I'm CaptPatchy, and I have a borderline autistic obsession with the preservation of media history. Movies, music, books and, of course, video games are all amazing things that can not just entertain, but make us feel emotions we never thought we could and learn things about ourselves we never knew were there. I find it incredibly important to preserve these things, for it's a shame to lose valuable pieces of media to time simply due to the obsolescence of their methods of storage or use. Most importantly to me, though, are video games. They are a thoroughly unique blend of art and science capable of doing things with, to and for people that a majority don't realize.

I have numerous external hard drives with my own pirated game repacks, unofficial patches, online game server emulator software, etc. littering my house. I'm currently in the process of setting up my own LAN FTP server with stored game files to act as a Steam substitute for friends and family, not that I have much. I will spend hours on the internet arguing with people I don't know about video games I haven't played. I hope we can become friends, and maybe play some games sometime.


February 10, 2017 @ 2:53 am
Fucking hell, I keep remembering games I wanted to and haven't had the time to play yet, the increasing size of my backlog is getting demoralizing.

I haven't written any reviews yet, I should get on that!

I don't have any friends yet, I should make some!

Coming soon...

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