Xbox 360
    On A Roll 3D

    On A Roll 3D Xbox 360

    Roll your way through 24 huge levels across six different themes in this fast, colourful 3D platform game. Be prepared to take on spikes, mines, dynamite, conveyor belts, springs, switches, doors, bumpers, lasers, saws, fire, ice, water, electricity, trapdoors and much much more. Each level has three areas you must navigate...
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    Foul Play

    Foul Play Xbox 360

    Play as the daemon-hunter Baron Dashforth in a side-scrolling co-op brawler set entirely on the grand spectacle of a theatre stage that rewards performance over pummeling. Perform shattering takedowns and reversals! Electrify the audience with devastating linked attacks as you have a friend join as sidekick Scampwick and use every...
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    The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (2009)

    The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (2009) Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

    Included in The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. The most wanted man in the universe comes to your neighborhood in The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay. Set before the events of two movies, The Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch Black, the game tells the story of Riddick's...
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    Robotics;Notes Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: ロボティクス・ノーツ

    2019, Divergence Ratio 1.048596. The near future, where a device popularly called the PokeCom, packaged with PhoneDroid OS, spreads, bringing the Augmented Reality world close to existence. Chuuoutanegashima High School's Robot Research Club is in danger of losing its club status. Yashio Kaito, one of only two members, is only obsessed with robot...
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    Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World

    Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World Xbox 360

    Bring peace back to Monster World in these three classic action RPG titles: Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy in Monster World, and for the first time outside of Japan, Monster World IV! Now available for download on Xbox LIVE, the Monster World saga features all new achievements, challenging...
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    NBA Live 07

    NBA Live 07 Xbox 360

    NBA LIVE 07 plays as good as it looks with gameplay advancements that build upon the depth and authenticity that the NBA LIVE franchise has delivered for more than a decade. NBA LIVE 07 introduces the next generation of basketball gameplay with EA SPORTS Total Freestyle Control, a new feature...
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    BioShock 2: Protector Trials

    BioShock 2: Protector Trials Xbox 360

    You receive the call: Tenenbaum desperately needs you to steal as much ADAM as possible, to help thwart Sofia Lamb's insane plan. Enter the Protector Trials: frantic combat challenges designed to push your mastery of weapons and Plasmids to the limit. The goal in each Trial is simple: get your...
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    Moon Diver

    Moon Diver Xbox 360

    At the dawn of the 22nd century, an evil power brought inanimate objects to life, and they turned on humanity. Bridges, automobiles, cities – the whole of humanity's creations were all made to turn on their makers. Mankind's fears of apocalypse became reality! Hidden amongst humanity's survivors, an elite unit...
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    Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition

    Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition Xbox 360

    Vault 101 -- Jewel of the Wastes. For 200 years, Vault 101 has faithfully served the surviving residents of Washington DC and its environs, now known as the Capital Wasteland. Though the global atomic war of 2077 left the US all but destroyed, the residents of Vault 101 enjoy a...
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    Star Trek: Legacy

    Star Trek: Legacy Xbox 360

    Lead your task force of warships to victory as the Admiral of the fleet. Star Trek: Legacy tests your strategic and tactical skills in real-time combat featuring authentic spaceships, full damage modeling, and spectacular visual effects. Spanning the entire Star Trek Universe, including the Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space...
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    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - The Legend of Dead Kel

    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - The Legend of Dead Kel Xbox 360

    The legendary pirate Dead Kel and his Hanged Men have returned to haunt the seas of northern Amalur. Embark on a journey to the distant island of Gallows End with the eccentric Captain Brattigan in an adventure that will uncover a secret so great that it has incited wars and...
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    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Teeth of Naros

    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Teeth of Naros Xbox 360

    For decades the Kollossae, a proud people of faith and large stature, have wandered the face of Amalur in pursuit of the destiny that is due to them, but all does not appear right. Upon your expedition to Teeth of Naros, Secandra and her band of Kollossae warriors require your...
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    The Maw

    The Maw Xbox 360

    The pinnacle of alien evolution, Maw is a cowardly fat blob concerned mostly with snacking and lounging. He can, however, absorb the traits of anything he eats, is virtually indestructible, and can grow to unlimited size. If he wasn't a danger to all life in the universe, he'd make the...
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    Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

    Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Xbox 360

    Not another typical WWII game set in the European or Pacific theatres, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty sees history take a catastrophic turn for the worse as the game opens with the German invasion of the U.S. via New York. Taking the role of Dan Carson a reluctant New York...
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    Fuzion Frenzy 2

    Fuzion Frenzy 2 Xbox 360

    With huge prize money and a chance to save the planet on the line, its your turn to appear on the worldwide hit TV sensation Fuzion Frenzy. Spanning seven planets across the galaxy, you compete in 40 different mini-games - from sports challenges to thrilling battles - in your quest...
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    Leedmees Xbox 360

    Your body is the controller is in this whimsical and dreamlike game. Guide the Leedmees, a mysterious population of small and creatures, home, using your limbs and head as bridges and walkways. Lift them up, toss them about, and slip them past treacherous obstacles, but be careful and don’t let...
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    NBA Live 08

    NBA Live 08 Xbox 360

    NBA Live 08 introduces hot spots, where real NBA shot data is used to illuminate the locations on the floor where your players are most effective. Quickstrike Ballhandling, a new intuitive gameplay mechanic, gives you the direct responsiveness you need to perform a full repertoire of ankle-breaking ball-handling moves that...
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    Greg Hastings Paintball 2

    Greg Hastings Paintball 2 Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Paintball 2

    In Greg Hastings Paintball 2, players take to the field in 12 global paintball locations, each containing three to six different fields. Seven single-player game modes challenge the most experienced "ballers" to hone their skills and then test them against up to 19 others in seven different multiplayer game types. Whether...
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    Dance Dance Revolution Universe

    Dance Dance Revolution Universe Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Dancing Stage Universe

    DDR Universe takes the DDR series in new directions, with a super easy mode for beginners, and a relay mode that mode lets friends and family play DDR like a marathon race, allowing players to switch off to other teammates. It has has support for online competitions and downloadable song...
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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2013)

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2013) Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    True to classic TMNT-style gameplay and atmosphere, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an energetic, blazing beat 'em up with four-person, local, drop-in/drop-out co-op (Wii system from Nintendo, Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system only) and features character upgrades, secondary items, and multiple gameplay modes. It offers an authentic Turtles...
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    College Hoops 2K7

    College Hoops 2K7 Xbox 360

    College Hoops 2K7 was released on March 13, 2007. It was developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports for PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox, and PS2. Shoot for the Final Four with the 2007 entry in Visual Concepts' and 2K Sports' college b-ball game. Leadership makes a difference this year,...
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    NHL 2K7

    NHL 2K7 Xbox 360

    Spend another year knocking hosers' teeth out with the 2007 entry in Visual Concepts' and 2K Sports' hockey game. NHL 2K7 notches a 2nd year of next-generation domination with a groundbreaking presentation system of cinematic style, bringing raw emotion and exciting drama to every hockey game. New additions to ProControl...
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    London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games

    London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: London 2012

    London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games will allow gamers to create their own moments of sporting history and fame by experiencing the thrill and adrenaline rush of the events and disciplines that will be a part of the London 2012 Olympic Games. With over 30 events...
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    Mafia II: Joe's Adventures

    Mafia II: Joe's Adventures Xbox 360

    Play as Joe in this new add-on content. In this extension to the original story of Mafia II, Joe uncovers who had Vito sent to prison and what really went down with the Clemente family. In addition to the expanded story, players can explore new locations and get new cars...
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    UEFA Champions League 2006-2007

    UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 Xbox 360

    Feel the weight of history as you walk out to a deafening roar and onto the biggest stage in club football. In the cauldron-like atmosphere of a stadium alive with the dreams of thousands and heaving with the pressure of expectation, kick off alongside the most formidably talented footballers in...
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    NBA Street Homecourt

    NBA Street Homecourt Xbox 360

    The fourth chapter in the multi-platinum selling NBA Street series expands on the fast-paced and larger-than-life 3-on-3 basketball gameplay that has made the franchise a hit. The newest iteration of NBA Street creates a hyper-real world that merges legendary courts with the hometown courts of your favorite NBA stars into...
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    NBA 2K7

    NBA 2K7 Xbox 360

    Voted best current and next-generation NBA hoops franchise by both press and gamers, NBA 2K7 continues its legacy of dominance this year on the hard court with incredible graphics, tight control and a revolutionary shooting game. The game plays more like the real NBA than ever before with new player and...
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    Virtua Tennis 2009

    Virtua Tennis 2009 Xbox 360

    Create your own player and join the new World Tour where you are trained by a real-life legend of tennis to compete for the #1 ranking against the biggest stars. Then take your character online and prove you're the best with the new online ranking system! With brand new courts,...
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    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Xbox 360

    Xbox Originals. The third installment of the stealth-action series starring Sam Fisher. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory takes place in 2008, an age where electronic warfare has turned into the greatest threat to world security. As secret agent Sam Fisher, you are tasked with tracking down and eliminating some of the world's...
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    Stubbs the Zombie in

    Stubbs the Zombie in "Rebel Without a Pulse" Xbox 360

    Xbox Originals. Stubbs the Zombie has been disturbed from his eternal rest 50 years after his death, and you can help him get revenge on those that woke him. Roam the city of Punchbowl while using your zombie powers to take control of its inhabitants. You can turn citizens into zombies,...
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    Star Wars: Republic Commando

    Star Wars: Republic Commando Xbox 360

    Xbox Originals. You can be part of an elite squad of soldiers in Star Wars Republic Commando. Play as one of a team of republic troops in the time between Star Wars episodes II and III. Your squad will be assigned a variety of missions ranging from hostage rescue to assassination...
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    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords Xbox 360

    Xbox Originals. The next chapter of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic begins with a new storyline, force powers, characters, classes, and locations. Approximately five years after the events of the original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the Jedi, nearly brought to an end by the Sith, are...
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    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Xbox 360

    Xbox Originals. Long before the Galactic Civil War, an epic drama begins. Engage in this saga set in the Golden Age of the Republic--over 4,000 years before the first Star Wars film, when both Jedi and Sith number in the thousands. With the Galaxy reeling from a recent conflict with the...
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    Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter

    Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Xbox 360

    Xbox Originals. Based loosely on the vehicles, events and characters of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, you must pilot the new Jedi Starfighter, a sleek force powered vehicle, to defend a planet from total destruction. Jedi Adi Gallia is trusted by her former master Mace Windu to stop an...
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    Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

    Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Xbox 360

    Xbox Originals. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is the latest installment of the highly acclaimed Jedi Knight series. Take on the role of a new student eager to learn the ways of the Force from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Interact with famous Star Wars characters in many classic Star Wars locations as...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront II

    Star Wars: Battlefront II Xbox 360

    Xbox Originals. Fight on the front lines where every weapon and vehicle is yours. And now for the first time, Star Wars Battlefront II lets you... Fight as a Jedi - Earn the ability to wield a lightsaber and use Force powers like Yoda, Darth Vader and many other Heroes and...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront

    Star Wars: Battlefront Xbox 360

    Xbox Originals. For the first time in gaming history, after countless games depicting various aspects of the rich Star Wars universe (including some we never wanted to see), players have the chance to step into the boots of the average soldier in the wars that raged across the galaxy. Gameplay is...
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    SSX 3

    SSX 3 Xbox 360

    Xbox Originals. Shred the slopes of the world's biggest mountain - at least in the SSX world - as you attempt to become the greatest snowboarder of all time. Unlike the previous two entries in the series, you must venture around the mountain, completely free to do what you wish, in...
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    Sid Meier's Pirates! (2004)

    Sid Meier's Pirates! (2004) Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Sid Meier's Pirates!

    Xbox Originals. Pirates! offers players the chance to take on the role of a privateer the Caribbean. From here, the game is pretty much up to you. You can get involved in trading, treasure hunting, ship fights, town assaults, duels and all manner of other activities. The game is wonderfully episodic...
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    Sega Soccer Slam

    Sega Soccer Slam Xbox 360

    Xbox Originals. A host of diverse teams from across the globe unite on the green for intense three-on-three matches of soccer. Not your ordinary soccer game, Sega Soccer Slam involves violent tackles, killer kicks, and spotlight maneuvers. In Quest mode, you can take any team through a series of matches, while...
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    Major League Baseball 2K7

    Major League Baseball 2K7 Xbox 360

    It's a whole new ballgame! Major League Baseball 2K7 redefines the pure baseball video game experience with true, Next-Gen details, all-new throwing mechanics and a revolutionary presentation system. Signature Style - Batting stances, waggles, home run celebrations, step-ins and step-outs bring each player to life. True Fielding – Fielder positioning,...
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    Girl Fight

    Girl Fight Xbox 360

    Follow the journey of eight fierce females with psychic powers who battle each other within a secret government research facility! Fight using both hand-to-hand combat and supernatural psychic attacks in a wide variety of doomsday scenarios! Perform awesome moves in battle to earn virtual currency to unlock extra content, such...
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    Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

    Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Xbox 360

    Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown contains the definite version of Virtua Fighter 5, refined over the years since its original arcade debut. The new release also adds an extensive list of features never before seen on consoles. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, will contain a full overhaul of Virtua Fighter...
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    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Xbox 360

    You're facing a long putt for par on the 17th hole with Tiger Woods clinging to a one stroke lead. You've been in this position before, but that doesn't matter now. Or does it? Whether you play it safe or go for broke, Play with Confidence in Tiger Woods PGA...
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    WWE '12

    WWE '12 Xbox 360

    Every champion must reinvent himself, and e every Superstar has an evolution. Reinvented with each challenge, always primed and ready to strike with more edge and intensity than ever before, he is reborn -- bigger, badder and better. FINALLY ... the WWE experience you've been demanding has arrived! THQ's flagship franchise...
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    Batman: Arkham Origins – Cold, Cold Heart

    Batman: Arkham Origins – Cold, Cold Heart Xbox 360

    Return to Gotham City to ring in the New Year, Arkham Origins style. When the CEO of GothCorp is kidnapped, by Mr. Freeze, Batman sets out to bring him to justice. Along the way, he will uncover the tragic history of his new enemy, prompting our hero to attempt the...
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    MotoGP '07

    MotoGP '07 Xbox 360

    MotoGP '07 is the definitive next-generation motorcycle racing title, delivering the most authentic MotoGP racing experience to date. Featuring life-like visuals, complete 2007 rider and team data, new 800cc MotoGP bikes and the newly-announced Misano event, the game's GP mode will be more robust than ever before. The title will...
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    Fatal Inertia

    Fatal Inertia Xbox 360

    In the middle of the 22nd century mankind's thirst for excitement has spawned an evolutionary sporting event that draws from the combined disciplines of rally racing, demolition derby and high-performance aeronautics. In this brave new world of combat racing, gravity-defying machines are no longer confined to the speedways and stadiums of...
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    Onechanbara Z: ~Kagura~

    Onechanbara Z: ~Kagura~ Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Onechanbara Z: Kagura

    Sisters band together, girls get into bikinis and pick up their swords to fight enemies. Slaying monsters become more thrilling in Onechanbara Z. The battles are more bloody and the girls become more sexy. The newest game will get a Z rating, so be ready for some over the top...
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    Warriors: Legends of Troy

    Warriors: Legends of Troy Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Troy Musou

    In the age when Zeus Almighty ruled over immortals and men, what begins as a truce between two cities quickly erupts into a massive war that will shake the very foundations of Olympus. Two great armies clash not over home and country, but for the love of a single woman....
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