Hello dear gamers!

I love videogames since 2002 and I take as much time as I can spare to play them. =D My absolute favourite genre are roleplay games and point&click adventures - especially from Germany and Japan.

Top 10 Games - Offline

Nr. 01 - Final Fantasy VII (the whole franchise)
Nr. 02 - Okami HD
Nr. 03 - Kingdom Hearts II
Nr. 04 - Final Fantasy VI
Nr. 05 - Journey
Nr. 06 - The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Nr. 07 - Pok?mon FireRed
Nr. 08 - Final Fantasy XII
Nr. 09 - Eternal Sonata
Nr. 10 - Pok?mon Omega Ruby

Top 5 Games - Online

Nr. 1 - World of Warcraft
Nr. 2 - League of Legends
Nr. 3 - Guild Wars
Nr. 4 - Hearthstone
Nr. 5 - Final Fantasy XIV

Top 5 Games from Germany

Nr. 1 - ELEX
Nr. 2 - Das Schwarze Auge: Satinavs Ketten (The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav)
Nr. 3 - Deponia
Nr. 4 - Gothic 3
Nr. 5 - Risen

It's pretty hard to deside - there are so many great games - but I tryed.


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