I usually like games that have high Metacritic ratings, so I tend to buy and play popular games.

As for unusual facts, I guess I like types of games that get more enjoyable the more you play them. So I like 3D Modern Sonic games (except Forces), because I like the level memorization (as well as the reaction stuff). And I'm really digging Persona 4 Dancing All Night because the songs get more enjoyable the better you become (I've never played a rhythm game before).

I also just like games that have a good aesthetic. Games like these could be: Freedom Wars, Atlus stuff, Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness, Sonic Unleashed (it's like a pixar movie), Gravity Rush (it's like, french), some Castlevania and Metroid stuff.


July 20, 2017 @ 6:27 pm
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Sonic Generations

Sonic Generations PlayStation 3

Specific thoughts coming from a PC player. The PC port of this game is near flawless, with minor glitches very rarely. I say port because Generations first released on consoles. However, similar to most multiplatform games at the time, Generations was made for the 360 and ported to the PS3. Below, I'll outline the differences between all three versions of this game: Framerate - 360 has a pretty stable framerate (locked at 30 fps) - PS3 less stable (not sure if PS3 is unlocked 60 fps, similar to Unleashed) - PC obviously has a stable 60 fps Texture Quality - 360 supposedly has higher res textures than PS3 (if true, the difference must be extremely small because I can't notice it) - PC gives you options for max graphical settings; it obviously looks the best Resolution - PC is native 1080p - PS3 and 360 say it's 1080p, but I have a feeling it's 720p upscaled to 1080p because that's more...

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