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July 01, 2018 @ 5:18 am
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Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Xbox 360

After having beaten the first two games in this series and playing the third, Star Ocean 4 was in everyway a letdown! Basic attacks feel drawn out and punishing to use and you will be unfortunately using them a lot early on due to few means to get back MP. Blindside is a new but mandatory mechanic that acts a parry but is a dodge without i-frames that makes the enemy more susceptible to damage, while neat the first few times you do it, it quickly gets old waiting for the enemy to attack to deal significant damage. Magic isn't magic, they're special arts with cast times and having beat the game at level 55-60 I didn't obtain any truly unique magic skills outside of hit the enemy 8x times with X element after a cast time. Skills have been slimmed down to the most basic of categories and can...

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