I love gaming since that i was a child. The first game I can remember playing was either Luigi's mansion or Blinx the time sweeper.. i was 6 at the time so i am not sure of it. All that i can remember is that i love those games until this very day and that it motivated me to become a gamer. i played almost everything from nintendo until i was 10 years or something like that. when i was half way my 11th birthday. that was the moment i was more diverse and. i got myself a playstation 3. I decided that i wanted more consoles instead of only playing nintendo games and orginal Xbox (that i rarely used).

when i got a playstation 3 i got introduced to games like grand theft auto 4, call of duty games and assassins creed.. After i learned more about this type of genres. i got more and more into them.i almost like every genre. i only dislike sport and racing games. and that"s actually about it. my favorites are mostly the games with the best story or the games with interesting characters. like red dead redemption and vaas montenegro from far cry 3.

the way i rate games are the following:

10 great story, great characters love almost everything about them and is memorable in its own (special) way.

9 the story characters and everything is almost perfect. with a few flaws that nobody cares since the game is almost perfect and can be considered a favorite.

8 the game story characters are good or one of these elements is outstanding. the story can have a lot of flaws but the characters so good that the game can be considered great/good in overall

7 a game that's just good. it haves some elements rarely used but the game is for the rest quite average.

6 the game is alright. there are way better games out there. but it can be worse 5 lower then this and its not worth it. above this it is not that bad. (i rarely rate something a 5 or below) 4 its quite bad but it can be worse 3 its bad but i can respect the afforf 2 i cant cover this up. this is trash and you shouldn't play this. 1 destroy it and just erase it from existence.

my definitions for each status are: Continuously Playing:some games like arcades. are not finishable because it is a highscore game as for example pacman. i set them as completed if i dont play them anymore and Continuously Playing if i some time pick it up. i also define mutliplayer games like overwatch and league of legends ( i dont play lol but for example) as this because there is no end of it.

playing: is for me the games that i am currently focused on.

on hold: it meansfor me that i took a break from the game and some time in the future will pick up again

dropped: i dont like the game or i dont want to pick it up again:

plan to play: the games that i still want to play someday


July 29, 2018 @ 6:05 pm
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