I play video game, its my favorite thing in the world to do. I will play any game put in front of me because I am open to variety. My main priority in a game is not the gameplay or graphics, its the story. If there isn't an engaging story then it loses points in my book.


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Super Time Force Ultra

Super Time Force Ultra Playstation 4


Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect Playstation 4

Murdered wins points for it being a new original ip and its promising opening that takes the player along for a ride, however the rest of the game along with its aftermath does nothing but ruin the experience and leave the player feeling worse than an dead corpse. This game suffers from pointless detective game play, which is nothing more then seeking out collectibles and watching a cut scene. And the most mediocre stealth sections ever to be in a game. The game does have some fairly interesting characters and plots twists that do keep the player engaged, but as a $60 game I can honestly say it isn't worth it....


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