Age: 30-something Gender: Female

Favorite Game Genres: RPGs, survival horror, point-and-click adventure games, hack-n-slash, fighting games, "slice of life" games... pretty much everything except FPS and racing games

Favorite Games: Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (PS2), Dragon Age: Origins (PC), Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (GC), Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (GC), Batman: Arkham City (PS3); God of War (PS2/PS3); South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS3)

What makes me "NerdyKitty"? Well... I'm a cat person, for starters. I haven't been without at least one cat in my life since I was born, though I didn't get MY first cat until I was two years old. I didn't pick that cat's name, but since then I have had one named Remus (after Remus Lupin - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite book/movie of the series) and another named Leon (technically after the incarnation of Squall Leonhart in Kingdom Hearts, since he prefers going by Leon). I'm also a HUGE fan of Hello Kitty and still buy various merchandise with her adorable face on it to this day.

So where does the 'nerdy' part come in? Um... Hello? I name my pets after fictional characters. Not enough? Okay, how about some of these facts:

😺 I've been playing World of Warcraft since about two weeks after its launch in 2004. Now, this hasn't been ten years straight. I did take a month or two off every now and again to dip into some other MMOs (Aion, Rift, Secret World, Tera, FFXIV:ARR, Wildstar) and even totally bailed on the game after the announcement of Mists of Pandaria. Eventually, I ended up getting the expansion which finally made had me say, "I'm done"... and I've been back in the game ever since. In fact, one of the reasons I didn't want MoP - the pet collecting and battles - is now one of the aspects of the game I am most into. I'm currently the #3 Pet Master on Grizzly Hills according to This is something I'm really quite proud of since I will never be able to afford the thousands of real-life dollars to beat the top two, essentially making me #1 of the people who aren't nuts enough to spend that kind of money on virtual pets. 😸 When it comes to anime (and games where I have the option), I am firmly for subs over dubs. I also prefer fansubs but will still buy the DVD sets for series I really liked, provided they're available in the US - I'm looking at you, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi! I HAVE watched the dubs of many of the animes I've seen, but... ugh... some of them are just SO BAD. Go watch the dubbed version of Gravitation and then compare it to the original Japanese dub and tell me that the original dubs are not vastly better than the English dub. Another one I can't stand (and I'm expecting to get shot for this) is Kuroshitsuji - aka Black Butler. The fake British accents absolutely ruined what could have been a good dub... they had the cast for it to be brilliant, but those horrible accents screwed it up. The one exception? Grell. I was actually pleasantly surprised by his dub, especially considering it was the voice actor's first big role. But... I'm sorry, no one beats Jun Fukuyama for me. Except maybe Takahio Sakurai... or Mamoru Miyano... or Keiji Fukiwara... or... 😽 In case the run-off end of that last point didn't clue you in, I am a total seiyuu whore. I will often watch an anime JUST BECAUSE a particular favorite of mine is in it. And if you get multiple ones I like in the same anime... holy crap, do I just turn into a squealing fangirl. (Antique Bakery had three of of the four main characters voiced by some of my absolute favorites... AND it was about a bakery with yummy cakes and pastries! I was in heaven.) 😻Yes, I am a bit obsessive about things I like, and can ramble on about them at length quite often. I guess that's sort of a nerdy trait, right? Like some sci-fi geek going on and on about Star Trek or something, I can talk for hours about things like my personal "canon" for the Dragon Age universe or the backstories of Tekken characters or my favorite Japanese music artists (Gazerock forever!). My obsessiveness has even led me to... 🙀 Writing fanfiction. There, I admitted it. Yeah, I do it. I haven't written anything in a while due to a health issue I'm having causing some mental blockages, but... Let's just say I was working on a Dragon Age series - which I hope to eventually finish - and the first part (of the planned five) is probably going to top out around 1,000,000 words.

So how's that? Nerdy enough for you? 👓

All games on my list under "Plan to Play" are games I have started but not finished.


January 08, 2015 @ 9:58 am
Hello, we're definitely looking for help! Feel free to check out our jobs page to see if anything interests you!

January 07, 2015 @ 4:17 pm
🎮 Hey there! Welcome to, hope you will have a great time around here. Nice meeting ya ^^

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