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Hi I'm Pedro "HeroMP" from Brazil.😁 I have 23 years old, i love Coffee and Japanese food. :

I do not have FAVORITE games exactly, every year new games are released that give me new experiences and if I were to choose some I would not know what my favorite is, but I have some games that were important for me are exactly the most well spoken, most are special to me). They are: Grand Theft Auto Vice City (it was the first game that I finished), Metro 2033 & Last Light (There is a long story through that ...), Total Overdose (I already finished this game so many times ...), GTA IV (I waited 8 years, I said EIGHT YEARS to play this game and I'm always playing it) and last but not least Mirror's Edge (this game was groundbreaking for me).

If I were to make a list of ten "current" games I love, the following games would be: Horizon Zero Down, Spider-Man, Watch Dogs 1 & 2, The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, Life Is Strange, Uncharted : The Lost Legacy, Tomb Raider and God of War. These are just a few, I really can not choose one or two games and I did not even mention the ones about nintendo and microsoft, it would be unfair to put all of them here. Sej? come to my list of games in Myvideogamelist!


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