Sega Game Gear
    Popeye: Beach Volleyball

    Popeye: Beach Volleyball Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Popeye no Beach Volleyball, ポパイのビーチバレーボール

    Popeye: Beach Volleyball is a summer sports-related Game Gear video game that was released exclusively in Japan. This video game involves Popeye (from the classic animated cartoon of the same name) and the sport of beach volleyball. The object is to score 15 points while preventing the opponent (consisting of...
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    Mickey's Ultimate Challenge

    Mickey's Ultimate Challenge Sega Game Gear

    One night, as Mickey (or Minnie) lay in bed reading a book of fairy tales, he started to wonder how it would be to live in a far off land, in a magic castle. As he fell asleep, he woke up in the Kingdom of Beanwick, which is constantly tormented...
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    Super Battletank

    Super Battletank Sega Game Gear

    On August 2nd, 1991, Iraq invades its neighboring oil-producing country, Kuwait. On August 25th, 1991, a joint session of the United Nation's Security Council authorizes the intervention of military force. During the twilight hours of January 16th, 1992, the liberation of Kuwait begins. With SUPER BATTLETANK, you are in command of...
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    Disney's Ariel: The Little Mermaid

    Disney's Ariel: The Little Mermaid Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Ariel: The Little Mermaid

    King Triton and his daughter Ariel battle the dangers of the deep to save the kingdom. As Triton, you must rescue Ariel and break Ursula's curse. As Ariel, the little mermaid, you must battle bewitched sea creatures and defeat Ursula to save Triton and the kidnapped merpeople. Dodge angry sharks,...
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    Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

    Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Mickey Mouse no Mahō no Crystal, ミッキーマウスの魔法のクリスタル, Land of Illusion Estrelando Mickey Mouse

    Journey with Mickey Mouse through spooky castle ruins, dark caverns, an enchanted forest and a toy shop gone crazy! Use your wits and Mickey's magic to evade challenging traps, explore secret passages, and restore peace and happiness to the Land of Illusion!...
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    Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

    Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Mickey Mouse no Castle Illusion, ミッキーマウスのキャッスルイリュージョン

    Sega's 8-bit systems received their own version of the Genesis' Disney platformer. The story and main theme remain the same, but the game has its own unique levels and slightly different gameplay mechanics. To save his girlfriend Minnie from the wicked witch Mizrabel, Mickey must venture into the Castle of Illusion....
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    Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament

    Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Micro Machines 2: Special Edition

    16 crazy characters to choose from! Bigger, Better, Faster, Meaner, More! They're back! Codemasters brings you Micro Machines 2 - Turbo Tournament, packing more micro power than ever before. Hovering, tracking, biking, the game has exploded in every aspect. Interactive courses, rain, wild jumps and much much more. - Head to Head,...
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    Cosmic Spacehead

    Cosmic Spacehead Sega Game Gear

    Linus had crash landed on a distant planet called Earth, and made his way back home again. Trouble is, no one believes his tale of the planet he discovered! Your job is to help Linus make his way back to planet Earth so he can take some pictures to convince...
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    The Incredible Hulk

    The Incredible Hulk Sega Game Gear

    In this side-scrolling action game you fight against your arch-enemy The Leader and his forces Rhino, Absorbing Man, Abomination and Tyrannus. Take control of the Hulk/Dr. Banner through five levels of action. City and Construction Site, Tyrannus' Labyrinth, Leader's Fortress, Leader's Interior, and the Final Confrontation....
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    T2: The Arcade Game

    T2: The Arcade Game Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Terminator 2: Judgment Day, T2ザ・アーケードゲーム

    This is an arcade rail-shooter based on the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Up to two players shoot through future and present levels as robotic killers reprogrammed to serve the human resistance. Both players wield a machine gun with infinite ammo that lowers its firing rate (overheats) as it is continuously...
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    Zool Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Zool no Yume Bōken, Zool: Ninja of the "Nth" Dimension, ZOOLのゆめぼうけん

    His name is Zool, and he is a gremlin-like creature from another dimension. He is forced to land on the Earth, but his sole goal is to attain the prestigious ranking of a Ninja. To do that, Zool will have to travel through six worlds, each divided into three stages,...
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    Wolfchild Sega Game Gear

    Dr. Kal Morrow, expert in genetic research and creation of human-animal hybrids, has been kidnapped and his family brutally murdered by the terrorist organization CHIMERA. His surviving son Saul takes it upon himself to avenge his family. Using his father's research, he turns into a man-wolf and sets out to...
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    Predator 2

    Predator 2 Sega Game Gear

    Predator 2 is similar to its 16-bit counterpart. The player controls Lt. Mike Harrigan in a side scrolling view (instead of an isometric one) through 7 levels. Mike has to fight drug dealers and must rescue a certain number of hostages at each level. The Predator's three-dotted laser aim is a...
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    Godzilla: Kaijū no Daishingeki

    Godzilla: Kaijū no Daishingeki Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Godzilla, ゴジラ 怪獣大進撃

    Godzilla: Kaijuu no Daishingeki is a turn based strategy game, with some arcade elements. A player can play as Godzilla or similar monsters (kaiju), like Anguirus, and Fire Rodan. Should players want to support humanity they can play as the G-Force, a human defense force. Humans have monster killing tools...
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    Earthworm Jim

    Earthworm Jim Sega Game Gear

    Left unconscious by a massive cow-induced blow to the head and clad in his indestructible, high-tech super suit, Earthworm Jim continues the battle for truth, justice and well aerated soil. He sure is going to need your to guide him through his 3D fun-house of a brain. But beware, there...
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    Chuck Rock

    Chuck Rock Sega Game Gear

    Chuck Rock hasn't been the same since his long-time rival in love, Gary Gritter, kidnapped his wife, the beautiful Ophelia. Help Chuck in his quest to rescue Ophelia from the clutches of the wicked Gary. Kick, throw rocks and belly-butt your way through a multitude of comical zones, featuring 500...
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    Scratch Golf

    Scratch Golf Sega Game Gear

    Scratch Golf is an overhead golfing sim that the player can play on two different golf courses either against three computer opponents in a game of scratch golf or practice on any course by themselves. Two-players can also play via link up against each other in head-to-head or team up...
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    WWF WrestleMania: Steel Cage Challenge

    WWF WrestleMania: Steel Cage Challenge Sega Game Gear

    WWF Wrestlemania: Steel Cage Challenge features several famous WWF stars, such as "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Bret "Hitman" Hart, The Mountie, The Undertaker, Irwin R. Schyster, "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, Sid Justice, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and of course wrestling legend Hulk Hogan. All wrestlers can perform...
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    Shaq Fu

    Shaq Fu Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Shaq-Fu

    While en route to a charity game in Tokyo, basketball star Shaquille O'Neal (called "Shaq" for short) is drawn into an alternate dimension by a local man who believes only Shaq can save his grandson. Once there, he must fight a succession of 11 opponents, one at a time, with...
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    Choplifter III

    Choplifter III Sega Game Gear

    In this third installment of the Choplifter series, it is once again your job to fly your helicopter through enemy territory to rescue hostages. The helicopter does not only take damage from enemy fire, but also from contact with buildings, trees, walls etc., which makes some levels difficult to navigate. Enemies...
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    Battleship (1993)

    Battleship (1993) Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Battleship

    Do you have what it takes to command your own fleet of six ships? Can you survive thrilling, ruthless combat on the high seas? Stalk your enemy through unfriendly waters. Secretly plot your plan of attack. Then fire. It's a hit! But remain on red alert! For your opponent wants...
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    Bram Stoker's Dracula

    Bram Stoker's Dracula Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Dracula

    Bram Stroker's Dracula is a side-scroller platform game loosely based on the 1992 film of the same name. Players take the role of Jonathan Harker whose mission is to destroy Count Dracula by first heading to Transylvania and then London. Jonathan Harker can move left and right, jump and attack with...
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    X-Men Sega Game Gear

    X-Men is a sidescrolling beat'em up/platform game, much like its homonymous Mega Drive/ Genesis counterpart. Several X-Men characters are playable throughout the game. The player can choose from two characters from the start, Cyclops and Wolverine, and three Levels are accessible. In the course of the game, the player can...
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    X-Men: Gamesmaster's Legacy

    X-Men: Gamesmaster's Legacy Sega Game Gear

    X-Men: Gamesmaster's Legacy is a follow-up to Arcade's Revenge where once again the player can take control of their favorite mutants Wolverine, Bishop, Gambit, Storm, Rogue, Jean Grey & Cyclops, each with their own unique abilities and powers. Each character has a unique ability vital to some stages such as...
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    X-Men: Mojo World

    X-Men: Mojo World Sega Game Gear

    In a dark future, Mojo has his own TV show where the participants fight to death. He has imprisoned some X-Men from the past to recreate their greatest battles. Wolverine and Rogue have to enter the game and rescue their friends, then defeating Mojo to return back home. In this platform...
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    WWF Raw

    WWF Raw Sega Game Gear

    WWF Raw is a professional wrestling game featuring up to twelve superstars (ten in the GameGear, eight in the GameBoy version) from the World Wrestling Federation: Bret "Hit Man" Hart, Bam Bam Bigelow, 1-2-3 Kid, Diesel, Doink, Lex Luger, Luna Vachon, Owen Hart, Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, and Yokozuna. In...
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    Side Pocket

    Side Pocket Sega Game Gear

    You'll enter the sometimes seedy world of the pool shark in SIDE POCKET. Rack 'em up and knock 'em in as you travel from the dank and smoke-filled bars of Los Angeles across the country to the pool mecca known as Atlantic City, as you try to become a world-class...
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    Quest for the Shaven Yak starring Ren Hoëk & Stimpy

    Quest for the Shaven Yak starring Ren Hoëk & Stimpy Sega Game Gear

    Ren and Stimpy just found a pair of hooves which belong to the great Shaven Yak, who lost them in the last Yak shaving day. Now they must find the Shaven Yak and return him his hooves, or there won't be any more Yak shaving days! In this platform game the...
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    The Lost World: Jurassic Park

    The Lost World: Jurassic Park Sega Game Gear

    The dinosaurs are back in this monstrous sequel. Take a dinosaur-stomping adventure through 'Site B' as you try to reach a radiophone to call a helicopter to get you out of there. But your journey won't be easy, because along the way you'll run into fierce, menacing dinosaurs that'll try...
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    Chicago Syndicate

    Chicago Syndicate Sega Game Gear

    Chicago 1920: Corruption and violence have taken hold of the ciyu. Six gangster bosses control the streets. Larcen Tyler must singly-handedly take control of Chicago - or die trying! Presenting Larcen Tyler, from Eternal Champions, in his best role ever - from expert gangster to clean-up crusader! Use Larcens full range...
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    Home Alone

    Home Alone Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Home Alone (1992)

    Kevin is left alone at home while his family is celebrating the holidays elsewhere. Unfortunately for him, two burglars have entered the house to keep him company. Kevin must avoid being caught by the burglars while he gathers all the family belongings and bring them to safety. To aid him...
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    Streets of Rage 2

    Streets of Rage 2 Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Streets of Rage II, Bare Knuckle II: Shitou no Chinkon Uta

    Original rumblers Axel and Blaze slam the asphalt with bigger, better, totally devastating attacks! Skull-crushing ex-wrestler Max Thunder joins up with earth-shattering body slams and spinning fist attacks. New thrasher Skate slices punks with high speed in-line skate attacks and spinning jump kicks. Go maniac with jaw-shattering, bone-busting punches, head-cracking...
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    Joe Montana Football

    Joe Montana Football Sega Game Gear

    It's a snap! This is your chance to rub shoulder pads with Joe Montana, the man who led the "Team of the Eighties" to four Super Bowl Championships. You provide all the fourth quarter heroics, play-calling brilliance, and pinpoint passing as you hit the field against any of 28 pro...
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    Iron Man / X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal

    Iron Man / X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal Sega Game Gear

    In IRON MAN or X-O MANOWAR IN HEAVY METAL, the world is under attack and only Iron Man and X-O Manowar can save the planet. You can choose either character and battle through eight levels that take place in exotic locales like Nuclear Plant, Stark Enterprises, New York City, Rain...
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    Super Off Road

    Super Off Road Sega Game Gear

    Enter the world of off-road racing as 4 vehicles will face each other, on a series of tracks which are based around flipped and reversed versions of a core selection. Fame, glory and bikini clad women await your victories and the taste of dirt awaits if you fail. Let a...
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    G-Loc: Air Battle

    G-Loc: Air Battle Sega Game Gear

    The Citizens Defence Force does not trust the United Nations to keep a troubled 21st century world at peace. It confiscates a horde of planes and warships, and as a UN loyalist, it is your job to shoot them down. Solving starvation and disease can wait, apparently. The game is split...
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    Fatal Fury Special

    Fatal Fury Special Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Garou Densetsu Special, 餓狼伝説SPECIAL

    Fatal Fury Special is an improved version of SNK's 2D one-on-one fighter Fatal Fury 2. The objective is to win the tournament by defeating all other fighters including end boss Wolfgang Krauser. Fatal Fury Special features a fairly large selection of fighters that includes: - The eight regular fighters from Fatal...
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    Spider-Man / X-Men: Arcade's Revenge

    Spider-Man / X-Men: Arcade's Revenge Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Spider-Man and the X-Men: Arcade's Revenge

    Spider-Man and his mutant pals need your help to escape from Arcade's diabolical amusement park - battling killer clowns, hungry piranhas, lethal doom balls and deadly robot replicas of super-villains like Carnage and Juggernaut! Will Spidey's webs, Wolverine's claws, Gambit's energy cards, Storm's lightning bolts and Cyclops' optic blasts mean...
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    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

    The chase is on... all the way to the greatest treasure in history - the Holy Grail! And if you can survive the treacherous caves of Colorado, a savage rat attack, and overcome the deadly traps of the Grail temple, then you're ready for anything the Luftwaffe can throw at...
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    Superman: The Man of Steel (1993)

    Superman: The Man of Steel (1993) Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: Superman: The Man of Steel

    Superman: The Man of Steel is a side-scrolling platform game in which the player takes on the role of Superman. A lot is wrong in the game: Lois Lane has been kidnapped by Brainiac, the Doom Star is orbiting the Earth and many deadly adversaries are roaming about. It's up...
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    RoboCop Versus The Terminator

    RoboCop Versus The Terminator Sega Game Gear

    As Robocop--both the unwitting agent of humankind's destruction and its last possible champion--you must travel across time into a savage future ruled by the mechanical forces of Skynet. From war-torn modern Detroit, to the mean streets of Delta City, and on to the bone-strewn bunkers of post-apocalypse L.A., you'll face attack...
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    The Addams Family

    The Addams Family Sega Game Gear

    The Addams Family is a side-scrolling platformer based on the movie of the same name. The player takes the role of Gomez who searches for his missing family members. To find them he has to explore six different parts of the mansion, e.g. the woods, which are basic platform levels:...
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    Monster Truck Wars

    Monster Truck Wars Sega Game Gear

    Get behind the wheel and crush the competition! Six thunderous Monster Trucks pulverize everything in their path on the toughest circuits in America! Driving turboforce, explosive nitro bursts and 1500 horsepower fire up your mean monster machine!! - Choose your favorite ushra' monster truck - Car crunching metal-munching action - Beef up your...
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    Klax Sega Game Gear

    For one or two players, KLAX makes you move fast - and think faster! Catch colored tiles coming down a conveyor belt. Score big points by arranging them in same-colored stacks of threes - vertically, horizontally or diagonally. A tic-tac-tile game if you will. Sounds easy? It is... until the...
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    Faceball 2000

    Faceball 2000 Sega Game Gear

    Faceball 2000 is a first-person shooter. You control a H.A.P.P.Y.F.A.C.E., or Holographically Assisted Physical Pattern Yielded For Active Computerized Embarkation. The graphics consist of flat shaded corridors. Enemies are all simple geometric shapes with smiley faces on them. Although the graphics are simple, they allow for full freedom of movement,...
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    Vampire: Master of Darkness

    Vampire: Master of Darkness Sega Game Gear

    Alternative Titles: In the Wake of Vampire, Master of Darkness

    The shadow of Dracula has spread over Victorian England. Make your way through strange and forbidding streets and cavernous warehouses while fighting his army of monsters. Find Dracula, the Master of Darkness, and rescue England from his terrifying grasp....
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    Cutthroat Island

    Cutthroat Island Sega Game Gear

    Sharpen your long swords for the ultimate high seas battle! In plundering two-player action, team up as Morgan and Shaw to uncover a treasure trove of priceless gems and gold bullion! Battle bloodthirsty pirates with knives, pistols and flaming torches! In the game you set out to find pieces of a...
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    Cliffhanger Sega Game Gear

    Based on the white-knuckle action-adventure movie starring Sylvester Stallone, Cliffhanger challenges you to brave thundering avalanches, icy cliffs, and the head-spinning heights of the Rocky Mountains while you combat a vicious group of well-armed, extremely dangerous fugitives. You'll hang on for dear life through 7 exciting levels requiring all your...
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    Psychic World

    Psychic World Sega Game Gear

    Dr. Knavik needs you to use his special "ESP Booster" to rescue young Cecile. She and her sister, Lucia, were his assistants, and the monsters Dr. Knavik kept for experiments escaped with her! Venture out into this frightening, mystical, often beautiful world, fend off the many creatures and dangers, and...
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    Wimbledon Sega Game Gear

    Control one of the world's top players, or enter yourself in the Tour and test your skill. Singles, Doubles, practice, four exciting tournaments - fast, heart-stopping action from beginning to end!...
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