challenging levels with a smooth difficulty curve. Use your...
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    Subject 13

    Subject 13 Playstation 4

    This is a true adventure game. It depicts a mysterious universe filled with secret hiding places and all kinds of mechanisms that the player discovers, analyzes, and activates. There are also objects to collect and to figure out how to use in the backdrops… Subject 13 will make you travel from...
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    White Noise 2

    White Noise 2 Playstation 4

    Enjoy a fresh horror experience with White Noise 2! White Noise 2 is the sequel of the successful White Noise Online. Be a part of the investigator team, or take control of the creature and devour them! White Noise 2 offers a 4vs1 asymmetric horror experience that won't leave anyone unmoved. Play...
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    Realm Royale

    Realm Royale Playstation 4

    Explore a fantasy world in Realm Royale, the new Battle Royale sensation. Are you an Assassin, a Warrior or a Mage? Choose your class, then loot fantastic weapons and magical abilities to create your own Champion. Stay ahead of the deadly fog by mounting up and moving out. Will you...
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    Outward Playstation 4

    Outward delivers an immersive RPG experience coupled with survival gameplay, offering a deeply-rewarding challenge for the most avid gamers. As an ordinary adventurer, you’ll not only have to hide or defend yourself against threatening creatures, but also brave the hazardous environmental conditions, protect yourself against infectious diseases, make sure you get...
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    Steel Rats

    Steel Rats Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Steel Rats: Wreck and Ride!, スティール ラッツ, 钢铁鼠

    Become one of the Steel Rats, and wreck and ride through hordes of enemies, switching between four unique characters as you wreak havoc with the ultimate killing machine your flame spewing, saw-bladed motorcycle. Steel Rats blends genres like no other game, infusing 2.5D stunt bike racing action with precise platforming and...
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    Descent (2019)

    Descent (2019) Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Descent: Underground

    A true first person shooter deserves all six degrees of freedom. Fight through twisting tunnels & vast caverns where the concepts of up and down mean nothing and danger lurks around every corner. This is Descent: Underground! Descent: Underground is a both a prequel to the Descent series and a modernization...
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    Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland

    Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Lulua no Atelier: Arland no Renkinjutsushi 4, ルルアのアトリエ ~アーランドの錬金術士4~

    "Atelier Rorona" marked the beginning of the "Arland" series. And now, following the events of "Atelier Totori" and "Atelier Meruru," comes an all new story. The latest title is set in a world proceeding the story of "Atelier Meruru." The title depicts how characters and locations have changed over time....
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    How to Survive 2

    How to Survive 2 Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: How to Survive: Zombie Island 2

    Can you survive in a living hell? Well, you’re gonna give it a shot! Craft over 100 weapons and find food, water, and shelter before you meet a grisly end. You are shipwrecked on an isolated island, a desperate castaway in a total freakshow world. How will you survive? Collect the pages...
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    Arc of Alchemist

    Arc of Alchemist Playstation 4

    A small kingdom, no more than a hundred years old... Quinn Bravesford, for the sake of her country, leads her soldiers into battle against the swath of enemy nations. A young, daring tactictian, and an excellent commander. One year, the king declared that he would send a large-scale investigation team to the Desert...
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    Lapis x Labyrinth

    Lapis x Labyrinth Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Lapis Re Abyss

    Stack, raid, and GET PAID! The dungeon-diving action RPG Lapis x Labyrinth puts you at the center of a high-octane treasure-hunting quest, where the danger is great and the rewards are even greater! Do you have what it takes to smash through hordes of monsters and traps to gain riches...
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    Date-A-Live: Rio Reincarnation

    Date-A-Live: Rio Reincarnation Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Date-A-Live: Rio Reincarnation HD

    Based off of a popular light novel series from Fujimi Fantasia Bunko, which inspired three anime adaptations, DATE A LIVE, DATE A LIVE II, DATE A LIVE III, and the anime movie Gekijoban DATE A LIVE: Mayuri Judgement, the story of DATE A LIVE begins thirty years after a series...
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    Riptide GP: Renegade

    Riptide GP: Renegade Playstation 4

    Riptide GP: Renegade drops players into a futuristic world of illicit hydro jet racing, where armored riders kick out death-defying stunts over massive waterfalls, outrun cops, and boost at breakneck speeds across surging waves. With a deep career mode and both split screen and online multiplayer, Riptide GP: Renegade is...
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    Rabi-Ribi Playstation 4

    There never quite seem to be enough bunny girls in the world, so here is another for you aficionados out there. This 2D sidescrolling exploration platformer follows the adventure of Erina, whose humdrum life as a regular rabbit is turned upside-down when she finds herself in an unknown world and...
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    The Occupation

    The Occupation Playstation 4

    Prior to the start of the game; a terrorist attack has killed 23 people and led the British Government to create The Union Act, a "controversial act which threatens the civil liberties of the British population." The game's plot starts at 3:27 PM on 24 October 1987. The player character is...
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    Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal

    Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: 閃乱カグラ Burst Re:Newal

    Every ninja, from the mythical tricksters of old to the covert operatives of the modern day, began as a student. Today, those students train at secret schools throughout Japan, from converted old castles to normal-looking high schools. Join the finest among equals at Hanzo National Academy, or the tough-as-nails survivors...
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    NPLUSPLUS Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: N++

    N++ is all about using your momentum to complete levels and get high scores, but in this sci-fi world, there’s a slew of inadvertently homicidal enemy robots trying to prevent you from completing your goal. Through the hand-crafted (NOT procedurally generated) levels, you’ll experience platforming at its most intense. Using only...
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    Dollhouse Playstation 4

    Step into the horrifying world of Dollhouse as Marie, a detective trying escape a nightmarish world she created to hide her darkest secret. Can you help her uncover it and escape before it’s too late? Travel into unique levels that are modelled from each chapter of her of her past. There...
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    Monstrum Playstation 4

    Monstrum takes the traditional survival horror formula and remixes it completely with procedurally generated levels, permadeath, and AI driven predators, ensuring that nowhere on its derelict cargo ship is ever truly safe. Offering up a challenge to even the hardiest of gamers, Monstrum will force you to use your wits and...
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    The Adventure Pals

    The Adventure Pals Playstation 4

    The Adventure Pals is an action-packed platformer about friendship, exploration, and riding your giraffe. Mr. B is kidnapping old people and turning them into hot dogs! It's up to you and your best buddies to save the day. You'll leap, slash, and blast your way through increasingly madcap levels filled...
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    Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition

    Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition Playstation 4

    Originally developed by Digital Pictures in 1987 and released in 1992, Night Trap has been completely rebuilt, bringing it to a level of video quality never before seen. Night Trap tells the story of five teenage girls spending the weekend at the Martin home. As a member of the Special Control...
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    The First Tree

    The First Tree Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: The First Tree: Console Edition

    From the creator of Home is Where One Starts… comes The First Tree, a third-person exploration game centered around two parallel stories: a fox trying to find her missing family, and a son reconnecting with his father in Alaska. Players take control of the fox on a poignant and beautiful...
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    AquaNox: Deep Descent

    AquaNox: Deep Descent Playstation 4

    Aquanox Deep Descent is a first person underwater vehicle shooter, in which players control a variety of customizable ships to engage in fierce battles in the dystopian deep sea world of Aqua. In the near future the Earth's surface has become uninhabitable. What remains of humankind lives in former mining and...
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    WILL: A Wonderful World

    WILL: A Wonderful World Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: WILL:美好世界

    Become a god and help change the fate of people, even the world! In WILL: A Wonderful World, you will receive letters written by characters living in urban cities. By rearranging the order and combinations of sentences in these letters, you are going to alter the destiny of whomever that...
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    The Long Reach

    The Long Reach Playstation 4

    "Calm down. This is all normal. Well, it’s a new normal. There was a malfunction that we can’t fix yet, but with your help I can make symptoms bearable. We’re all in the same boat here and should help each other." "I’m Shelly, a lead scientist in General Education research facility....
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    Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus

    Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Finding Teddy 2

    A young girl enters a portal leading from her house into a fantasy world to save her friend and the land from evil. After this set-up, exposition is minimal and the narrative must largely be inferred with environmental clues, as the NPCs speak in musical notes, which can eventually be...
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    The Technomancer

    The Technomancer Playstation 4

    The Technomancer takes you to Mars, where you live as a mage-warrior. You’re capable of harnessing destructive electrical powers amplified by cybernetic implants. Feared and respected by all, you are on the verge of completing your initiation rite to become a fully-fledged Technomancer. Undertake an adventure through forgotten paradises, lost cities...
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    Mega Man 10

    Mega Man 10 Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: RockMan 10: Uchuukara no Kyoui!!

    Included in the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. The year is 20XX and a suspicious outbreak of Roboenza, a Robot Flu, has broken out. It spreads through the world like wildfire bringing down robots everywhere. Infected robots have rampaged out of control, destroying the city and holding it hostage! Who's behind...
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    Mega Man 9

    Mega Man 9 Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: RockMan 9: Yabou no Fukkatsu!!

    Included in the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. This latest Mega Man title brings the series back to its old school roots with retro action platforming gameplay and classic 8-bit NES-style graphics and sound. Relive the Mega Man experience with classically inspired bosses, each with their own unique weapons and weaknesses....
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    Mega Man 8

    Mega Man 8 Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: RockMan 8: Metal Heroes

    Included in the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. Where a gigantic explosion is space sends two strange meteors crashing to earth, a desperate call for help goes out. Mega Man speeds to the site and arrives just in time to see his arch-rival, Dr. Wily, fleein the scene... Now Mega Man...
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    Mega Man 7

    Mega Man 7 Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: RockMan 7: Shukumei no Taiketsu!

    Included in the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. Dr. Wily's crusade to rule the world ends abruptly at the hands of Mega Man, so what's a villain to do? Create a diversion and break out of prison! Mega Man has his hands full as 4 gigantic machines exit Dr. Wily's lab...
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    Mega Man 6

    Mega Man 6 Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: RockMan 6: Shijou Saidai no Tatakai!!

    Included in the Mega Man Legacy Collection. From the United States, Canada and Japan they came. The world's premier designers and their finest robotic warriors traveled to do battle in the First Annual Robot Tournament. But what began as a game suddenly took a terrifying twist! On the eve of the...
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    Mega Man 5

    Mega Man 5 Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: RockMan 5: Blues no Wana!?

    Included in the Mega Man Legacy Collection. Protoman has gone berserk! Destroying half the city was not enough. Now, he has snatched Dr. Light and is holding him and the entire city hostage. Speeding to the rescue is Mega Man and his modified Mega Buster, but eight of Protoman's cybernetic soldiers...
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    Mega Man 4

    Mega Man 4 Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: RockMan 4: Aratanaru Yabou!!

    Included in the Mega Man Legacy Collection. For a year the city has been quiet, but a new robotic terror has gripped the city! That scheming scientist, Dr. Cossack has arrived in town with eight new metal maniacs who are bigger and badder than anything Dr. Wily dreamed of. It's going...
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    Mega Man 3

    Mega Man 3 Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: RockMan 3: Dr. Wily no Saigo!?

    Included in the Mega Man Legacy Collection. It's robot rebellion, and nobody's safe! Least of all, Mega Man! This time the super powerful cyborg takes on a horde of metal maniacs who've had it with being obedient! And they use every android-annihilator ever invented to make you believe it! Mega Man...
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    Mega Man 2

    Mega Man 2 Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: RockMan 2: Dr. Wily no Nazo

    Included in the Mega Man Legacy Collection. He's Back! And this time the evil Dr. Wily (once the supreme power in the universe) has created even more sinister robots to mount his attack. But as MegaMan, you've also grown in power and ability. Can you save mankind from the evil desires...
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    Mega Man

    Mega Man Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: RockMan

    Included in the Mega Man Legacy Collection. It's MEGA MAN versus the powerful leaders and fighting forces of Monsteropolis - that strange multi-layered land of robot-like humanoids created by the wrongly-performed experiments with human beings by Dr. Wily. Mega Man - the chosen defender of the human race. For he dares...
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    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Playstation 4

    Strap yourself into the cockpit of some of the worlds most formidable fighter planes and skim through the clouds embarking on daring aerial stunts and nerve-shredding tactical dogfights. In Ace Combat 7, you take on the role of an Ace an elite fighter pilot tasked with patrolling the most open and...
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    Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2

    Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 Playstation 4

    1944, the war in Europe is entering it’s final stage. 15 years have passed since Vinnie survived the Thugtown Massacre. But now, some loose ends start crawling out of the past, dragging Vinnie as far as the European battlefield of World War 2. Find out who is chasing Vinnie around...
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    PixelJunk Monsters 2

    PixelJunk Monsters 2 Playstation 4

    In the acclaimed tower defense series' first ever official sequel, play as Tikiman and build towers to defend your Tiki Hut from the monster hordes. The sequel brings with it FOUR PLAYER online co-op, new and sometimes quite explosive fruit bombs and on top of that the game has been...
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    Q.U.B.E. 2

    Q.U.B.E. 2 Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: QUBE 2

    Q.U.B.E. 2 is the sequel to the hit first-person puzzle game Q.U.B.E. You are Amelia Cross, a stranded archaeologist who has mysteriously awoken among the sand swept ruins of an ancient alien landscape. Together with the distant help of another survivor, Commander Emma Sutcliffe, you must traverse and manipulate the...
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    Code:Realize – Wintertide Miracles

    Code:Realize – Wintertide Miracles Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Code:Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~, Code:Realize – Shirogane no Kiseki, Code:Realize ~Shirogane no Kiseki~, Code:Realize ~白銀の奇跡~

    Return to the amazing historical steampunk world introduced by Code: Realize – Guardian of Rebirth with Code: Realize – Wintertide Miracles for the PlayStation Vita. This new fan-disc in the Code: Realize series brings back your favorite characters like Cardia, Lupin, Helsing, Frankenstein, Impey, and Saint-Germain. Revisit the past and...
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    Truberbrook: A Nerd Saves the World

    Truberbrook: A Nerd Saves the World Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Trüberbrook

    »Trüberbrook« is a thrilling mystery-sci-fi adventure game. Enjoy an adventurous vacation to a 1960's parallel universe! A Sci-Fi-Mystery Adventure Game with handmade scenery. Imagine yourself on a vacation to Europe in the late sixties. Now, picture yourself as a young American scientist; Hans Tannhauser. Yes, that's your name in this scenario. While...
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    Battle Princess Madelyn

    Battle Princess Madelyn Playstation 4

    Madelyn, Madelyn, it's time to get up! You have a big journey ahead of you, saving us all from an evil wizard. You've trained for this day, and the ghost of your pet dog, Fritzy, will remain by your side. We believe in you! All good adventures need a hero, and...
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