How I value game scores:

• 10/10: An all-time favorite that I hope to revisit for years to come. Most likely appeals to me on a deeply emotional and/or conceptual level.

• 9/10: Among my favorites, but not quite as dense with things to love, or has moments that I might not have loved. I'll definitely revisit these.

• 8/10: Very cool games that I enjoyed from start to finish, but didn't quite appeal to me on the raw personal level. Still stuff I'm likely to revisit.

• 7/10: Games that I overall enjoyed and could see playing again, but wouldn't go out of my way to do so. Probably had some things that bothered me, but nothing to make me hate it.

• 6/10: Doesn't really appeal to me, or was filled with problems, but overall I still was glad I played it. I'd probably never replay these of my own accord.

• 5/10: Didn't appeal to me enough to feel like it was worth my time. These games aren't really bad, but if I could tell my past self not to play them, I would.

• 4/10: Actively boring games. Maybe had enough moments that I liked to keep them from being straight up bad, but overall I just regret playing them. At this point, it becomes extremely rare for me to finish anything that I dislike this much.

• 3/10: Trashy, boring games. The kind of stuff that might have one appealing attribute, be it artwork or a certain character, but overall it's not enough to salvage it.

• 2/10: At this point, I'm passing out playing the game. It's either unbelievably bland, or outright bad, and nothing is strong enough to save it.

• 1/10: A special place reserved for games that aren't just awful, but also offensive. If I feel disgusted with a game by the time I'm done with it, this is where it goes.


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