1 - A game with nothing worthwhile in it. 2 - A terrible game, but it has one or two good things in it. 3 - A bad game with a lot of potential. Usually games in this category have gone through development issues. 4 - A game that I probably beat, but would not recommend. 5 - A completely average game. I would probably recommend a play-through, if it looks interesting to you. Otherwise, you aren't missing much. 6 - An average game with one or two interesting concepts in it. 7 - A game that is by all means quite good, but falls short of being one of my favorites. I can see how games in this category are considered to be other people's favorites, but they fall short in some regard to me. 8 - If a game is an 8 or higher, it is one of my favorite games. An 8 means that the game is exceptional, but has one or two major flaws in it. 9 - An amazing game with only a handful of minor problems that grate on me by the end of it. 10 - An absolute masterpiece of a game. Any flaws present here are either non-existent or so minor that they are negligible.


October 16, 2016 @ 9:38 pm
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