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? | Professional jabroni, Fighting Game/JRPG Enthusiast, and certified goon. | Streamer-in-training | Come at me, bro.

I've grown up playing video games ever since around the time I could walk, my first console experiences were on the SNES and PS1 which continue to be the benefactor's of some of my favorite titles.

However, my tastes have grown with age and I've come to appreciate all genres, granted the game in question is objectively good in my opinion.

My favorite series include Sonic, Kingdom Hearts, Ace Attorney, Metal Gear Solid, MOTHER, and Mega Man.

I also have a soft spot for SUDA51 games, despite their mediocrity.

Currently, my favorite games are Metal Gear Solid 2 for the PS2 and Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast/Nintendo GameCube.

These are subject to change as I play more games of course, but they've survived with me the longest and I cherish them for that.

I'm always down to play video games with you if I'm free!


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