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February 27, 2015 @ 2:56 pm
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Rogue Galaxy

Rogue Galaxy PlayStation 2

For me there are three ingredients to making a great game: Big swords, big boss battles and big pirates. Rogue Galaxy manages to bring these three and more together in a most spectacular example of one of mankind's greatest achievements in interactive entertainment. This game has the best of both worlds. The real time combat, fast paced mechanics and sheer depth of the weapon, leveling and creation system combine what we love from both the western and Japanese RPG genre. With collectables and mini-games Rogue Galaxy has enough for the player to spend hundreds of hours in front of the screen. The story begins rather standardly but takes a turn for the better once all members of the party are assembled. As it deals with the backgrounds of multiple characters there is a broad level of relatability although a few of the characters can tend to work on the nerves. In its...

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