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1 - Games that are completely unplayable, and not due to some funny glitches. Games will very rarely score 1s.

2 - Games with little to no redeemable qualities that have glaring issues.

3 - Games that may be fun or enjoyable initially, but their numerous flaws quickly become apparent. Whatever the game has going for it is often heavily outweighed by the negatives.

4 - Games that can't be considered "bad" but certainly can be considered "below average."

5 - Games that are ok.

6 - Games that are good.

7 - Games that are great.

8 - Games with many remarkable qualities and a small amount of issues. The good will often heavily outweigh the bad, or the bad is often ignorable in many situations.

9 - Games that are fantastic. They typically have very high highs but no low lows.

10 - Incredible games for many reasons. The difference between 9s and 10s is often extremely subjective. Games will very rarely score 10s.

My rating scale isn't necessarily comparable to an "out of 100 scale." 6/10 is considered good, but 60-69/100 is considered bad because an "out of 10" scale using only integers has less variance than an out of 100 scale using only integers.


January 05, 2020 @ 3:58 pm
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Pokémon Shield

Pokémon Shield Nintendo Switch

!!!DISCLAIMER!!! - This review was made after I completed a no-grinding and no-Dynamaxing run. I avoided fights when I felt like I was overleveled or the game was too easy and I never willingly entered a wild battle unless I was trying to catch something. I didn't do any Dynamaxing for any of the gym battles, Champion Cup battles, Champion battles, or whatever else. I did use Dynamaxing during Raid Battles. My final team ended up being Rillaboom, Centiskorch, Runerigus, Grimmsnarl, Darmanitan, and Grapploct if that helps put into perspective how much harder or easier my playthrough could have been. * Music: 7/10 * The songs themselves are very good, but there are some weird quirks in the game. For example, the ascent up Rose Tower only plays one continuous uninterrupted song. Small things like that bring the score down. Not...

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