This acts like a repository on the shit I've played. It doesn't mean I've completed fully EVERY game but at least got around 90% of the main modes/ messed around enough to make up an opinion.


January 25, 2017 @ 9:20 pm
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Guitar Hero: World Tour

Guitar Hero: World Tour PlayStation 3

First of all: Its pretty obvious that the franchise got on the Rock Band all-in-one band experience wagon. Compared with Rock Band 2, we can see the problems over here. Now, standalone, is... not that impressive anyway. The best we can get about it is gameplay-wise. You have what you can expect: The guitar, the bass, and now the drums and vocals. In that aspect, I had a good time. Some additions like the sweeping sectors of some songs are fun an somewhat refreshing, the bass open-note is certainly interesting (but stupid), and I personally prefer the GH Drum design, with 5 colors. Game Modes, well, you can expect the same too, but with some new stuff and quirks. First of all its the character creation mode. Its a fine addition to the role if you want to make your own rockstars and the aspect of buying new stuff maintains a...

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