I play both MMO and Single player games. Been playing video games for like 18 years now


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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Nintendo DS

Story -Set 30 years after the first Golden Sun event. The influence of alchemy still threatens the lives of humanity and their world. Though the 6 Warriors of Vale once saved the world from destruction, the explosion made by the golden sun brought new disaster to their world. From the ruins where Vale Village once stood, Isaan and Garet continued to guard the Sol Sanctum. Attempting to reach Sol Sanctum once more to learn more things about the alchemy,they made the soarwing. Unfortunately, the soarwing was destroyed by Garet`s son named Tyrell, and this is where our protagonist`s journey will begin. The name is Matthew, son of Isaac. He and his friends are sent off to find a very unique feather needed for the restoration of the soarwing. Gameplay: The game has fine graphics and battle animations. The animation during the battle when using summon were pretty impressive too.... and so does those cutscenes. You can...

Suikoden Tierkreis

Suikoden Tierkreis Nintendo DS

STORY: The story began at a little town called Citro Village where our "Nameless Hero" lives with his friends and family. As his first quest as a town's Defense Corps, he was tasks to drive away some monsters in a nearby forest. Together with his friends Lui, Jale, Marica and Dirk, they ventured the forest. As they proceed to their mission, they came across a strange ruins and found a strange glowing book, and picked it up. That moment they got glimpse of vision from the book and they gained powers. GAMEPLAY: The game uses both Touchpad and buttons to move your character around and select items. There's no need to travel on foot to move from town to town, an open world map provides faster travel by selecting the town you wished to go to, though there are places where you can set on foot to travel in open world. Monsters can be encountered...

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII PlayStation 1

STORY First set on Midgard, a city powered by Mako Energy and owned by ShinRa E. Company. Well, the Mako Energy were really was the big deal here because it uses Lifestream as it source, and Lifestream gives life to the planet, overuse of such energy will eventually kill the planet. Avalanche, a rebellious group of people were against towards such abuse and were trying to stop ShinRa's operation. What makes the game's story so great was, it doesn't focus on a single routine. Cloud, a member of Avalanche, after meeting a certain person learned and remembered what bigger threat lies beneath other than the company they were currently dealing with. The operation of Dr. Hojo called the Jenova Project from some years ago were coming into fruition, with a intentional negative result. An ex- SOLDIER named Sephiroth arose once again to claim the life of the planet which he assumes belong...

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Nintendo DS

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy Console: Nintendo D.S Gameplay: In this game, you'll play as Sora's Nobody named Roxas. Controls aren't that complicated but still, you should be skilled with button-mashing coz if you're not, you'll end the game with your DS' buttons permanently pressed down, especially the A/B/-R Buttons, so one must be careful. The graphics are 9/10 for the console you're playing this at, great surroundings blended with soul lifting BGM' s. First impression about the inventory... -^- ..Your inventory is Panel System which makes it a little complicated at First, coz through the game, after finishing some missions, you'll be awarded with expansions, so do your missions regularly. And by Panel System, this game unexplainably slotted everything in your inventory... as in Everything!!! Like hell. Even your character's level! Upon filling up your EXP Gauge, you'll receive a "Level Up" item. Your character will not level up unless you equip or put your...

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars Sony PS Vita

Game Review of Conception II - Children of the Seven Stars Genre: RPG Format: Playstation Vita ATLUS STORY - The world of Aterra was ravanged by monsters for 2 decades, youths blessed with Star Brand called Deciples were the only one who can fight against those monsters. These Deciples went to Academy to hone their fighting skills and deployed on dungeons called Dusk Labyrinths to destroy the Dusk Circles which was responsible for summoning limitless amount of Dusk monsters. One male student (protagonist) found out his uniqueness, being the God's Gift, he has unlimited amount of Ether... large enough to create Star Children by pairing up with Rank A female Deciples. GAMEPLAY -- The game offers quite a small world which your actions mostly were executed only through selection screen, the only time you can see your characters move around is when you're exploring the labyrinths. But first let talk about the stuffs you can do outside...

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