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April 27, 2018 @ 4:48 pm
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OneShot PC

-=My Opinion=- OneShot, is a very unique game not easily comparable to any other. Some could say its similar to Undertale which is understandable, but these two games are only comparable in the fact that they both break the fourth wall, have a very touchingly beautiful scenery and are both 2D rpg games, but this game is different entirely. This game addresses YOU the player directly and includes you in the story, it makes you feel like you are really apart of this world and it ends up being almost impossible for you to not develop feelings for the world and the people in it. The characters in this game are all greatly designed, unique and quirky in their own way that makes them very memorable, especially the adorable Nico who you play as. These attachments that you get for these characters makes the story even more heartwarming and closer to...

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