Playstation 4
    Castles (2015)

    Castles (2015) Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Castles

    Castles is an action puzzle game, set in a fantasy medieval world. Up to two players have to rise the highest tower in the kingdom, matching blocks of materials and construction tools, and facing problems like weather and giant bosses. The players dont control blocks, instead, they control the engineers, which...
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    Degrees of Separation

    Degrees of Separation Playstation 4

    Degrees of Separation is a 2D puzzle-adventure game that requires players to harness the elements of heat and cold to succeed. Two contrasting souls, Ember and Rime, are separated by an enigmatic force, and must use their respective powers to progress through a spectacular world of fantasy and adventure. Players...
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    Death Road to Canada

    Death Road to Canada Playstation 4

    Death Road to Canada is a Randomly Generated Road Trip Simulator. You control and manage a car full of jerks as they explore cities, recruit weird people, argue with each other, and face gigantic swarms of slow zombies. Death Road is built for replay value. Everything is randomized: locations, events, survivor...
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    Chess Ultra

    Chess Ultra Playstation 4

    Introducing the most breathtaking chess game ever made. Chess Ultra features stunning 4k visuals, seamless online multiplayer and Grandmaster-approved AI to offer the ultimate chess experience. From the wood grains on the antique mahogany board in the library, to the luxury felt on the bottom of every chess piece; chess...
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    Chambara Playstation 4

    Chambara is a universe you have never seen before — and if you are not careful, you’ll never see your foes either. Hide in the shadows and strike from the light in a dazzling black and white world. This nail-biting competitive stealth brawler will be your home for unforgettable local...
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    Transference Playstation 4

    Transference is a psychological thriller and the first game collaboration between SpectreVision and Ubisoft. Bridging the gap between movies and games, we invite you to lose yourself in the destructive tale of a man's obsession as you explore his digitally recreated memories. Experience the limits of techno-psychology, and escape a...
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    TwinBee Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Arcade Archives: TwinBee, ツインビー

    TwinBee is a vertical scrolling shooter. The players control cartoon-like spacecrafts with anthropomorphic arms, player one being TwinBee and player two being WinBee. The spacecrafts can be moved in all 8 directions, with one button for regular shooting flying enemies and one button for dropping ground bombs. Power-ups in the form...
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    Battleship (2016)

    Battleship (2016) Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Battleship

    With a modern, dynamic and interactive 3D board, BATTLESHIP brings the classic franchise to a new level for a memorable experience. Deploy your fleet and shoot at your opponents grid to find and destroy enemy ships before yours are sunk. Enjoy the game you know and love with the Classic mode...
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    Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition

    Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: End of Eternity 4K/HD Edtion

    The Earth in a far distant future... Although the reasons are unclear, multitudes of negatives elements saturate the world, leaving the earth on the brink of ruin. The poisons from the atmosphere swirl along the ground, and the biosphere has become so warped that even the concept of time has been broken....
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    Rogue Aces

    Rogue Aces Playstation 4

    It's time to join the Rogue Aces and liberate the islands from The Baron and his dreaded pilots. Will you be able to face the fiercest of foes with only one life and three planes? Take down waves of dastardly enemies in this endlessly emergent air combat rogue-like where nothing is...
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    Gunhouse Playstation 4

    Load your guns! Rain death from above! Protect your valuable orphans! Defeat giant, improbable bosses! Gunhouse is part puzzle, part active tower defense, as you make big combos to launch a hail of bullets and special attacks at the enemies who would like nothing better than to consume your delicious...
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    Kingdom Hearts VR Experience

    Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Playstation 4

    Relive the story of the Kingdom Hearts series through a new kind of music video available for PlayStation®VR. Enjoy an immersive experience in familiar and nostalgic worlds as memorable scenes unfold through projection mapping. *Additional VR scenarios will be added via an update later this year (2019)....
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    Darksiders III: The Crucible

    Darksiders III: The Crucible Playstation 4

    In this mighty morsel of digital wonderment, competitors can expect to receive a truly earth-shattering experience: The Crucible! A legendary challenge whispered with reverence across the universe. Not even the Creator could have envisioned such glorious spectacle as that which is found in this fabled arena. 101 Waves...
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    Electronauts Playstation 4

    Immerse yourself in an interactive sonic environment where you build, drop, remix, and jam with your friends and top artists. Create songs, crush sets, and express yourself like never before. Electronauts sets the stage for you to DJ, perform, and make music magic in virtual reality. Ever wanted to ride the...
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    Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - Evolved

    Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - Evolved Playstation 4

    Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is the fourth game in the arcade shooter series. It is made by a new developer, but with a large group of people who were involved with the previous games. The biggest novelty is the introduction of 3D environments, sometimes only aesthetically in actually flat environments,...
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    Unruly Heroes

    Unruly Heroes Playstation 4

    The sacred scroll preserving harmony in our world has been torn up and scattered to the winds. Now, strange and terrifying creatures are sowing discord and chaos throughout the land. Only four totally opposed, implausible heroes can turn back the tide: Sanzang the wise, Wukong the fearless monkey, Kihong the greedy...
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    Super Bomberman R

    Super Bomberman R Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Super Bomberman R: Shiny Edition

    Since its release in 1985, Bomberman has been a familiar party-battle game for many years. Now, Bomberman is coming back as Super Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch. A fast paced 1 to 8 player party action game that fully utilizes the new and unique Nintendo Switch! Dive into the simple yet...
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    Distance Playstation 4

    Distance is an atmospheric racing platformer. Fusing futuristic arcade racing with parkour, survive a deadly, mysterious, neon-drenched city by jumping, rotating, and flying. The roads are treacherous with obstacles around every corner. Instead of doing laps on a loop, survive to the end in the quickest time. Your car has abilities...
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    Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram

    Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Steins;Gate: Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram, シュタインズ・ゲート 線形拘束のフェノグラム

    Included in Steins;Gate Elite. Developed by 5pb, the newest iteration of the popular visual novel adventure Steins;Gate is an open book ready for those who prefer the engrossing pace of a good read and spectacular voice acting. Steins;Gate: Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram embarks on new emotional territory. You followed Okarin through...
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    Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations

    Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations, Hora de Aventuras: Finn y Jake, investigadores, Adventure Time: Финн и Джейк ведут следствие, Adventure Time: Finn und Jake auf Spurensuche, Adventure Time: Finn et Jake mènent I'enquête, Adventure Time: Finn e Jake detective, Adventure Time: As Investigações de Finn e Jake

    What time is it? It’s time to crack a case! Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations is an all-new, story-driven graphic adventure game. Strange stuff is happening in the Land of Ooo (stranger than usual anyway). Luckily, Finn and Jake are on the case. This mysterious adventure will put their detective...
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    Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion

    Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Hora de aventuras: Piratas del Enchiridión, Adventure Time: Piraten der Enchiridion, Adventure Time: Les pirates de la terre de Ooo, Adventure Time: I Pirati dell' Enchiridion

    Ahoy! The Land of Ooo is underwater and it’s up to Finn and Jake to find out why. Join our heroes as they explore the high seas, search for hidden clues, interrogate shady suspects and fight pirates to solve the mystery and save their waterlogged world! Key Features: • Explore the Land...
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    Flame Over

    Flame Over Playstation 4

    Flame Over is a fire fighting 'squirt 'em-up' game with randomly generated levels, blending twin stick shooter and roguelike design principles. Flame Over features a mesmerising dynamic fire system that burns and spreads according to the materials found in each randomly generated level. Watch fires spread according to the materials available,...
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    Code:Realize – Bouquet of Rainbows

    Code:Realize – Bouquet of Rainbows Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Code:Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~, Code:Realize – Saikou no Hanataba, Code:Realize ~ Saikou no Hanataba~, Code:Realize ~彩虹の花束~

    The story begins with the main character, Cardia, isolated and alone in a mansion on the outskirts of a 19th-century steampunk version of London. A victim of a mysterious affliction that makes her blood a virulent poison and her touch instantly lethal, Cardia is shunned as a monster. Through a number...
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    Jagged Alliance: Rage!

    Jagged Alliance: Rage! Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: 재기드 얼라이언스: 레이지!

    Jagged Alliance is back – With a new take on turn-based tactics, adventure elements and the well-known quirky mercenaries! Set 20 years after the first Jagged Alliance, this spin-off lets you experience a road trip into a jungle hell to test your mind and body to the limits! This time it’s...
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    1979 Revolution: Black Friday

    1979 Revolution: Black Friday Playstation 4

    Based on real events and eyewitness testimonies. In this authentic, historically accurate, stunningly engaging experience -- you must decide who to trust and what you stand for -- as the world is set ablaze around you. CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE - Branching cinematic story told through motion captured animation and voice over performances. Discover...
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    Duck Dynasty

    Duck Dynasty Playstation 4

    Hunt, race and prank to become a Robertson! Take on the role of Willie’s son John Luke as he learns how to become one of the Robertson men! Interact with Willie, Uncle Si, Jase and the rest of the family from the hit TV show Duck Dynasty®. Go duck hunting, varmint...
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    World of Tanks

    World of Tanks Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: WoT, World of Tanks: Mercenaries

    World of Tanks is an online-only multiplayer game in which two teams with up to 15 tanks each try to win the match - this is done by either killing everyone from the other team or by conquering the enemy base. The game is officially based in World War II...
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    Blade Strangers

    Blade Strangers Playstation 4

    A malevolent force known only as Lina is devouring data from a vast, interdimensional network of servers overseen by sentient computers called ”motes.” In desperation, the motes summon heroes from a variety of parallel game worlds to face off against each other in one-on-one combat. The tournament victor has the...
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    Earthfall Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Earthfall Invasion

    EARTHFALL: The end of the world is here! Emerging from the devastation of a global meteor strike, aliens swarm the landscape and ravage the planet. Everyday people must stand together and fight back with a wide variety of weapons, supplies, and defenses as they battle through the towns and wilderness...
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    Kyoei Toshi

    Kyoei Toshi Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: 巨影都市, City Shrouded in Shadow

    Kyoei Toshi is an survival/role-playing game in which the player assumes the role of a powerless civilian caught in the middle of a kaiju attack. The goal of the game is simply to survive, generally through fleeing the attacking creatures. The game's main antagonists are strange shadowy creatures that can assume...
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    Apex Legends

    Apex Legends Playstation 4

    Conquer with character in Apex Legends, a free-to-play* Battle Royale shooter where legendary characters with powerful abilities team up to battle for fame and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Master an ever-growing roster of diverse legends, deep tactical squad play, and bold new innovations that level-up the Battle...
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    Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

    Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Playstation 4

    5 YEARS OF RANGERS Generations of Power Rangers collide across the multiverse’s 25 year history. Experience authentic but reimagined Power Rangers battle sequences like never before. BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP FOR CONSOLE & PC Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid features traditional fighting game controls. This easy to learn but hard to...
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    Smoke and Sacrifice

    Smoke and Sacrifice Playstation 4

    Smoke and Sacrifice is an open-world, narrative-driven RPG, where exploiting living ecosystems is the key to your survival. Craft, fight, survive and explore the huge open world in this beautifully hand-painted, gothic adventure where every character has their tale to tell. Sachi’s home is the one tiny patch of fertile land...
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    Dead Secret

    Dead Secret Playstation 4

    Dead Secret is a first-person horror mystery set in rural Kansas in 1965. A reclusive professor is dead and it’s up to you to crack the case before you become the next victim. Investigate the murder and explore the story Time Magazine called “captivating” and “deeply creepy” . A reclusive man...
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    20XX Playstation 4

    20XX is a roguelike action platformer that you can play with a friend. Jump and shoot your way through ever-changing levels, collect awesome new powers, and battle mighty bosses in the name of saving the human race maybe! In addition to blistering action, 20XX is highlighted by full co-op features...
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    Alekhine's Gun

    Alekhine's Gun Playstation 4

    Alekhine's Gun is a stealth game and the spiritual successor to the Death to Spies series. The protagonist is still the same, KGB colonel Semyon Strogov, now operating under the codename Agent Alekhine. The game starts on 22nd November 1963, the day president Kennedy was shot, and Semyon prepares to...
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    Ghostbusters (2016)

    Ghostbusters (2016) Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Ghostbusters

    Have you and your friends been experiencing paranormal activity? Grab your Proton Pack and join the Ghostbusters as you explore Manhattan, blasting ghosts, and trapping those runaway ghouls. * Thrilling Multiplayer Experience: Play alongside your friends as the Ghostbusters in the 2-4 player local co-op campaign! * Terrifying Ghost Trapping: Battle new...
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    Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma

    Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Playstation 4

    Embark on a journey of redemption, driven by bitter-sweet revenge! The action packed saga of Afro Samurai continues but this time follows the path of Kuma, one of Afro’s closest childhood friends. Following the extremely negative reaction to the game Versus Evil removed Revenge of Kuma from all platforms, and cancelled...
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    Star Trek: Bridge Crew – The Next Generation

    Star Trek: Bridge Crew – The Next Generation Playstation 4

    DLC for Star Trek: Bridge Crew. The Next Generation DLC enhances your experience of the base game. You need the base game to be able to play the DLC. Play with your friends cross-platform, either in VR or non-VR. • A new playable ship: the Enterprise D It can be used in any of...
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    Subnautica Playstation 4

    Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with resources, creatures, wonder and threats. Craft equipment and submarines to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems, and more all while trying to survive....
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    Paranautical Activity

    Paranautical Activity Playstation 4

    Paranautical Activity is a first-person shooter game which uses elements of the roguelike genre. It uses a retro graphical style, with all objects and room architecture made of large cuboid voxels. The game takes place in randomly generated levels, where the player fights their way through a series of rooms....
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    Guns of Icarus Alliance

    Guns of Icarus Alliance Playstation 4

    Guns of Icarus Alliance is the complete PvE experience while maintaining all the PvP contents, including achievements, progression, cosmetics, and data from Guns of Icarus Online. From a single pilot to as many as 16 players can unite in their battle for the wasteland, completing objectives in all new PvE/Co-op...
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    Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

    Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Sinner ~ Shokuzai no Koku, シナー〜贖罪の刻〜

    Rise from the depths a crumbling kingdom and to the challenge of defeating increasingly difficult demonic bosses. Choose aspects of yourself to weaken before defeating the avatars of Sin in the boss battler Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption. Inspired by classic boss-battlers and modern skill-based action RPGs, with a dash of...
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    Fat Princess Adventures

    Fat Princess Adventures Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Pocchari * Princess: Meta Bouken, ぽっちゃり☆プリンセス メタ冒険

    Fan-favorite Fat Princess makes her delicious debut on the PlayStation 4 with the release of Fat Princess Adventures. Cooked up by the minds that brought you the original game, this new co-op adventure from Fun Bits Interactive serves up a generous helping of the cheeky light-hearted humor that made the...
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    We Are The Dwarves

    We Are The Dwarves Playstation 4

    The Dwarven stars are slowly dying-- putting the race at the edge of extinction. Deliverance is poised upon three Dwarven astronauts who are sent on an expedition to find a new star in the depths of the Endless Stone. Take control of Forcer, Smashfist, and Shadow as they explore the...
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    Viking Squad

    Viking Squad Playstation 4

    Grab your trusty sword, strap on a fearsome helmet, and plunge into the chaotic fray of Viking Squad! As a member of this ragtag group you must put a stop to the wildly mischievous Loki and reopen the gates to Valhalla. Work together to unleash massive attacks on foes and...
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    NeverEnd Playstation 4

    NeverEnd is a Rogue-Like Dungeon crawler, where you, a simple adventurer suddenly wakes up in another dimension. Inside of this dimension there is no sun and the whole world is caved in. Enemies swarm you from left and right and you need to learn how to defend yourself. The goal of...
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    Everspace Playstation 4

    Everspace is an action-focused single-player space shooter, combining roguelike elements with top-notch visuals and a captivating story. It takes you on a challenging journey through an ever-changing, beautifully crafted universe full of surprises. Your skills, experience, and talent for improvisation will be tested continuously as you piece together the puzzle...
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    Crypt of the NecroDancer: AMPLIFIED

    Crypt of the NecroDancer: AMPLIFIED Playstation 4

    Crypt of the NecroDancer: AMPLIFIED is a DLC prequel for Crypt of the NecroDancer. Take control of the shapeshifting protagonist Nocturna to fight your way through electrifying new levels, boss battles, and more!...
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    WRC 6

    WRC 6 Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: WRC 6: FIA World Rally Championship, WRC 6: World Rally Championship

    On a race track, it's the car that makes all the difference. In a rally, it's the driver. WRC 6 puts you to the test: fog, mud, punctures, night racing, engine breakdowns... you have to deal with it all. WRC 6 also includes: all of the official 2016 content, including...
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