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Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt

Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt PC

Princess Remedy is a top down action/adventure game in the vein of the older Zelda games. Basically, you walk through different areas and talk to NPCs, which initiates a combat sequence. Upon completing the encounter you gain a heart, and with enough hearts you unlock the next area and the gameplay loop repeats. There are also some pretty basic upgrades to find as well. Combat plays out like a mix of a top down run n gun and old school Zelda. Your character shoots automatically in the direction you?re facing, so most of the decisions you?ll have to make basically revolve around whether to face an enemy and shoot at it, or to reposition to avoid damage. As the game progresses, your weapon spread will increase meaning you also have to decide between getting closer to the enemy for higher DPS or maintaining your or using off angles to be safer...


Furi PC

Furi is a game that manages to do a lot with a little. In terms of core mechanics, it's incredibly basic. Most of the game takes place from a top down perspective where the playable character, Rider(a.k.a The Stranger), has the ability to fire a simple projectile, execute a melee attack which does have a combo string if the button is pressed repeated, charge either of the two attacks, dash to a set position, and parry. However each of these mechanics have a variety of uses within the game, and can be combined in various ways. On top of that, each of the game's 10 are designed to test the player's skill with the mechanics in a variety of different ways, ensuring that players will have to get the most out of the mechanics to succeed in Furi. Furi is almost entirely comprised of multi-phase boss fights. With a few exceptions,...

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