On the internet, people tend to call me Angel or Crazy. In real life, Fred. Just a shorter version of my name and everyone goes with that so I'll roll with that.

I am currently 21, working full time in a little restaurant and shit. I enjoy anime, series, video games. Yet, I am more into video games with story unlike my room mate who prefers playing games against other players X). I do enjoy it time to time, but I prefer playing it if their's a good story I can follow. Which brings it to my liking to anime, I enjoy good stories. or series and time to time, books.

What else can I say? Hmm... Well I draw, I plan to go back to college but I'm currently indecisive at where I want to go XD, I plan to learn violin cause I love violin ;u; Such an awesome intrument. Harmonica too but that's not for now XD (I even saved up enough for that). Perhaps, if I can re motivate myself into that, I also plan to make a comic. But I'll start by learning several things I still gotta learn XD


October 26, 2015 @ 3:20 pm
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