Final Fantasy IV

The military country of Baron is one of the strongest in the land, with a proud army and a majestic air force known as the Red Wings. However, the recent actions of the king make even the most loyal of his subordinates doubt his judgment. The captain of the Red Wings, Cecil, is ordered to attack the city of Mysidia and take the Water Crystal from innocent magicians who protect it. When Cecil questions the king's orders, he is immediately thrown out of the country and sent off to deliver a package to the village of Mist, accompanied by his best friend Kain, the captain of the dragoons. Little does he realize that the king's inexplicable behavior is but a part of a much larger picture, which he is yet to reveal.

The fourth entry in the Final Fantasy series was released as Final Fantasy II in America, because the second and the third games were not released there at the time. The game is a Japanese-style RPG with top-down world map navigation, automatic leveling up, and random enemy encounters. The game introduces a system called ATB (active-time battle). Unlike all the previous Final Fantasy games, the fourth installment does not allow the player to customize the characters' abilities and classes. New abilities are learned automatically when a character reaches a pre-determined level. Characters join and leave the party as dictated by the game's plot events. The active party includes up to five combatants. A remake for the WonderSwan Color was released in Japan with few changes from the PlayStation version. Character sprites and backgrounds were graphically enhanced through heightened details and color shading.


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WonderSwan Color
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March 29, 2002
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Nobuo Uematsu
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