Playstation 4
    Creed: Rise to Glory

    Creed: Rise to Glory PlayStation 4

    You are Adonis Creed, fighting toe-to-toe with the world’s top opponents to establish your boxing legacy. This intense cinematic experience features new Phantom Melee Technology for impactful VR melee combat so you can train, fight, and win like Creed....
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    Spider-Man: Far from Home - Virtual Reality Experience

    Spider-Man: Far from Home - Virtual Reality Experience PlayStation 4

    Your time to swing through New York like Spider-Man has finally arrived! In breathtaking virtual reality, you’ll finally have the chance to scale and swing from the highest towers in Manhattan. Just pick one of four Spider-Man suits and you’ll be launched into the clouds… but keep your eyes and ears...
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    Operencia: The Stolen Sun

    Operencia: The Stolen Sun PlayStation 4

    Zen Studios’ modern homage to classic first-person dungeon-crawlers takes you to the land of Operencia, an unconventional fantasy world inspired by a faraway land referenced in countless Central European folktales. An old-school turn-based battle system combines with inspiration from unexplored mythology to offer an RPG experience that feels unique yet...
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    The Complex

    The Complex PlayStation 4

    From the publishing studio behind Late Shift, comes a new cinematic interactive sci-fi thriller movie. After a major bio-weapon attack on London, two scientists find themselves in a locked-down laboratory with time, and air, running out. With choose-your-own-path style gameplay, your actions and your relationship with other characters will lead you...
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

    Relive the epic single-player Campaign from the 2009 blockbuster Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, remastered in true high-definition. Experience classic missions including Cliffhanger, The Gulag, and Whiskey Hotel as you join Soap, Price, Ghost and the rest of Task Force 141 in the globe-spanning fight to restore order to...
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    Totally Reliable Delivery Service

    Totally Reliable Delivery Service PlayStation 4

    Buckle up your back brace and fire up the delivery truck, it's time to deliver! Join up to three of your friends and haphazardly get the job done in an interactive sandbox world. Delivery attempted, that's a Totally Reliable Delivery Service guarantee! FEATURES: ● Local and Online Multiplayer: Go it alone to...
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    Autobahn Police Simulator 2

    Autobahn Police Simulator 2 PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Autobahn Polizei Simulator 2

    Start your even more exciting career as law enforcer on Europe’s fastest road now with the successor to the popular Autobahn Police Simulator. For the first time in Autobahn Police Simulator 2 you can use the Character Creator to customize your own in-game character’s head, body and even clothing to your...
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    Nier Replicant ver. 1.22474487139

    Nier Replicant ver. 1.22474487139 PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Nier Replicant Remastered

    NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139..., an upgraded version of the original, is now in development for PS4, Xbox One and Steam! Enter an apocalyptic world as you play as a brother on a quest to cure his sister of a deadly disease in this unique action RPG." It's also confirmed that the update will...
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    Memories Off: Innocent Fille for Dearest

    Memories Off: Innocent Fille for Dearest PlayStation 4

    When the severe cold was also relaxed. The day when Rui will return to Sapporo was approaching. It meant a farewell to those who came to Shonankairyo High School, met, exchanged hearts, and became irreplaceable beings. There is not much time left... What kind of memories will the memories leave?...
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    Memories Off: Innocent Fille

    Memories Off: Innocent Fille PlayStation 4

    The story begins when protagonist Kasane's wish comes true after he temporarily transfers from his high school in Sapporo to a Shounan sister school to start as a scholarship student in October. For Kasane, who wished to go somewhere far away, a new step filled with expectations of reunions with close...
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    AFL Evolution 2

    AFL Evolution 2 PlayStation 4

    The Evolution Continues! AFL Evolution 2 is taking AFL gaming to new heights with more features than ever before! Features: All-New Gameplay - Tight controls and smart AI help create a true reflection of the modern AFL game. Bigger Career - Pursue your goals with greater...
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    AFL Evolution

    AFL Evolution PlayStation 4

    EXPERIENCE THE EVOLUTION AFL Evolution brings you the most intense and feature packed AFL experience ever. - REVOLUTIONARY - New gameplay system designed to capture the thrills, skills and excitement of modern AFL. - COMPETITION - Play full seasons with over 80 teams from the AFL, VFL, TAC, NAB U18’s, International Cup and...
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    King's Bounty II

    King's Bounty II PlayStation 4

    Offering a fresh take on the acclaimed fantasy series, King’s Bounty 2 expands upon its tactical turn-based battles to offer players a truly immersive RPG experience that adds weight to their every decision, whether leading an army into battle against unliving horrors, or building relations with local townsfolk. Experience a...
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    Liberated PlayStation 4

    The award-winning, visionary new take on digital comics Liberated is an action-adventure game that unfolds across the pages of a comic book. Seamlessly merging the art of hand-drawn graphic novels with interactivity and side-scrolling action, it’s a revolutionary combination of video games and comics. Freedom is a matter of perspective In this near-future...
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    KungFu Kickball

    KungFu Kickball PlayStation 4

    KungFu Kickball is a fighting-sports game where the best ball kicker wins! Compete against your friends in a fantasy sport that mixes soccer with kung fu action movies. Fly through the air and unleash a flurry of punches, kicks, and mystical arts to overpower the other team and smash the...
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    Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

    Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy PlayStation 4

    The online multiplayer classic comes to PlayStation 4 with Trophies and modernized controls! Take on the role of a new student eager to learn the ways of the Force from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. - Play with up to 32 online players in six online multiplayer modes including: Siege, Capture the...
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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution

    Enter the Duelist Simulator to take your place among the finest Duelists ever in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist! Players from around the world have been invited to take part in an elite Dueling program that simulates the best Duels across all of Yu-Gi-Oh! history. Replay actual events in the...
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    Anodyne PlayStation 4

    In this unique Zelda-lite game, explore and fight your way through surreal and creepy, nature, urban and abstract themed areas in the human Young's subconscious, evoked by a 16-bit-era visual style and a moody, dream-like soundtrack. Talk to bizarre characters and survive through Game Boy-styled dungeons, while hunting down mysterious keys...
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    The Padre

    The Padre PlayStation 4

    Unravel the mystery of a missing cardinal by solving the riddle of a demonic power you did not expect to come upon. Face your inner demons and fight the power of evil while it seduces your soul. Play as the wittiest, pop-culture referencing priest in video game history and face...
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    Petoons Party

    Petoons Party PlayStation 4

    Ready for a great adventure? The Petoons need your help to face the evil Kitra! Kitra wants to conquer the island of Kimera and steal the Petoons magic to control their world. Petoons Party is a party game full of fun mini-games to enjoy with family and friends. Play alone or...
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    Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge PlayStation 4

    Set during what the historian Antony Beevor called "Hitler's Last Gamble", Battle of the Bulge provides an immersive experience on a tactical/operational level, putting the player in command of the Allies or the German forces fighting each other in several scenarios in one of the most brutal and wild environments...
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    Phantom Trigger

    Phantom Trigger PlayStation 4

    You are a fantasy, a duplicate personality living in a made-up world of Stan, an office worker. He starts his treatment and the world made of his dreams goes awry. Get back to reality, unravel Stan’s mysteries, make allies. Come to terms with being drugged all the time and dissolve...
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    Hayfever PlayStation 4

    Help Thomas the allergic mailman gather all his lost letters! In Hayfever, the player takes control of Thomas; a young postman with a strong sense of pride in his work. There is just one tiny little issue; Thomas suffers from terrible (and we mean TERRIBLE) allergies. It is up to the...
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    Baldo PlayStation 4

    A profecy came true, a pure heart child is born . The no heart creature sealed in the underworld by the wise owls is about to rise again. A journey into a magical land full of mysteries to discover. Baldo is an action adventure rpg, full of puzzles and intricate dungeons...
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    Sword of the Necromancer

    Sword of the Necromancer PlayStation 4

    What would you do to bring back someone you love? Sword of the Necromancer is a dungeon-crawler action RPG with Rogue-like elements where you can revive your defeated enemies to make them fight alongside you. Turn your foes into allies using the forbidden powers of the Sword of the Necromancer and help...
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    Exit the Gungeon

    Exit the Gungeon PlayStation 4

    Exit the Gungeon is a small, arcade-style, spin-off 'dungeon climber' that immediately follows the adventures of the misfit Gungeoneers attempting to survive a series of increasingly dangerous elevators and countless waves of enemies. The Gungeon has become a paradox and is collapsing! Blessed by the magic of the Sorceress, your gun...
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    The Last Campfire

    The Last Campfire PlayStation 4

    DISCOVER A PURPOSE The Last Campfire is an adventure, a story of a lost ember trapped in a puzzling place, searching for meaning and a way home. ON A JOURNEY Travel deeper into the lands beyond the dark forest and overcome the adversities before you. UNCOVER A WORLD Discover beautiful wilderness filled with lost folk,...
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    No Straight Roads

    No Straight Roads PlayStation 4

    Take back Vinyl City - with rock! Embark on a music-based action-adventure as indie rock band members Mayday & Zuke and lead a musical revolution against EDM empire No Straight Roads. After being unfairly rejected in their audition to join No Straight Roads, Mayday & Zuke uncover the evil intentions...
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    Sparc PlayStation 4

    Virtual Sport. Real Competition. Sparc is a vSport - a unique physical sport only possible in virtual reality, where players challenge each other in fast-paced, full-body VR gameplay....
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    Azur Lane: Crosswave

    Azur Lane: Crosswave PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: 碧藍航線 Crosswave, 碧蓝航线 Crosswave, 벽람항로 크로스웨이브, アズールレーン クロスウェーブ

    Taking place in a world where personified battleships from across the globe duke it out, Azur Lane: Crosswave takes the spirit of the mobile game and uses the Unreal Engine to bring its characters to life in a massive 3D world, so fans can see them like they’ve never seen...
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    Drawful 2

    Drawful 2 PlayStation 4

    The team behind the hit party games Fibbage, Quiplash, and YOU DON’T KNOW JACK presents Drawful 2 the game of terrible drawings and hilariously wrong answers! Use your phone or tablet to draw funny and challenging things like “creepy tiger” or “two moms having a great day.” Players type in what...
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    Deiland PlayStation 4

    Deiland is a single-player adventure RPG with several sandbox elements, such as farming, crafting, and building. Put on the mantle of the Little Prince of Deiland and rule over your own planet! Tend Deiland Your planet is your home, turn it into a unique and special place. Improve your skills, craft tools, cook...
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    Demon Slayer: Hinokami Kepputan

    Demon Slayer: Hinokami Kepputan PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hinokami Kepputan

    Demon Slayer: Hinokami Kepputan is an upcoming action-adventure game based on the Demon Slayer anime and manga. It is rumored to follow the main story of the series....
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    Doom 64 (2019)

    Doom 64 (2019) PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Doom 64, DOOM 64

    Celebrate DOOM's 25th anniversary with DOOM 64, originally released on Nintendo 64 in 1997. Take the fight to Hell at home or on-the-go with DOOM 64's triumphant return to Nintendo Switch! Fight against demons in your crusade to hunt down the Mother of Demons and stop Hell's invasion. As you battle through...
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    Butcher PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: BUTCHER

    The easiest mode is 'HARD'! BUTCHER is a fast-paced 2D shooter and a blood-soaked love letter to the cult classics of the genre. As a cyborg programmed to eradicate the last remains of humanity, your sole purpose is to well... annihilate anything that moves. So grab your weapon of choice (from chainsaw,...
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    Flashback (2018)

    Flashback (2018) PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Flashback, Flashback: 25th Anniversary

    2142. After fleeing from a space ship but stripped of all memory, the young scientist Conrad B. Hart awakens on Titan, a colonised moon of the planet Saturn. His enemies and kidnappers are snapping at his heels. He must find a way back to Earth, defending himself against the dangers...
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    Toki (2018)

    Toki (2018) PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: Toki

    The return of the wacky monkey! Toki sets off on a new adventure! The cult action/platform game originally released on arcade machines in 1989 is back with a super-simian new version, featuring all-new hand-drawn graphics and re-orchestrated music! Toki the warrior lived peacefully in the jungle with his sweetheart Miho. Appearing out...
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    Hive: Altenum Wars

    Hive: Altenum Wars PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: HIVE: Altenum Wars

    HIVE is a multiplayer hero shooter in 2.5D side scroll with futuristic style and frenetic gameplay. Up to 10 players will have to fight in Hexadiums, hexagon-shaped combat areas located inside the planet HIVE. Hexadiums are scenarios that are divided into 6 zones, each with its own gravity, and which...
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    Demons with Shotguns

    Demons with Shotguns PlayStation 4

    The ultimate couch fragger gibfest! Armed with a powerful boomstick and bullet deflecting shield, up to four players wage unholy war against each other as they compete for souls in nine different local multiplayer game modes (wave mode for 1-2 players also included) across four realms and 40 arenas. This...
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    ATV Renegades

    ATV Renegades PlayStation 4

    Prepare yourself for extreme air and jaw-dropping showmanship in this nitro-charged, ATV racing experience! Travel the world visiting tracks in the USA, Thailand, England, Russia, Canada, and Mexico. Speed around 24 challenging courses hitting epic jumps and earning “Nitro” by unleashing dozens of wild tricks! Compete against a friend in...
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    Sonic Forces: Episode Shadow

    Sonic Forces: Episode Shadow PlayStation 4

    Get EPISODE SHADOW to uncover the untold story of the new villain, Infinite, and rediscover three updated stages playing as Shadow. Plus, play as Shadow in over 10 Modern Sonic based stages! Experience the full story behind the new villain's rise to power and as you find renewed replayablity across Modern...
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    Everybody's Golf

    Everybody's Golf PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: New Minna no Golf

    Ready for a round of everybody's favourite golf series? Step on to the fairway for a unique blend of deep golf mechanics and quirky visual style that the beloved franchise is known for. Entering the clubhouse is a variety of new features, including the chance to create and customise your...
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    WWE 2K20 Originals: Empire of Tomorrow

    WWE 2K20 Originals: Empire of Tomorrow PlayStation 4

    Alternative Titles: WWE 2K20: Empire of Tomorrow

    WWE 2K20 Originals: Empire of Tomorrow is the fourth entry in the WWE 2K20 Originals series of downloadable content packs. Superstars roam the futuristic streets under the watchful eye of Authority Megacorp and includes a new story-driven 2K Showcase, 4 story towers, 2 all-new arenas, 8 playable characters, new VO...
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    The TakeOver

    The TakeOver PlayStation 4

    The Takeover is a side-scrolling beat'em up inspired by 90's classics such as Streets of Rage and Final Fight. Battle solo or alongside a friend in local co-op in any of the three featured game modes, Arcade, Survival and Challenge. Fight your way across 7 stages and over 20 unique...
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    Atomicrops PlayStation 4

    Atomicrops is an action-packed roguelite farming simulator where you must cultivate and defend the last farm in the post-apocalypse wasteland. Farm mutated crops, marry townsfolk, and kill every mutant creature that tries to invade!...
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    Farming Simulator 19

    Farming Simulator 19 PlayStation 4

    The best-selling franchise returns this year with a complete overhaul of the graphics engine, offering the most striking and immersive visuals and effects, along with the deepest and most complete farming experience ever. Farming Simulator 19 takes the biggest step forward yet with the franchise’s most extensive vehicle roster ever! You’ll...
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    One Piece World Seeker Extra Episode 3: The Unfinished Map

    One Piece World Seeker Extra Episode 3: The Unfinished Map PlayStation 4

    Play as Law as he takes the stage as a new playable character in this extra episode. While pirates and the Navy gather to look for the "treasure" of Prison Island, Law heads to a sky island in search of this treasure and meets a young boy named Roule. What is the...
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    One Piece World Seeker Extra Episode 2: Where Justice Lies

    One Piece World Seeker Extra Episode 2: Where Justice Lies PlayStation 4

    Experience Sabo's abilities as he takes the stage as a new playable character is this extra episode. He heads to Prison Island to investigate the World Government's plot and finds underground mining tunnels. Expose this conspiracy and dispense your justice!...
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    One Piece World Seeker Extra Episode 1: Void Mirror Prototype

    One Piece World Seeker Extra Episode 1: Void Mirror Prototype PlayStation 4

    Play as Zoro as he takes the stage as a new playable character in this extra episode. Zoro goes after Isaac, but ends up somewhere else due to his terrible sense of direction. Discover an underlying plot and find out if the ultimate technology wins out against ultimate sword techniques! Unfold the secrets...
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    Call of Duty: Warzone

    Call of Duty: Warzone PlayStation 4

    Welcome to Warzone, the massive free-to-play combat arena from the world of Modern Warfare®. Drop In Join forces with your friends and jump into a battleground with up to 150 players. Loot For Rewards Discover supply boxes and complete contracts to build your arsenal and gain a tactical advantage. Battle Across Two Epic Modes Experience a...
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