Xbox 360
    MX vs. ATV Untamed

    MX vs. ATV Untamed Xbox 360

    MX vx. ATV Untamed kicks it up a notch and shifts into high gear! Rainbow Studios has evolved their legendary Rhythm Racing engine to include throttle based power slides, near upside-down whips and new scrubs at full speed, all while retaining the smooth and authentic feel not found in any...
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    MX vs. ATV Alive

    MX vs. ATV Alive Xbox 360

    Own the competition as you wrestle for position with tightly contested racing in the fifth iteration of the MX vs ATV franchise. Feel the realism of the revolutionary real-world physics engine which has defined the racing genre. Live the sport as Alive captures the spectacle of motocross and the essence...
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    Cabela's Alaskan Adventures

    Cabela's Alaskan Adventures Xbox 360

    Cabela's Alaskan Adventures is the ultimate hunting and fishing adventure to North America's last frontier. Experience all that Alaska has to offer, as you go on 38 hunting and fishing adventures across vast tundra. For the first time in one game, you will be able to hunt trophy animals, fish,...
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    MX vs. ATV Supercross

    MX vs. ATV Supercross Xbox 360

    Rip, jump and scrub your way around 17 tracks and try to cross the finishing line first against more than 40 official riders and harvest all that motocross glory. Choose between bikes or ATVs, multiple game modes including Career, Single races and various local and online multiplayer events with up...
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    You Don't Know Jack (2011)

    You Don't Know Jack (2011) Xbox 360

    The You Don't Know Jack series has been testing players' smarts and making them laugh for years with its unique trivia-based challenges and in-your-face style of gameplay. The game is structured around a fictional game show emceed by Cookie Masterson (voiced by Tom Gottlieb), in which the players answer ten multiple-choice...
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    Raskulls Xbox 360

    Raskulls is an entirely original puzzle platformer with a rich single-player campaign and addictive online multiplayer component. Gameplay blends platforming, puzzle and racing. With hundreds of blocks arranged in Tetris-style fashion throughout each world, players must use a block-smashing wand to find their way through the level in the most...
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    Joust Xbox 360

    In Joust, players take control of a knight with a lance who rides their flying ostrich to do battle against computer-controlled evil knights who ride atop vultures. Players must flap their steed's wings to hit the enemy from a higher jousting point to destroy the vulture and its rider. Once the...
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    DeathSmiles II X

    DeathSmiles II X Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Deathsmiles II X: Makai no Merry Christmas

    "DeathSmiles" comes back as "DeathSmiles II X"! This time it takes place at Christmas. Angels fight at snowing Gilverado. "DeathSmiles II X" is a sequel to the Horizontal side scrolling STG "DeathSmiles". This game supports Japanese only. Death Smiles II X, the sequel to the hugely popular Death Smiles is...
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    Shaun White Skateboarding

    Shaun White Skateboarding Xbox 360

    Shaun White Skateboarding, a game that puts an innovative twist on the action-sports genre, is the latest offering in the award-winning franchise developed in collaboration with dual-sport super-athlete, Shaun White. The most ambitious installment yet, Shaun White Skateboarding brings all the sensations of skateboarding to a wide audience making skate...
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    Def Jam: Icon

    Def Jam: Icon Xbox 360

    Def Jam: Icon features hip hop’s hottest music seamlessly infused into the world around you, the game’s environments pulsate, crumble, and explode to life with every bone-jarring beat. Time your attacks to the driving bass and use falling debris and exposed environmental hazards to pound your rivals. Featuring an all-new...
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    Monster Jam: Battlegrounds

    Monster Jam: Battlegrounds Xbox 360

    Monster Jam: Battlegrounds brings the ever popular touring show straight to the fans with roaring engines and crushing action. Not only does this game replicate the world renowned Monster Jam stadium and arena events, but it also takes fans out of the stadium and into other environments for physics based...
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    Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII

    Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII Xbox 360

    Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions shows World War II from a different perspective - that of an elite pilot who is part of a secret team. In the game, the player undertakes some of the most dangerous missions in exotic locations all over the globe. As an elite pilot, the...
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    Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road

    Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road Xbox 360

    Lonesome Road brings the courier's story full circle when you are contacted by the original Courier Six, a man by the name of Ulysses who refused to deliver the Platinum Chip at the start of New Vegas. In his transmission, Ulysses promises the answer as to why, but only if...
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    Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues

    Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues Xbox 360

    DLC for Fallout: New Vegas In Old World Blues, you will discover how some of the Mojave's mutated monsters came to be when you unwittingly become a lab rat in a science experiment gone awry. You'll need to scour the Pre-War research centers of the Big Empty in search of technology...
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    Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts

    Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts Xbox 360

    Honest Hearts takes you on an expedition to the unspoiled wilderness of Utah's Zion National Park. Things go horribly wrong when your caravan is ambushed by a tribal raiding band. As you try to find a way back to the Mojave, you become embroiled in a war between tribes and...
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    Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money

    Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money Xbox 360

    As the victim of a raw deal you must work alongside three other captured wastelanders to recover the legendary treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino. In Dead Money, your life hangs in the balance as you face new terrain, foes, and choices. It is up to you how you play...
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    R.U.S.E. Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: RUSE

    R.U.S.E. is a one-of-a-kind real-time strategy game that allows players to bluff their enemies to lead their nation to victory, controlling the action using views that range seamlessly from the heart of the battlefield to the full theatre of war. Players will be plunged into the action thanks to the...
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    Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows

    Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows Xbox 360

    Xbox Originals title. Lead by industry veterans John Romero and Josh Sawyer, Midway's San Diego studio revives the classic adventure with this epic action-RPG. Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows fuses fantasy fighting action with the strategic RPG collecting and customization elements for solo play, co-op and an online community. Centuries ago, four immortal heroes...
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    TNA Impact!

    TNA Impact! Xbox 360

    Spike TV's innovative six-sided wrestling ring is now yours to step into with this game based on the TNA Wrestling league. This is the exclusive Total Nonstop Action Wrestling game based on the top-rated weekly television show! Enter the signature six-sided ring and prepare for all of the high-flying slams...
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    Shinobi Xbox 360

    You're Jo-Musashi, a mild-mannered martial arts instructor. But you have another job as well. When duty calls, you're a Master Ninja! Your mission: An evil terrorist network, the Ring of Five, has kidnapped the children of the world's leaders! You must get the hostages back... and defeat the Ring of...
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    WWE All Stars

    WWE All Stars Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: WWE All☆Stars

    WWE All Stars is an over-the-top, arcade-style beat-down featuring the WWE's past and present superstars of the ring. WWE All Stars delivers one of the greatest rosters ever assembled in a wrestling-centric videogame. Renowned WWE Legends will align with today’s most prominent WWE Superstars, inviting players to generate fantasy matches...
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    NBA 2K11

    NBA 2K11 Xbox 360

    In NBA 2K11, players can experience what it's like to play in Michael Jordan's shoes! Relive 10 different legendary games from Michael Jordan's career and replicate in NBA 2K11 what MJ did on the court, and even unlock MJ: Creating a Legend, a special mode where you get to take...
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    Assault Heroes

    Assault Heroes Xbox 360

    As the only surviving members of an elite Special Forces unit, it is up to you to find the secret underground lab. Go the mission alone or fight side-by-side with a friend in the two-player cooperative mode. Navigate your heavily armed 4x4, speed boat or travel on foot and blast...
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    NHL 11

    NHL 11 Xbox 360

    Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the franchise, NHL 11 aims to to raise the bar yet again for hockey fans. With a revolutionary real-time physics engine that brings an unprecedented amount of realism to the franchise, gameplay innovations like broken sticks and a revamped face-off system, as well as the...
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    Crash Time II

    Crash Time II Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Alarm for Cobra 11: Burning Wheels

    Solve exciting criminal cases on the mean streets as member of the autobahn police force - or freely explore the open game world while chasing down high-octane racers. Escort politicians, transport precious goods or take down the criminal element with over 500HP and close to 200MPH. With fully destructible cars,...
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    Birds of Steel

    Birds of Steel Xbox 360

    Get ready to strap in, go back in time and take stick in the most pivotal battles in the history of air combat. Birds of Steel puts you right in the crosshairs of WWII's most intense skirmishes. This original IP blends next gen supremacy and the fine details of aerial...
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    Dogfight 1942

    Dogfight 1942 Xbox 360

    Previously announced as Combat Wings, Dogfight 1942 has been re-envisioned and recreated to feature more than 20 types of aircraft --from the fabled P-38 Lightning and Britain's Spitfire to the feared Messerschmitt 109 and Japanese Kate -- players are challenged with the same missions as real WWII pilots, ranging from...
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    Stranger of Sword City

    Stranger of Sword City Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Ken no Machi no Kotokunibito: Shiro no Oukyuu

    Your flight crashes after passing through a mysterious portal. As the sole survivor, you awaken to an unfamiliar land lit by stars you’ve never seen. This land is Escario, the city of swords. Quickly marked as the Chosen One, the Stranger of Sword City, you must defend this place, and...
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    Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet

    Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet Xbox 360

    Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet continues the excitement of the original Marvel Super Hero Squad with an all-new storyline that follows Season 2 of the hit animated TV series as shown on Cartoon Network. Players can "Hero Up" with friends in cooperative play master the unique Factor Power...
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    Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

    Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Xbox 360

    Where two worlds collide! Explore two unique worlds as your favorite TRANSFORMERS characters from TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction and Cybertron universes! -Includes Over 40 playable characters from two different universes! -Change Form Anytime: Effortlessly switch between robot and vehicle form! -Beyond the Movie: Weave your way through Earth and Cybertron universes in an unforgettable...
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    Assassin's Creed: Ezio Trilogy

    Assassin's Creed: Ezio Trilogy Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Assassin's Creed: Ezio Saga

    Assassin's Creed: Ezio Trilogy gives gamers an opportunity to venture into the life of Ezio Auditore de Firenze - an Assassin driven by vengeance. Spanning three different periods of his life, the Assassin's Creed Ezio Trilogy will see Ezio rise from an apprentice Assassin to building a brotherhood that will...
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    Marvel Pinball

    Marvel Pinball Xbox 360

    Join Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Blade on four pinball tables powered by the dazzling Pinball FX 2 engine. Use your pinball wizardry to save the world from the most notorious super villains, and relive the greatest moments of the classic Marvel Universe in an epic pinball adventure! Spider-Man Table: The...
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    Madden NFL 11

    Madden NFL 11 Xbox 360

    Madden NFL 11 redefines the way you experience the game of football. Simpler: from 350 plays down to 1, the all-new GameFlow system puts you in the helmet of an NFL quarterback, to execute an authentic, situational game plan, one play at a time. Quicker: with 60-minute game times reduced...
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    Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

    Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole Xbox 360

    In Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole – The Videogame, a young owlet named Soren arrives at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree and tells of his escape from the evil Pure Ones, revealing a new threat to the owl kingdoms. Players take on the role of Shard, a promising...
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    John Daly's ProStroke Golf

    John Daly's ProStroke Golf Xbox 360

    John Daly's ProStroke Golf will feature fully licensed courses which John has played on, bringing the real PGA experience into your home. John Daly's ProStroke Golf will also include many different game modes, realistic golf physics and commentary by the famous voices of golf, delivering the complete golfing experience to...
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    Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

    Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Xbox 360

    Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is a game developed by Australian company Infinite Interactive and published by D3 Publisher. The game combines role-playing with strategy and puzzle elements. It uses a competitive Bejeweled-style playfield to simulate combat and other activities common to role-playing games. The game was first published simultaneously...
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    Puzzle Quest 2

    Puzzle Quest 2 Xbox 360

    Puzzle Quest 2 features its hallmark blend of match-3 gem matching and fantasy, with a simple but meaningful role playing experience where players can choose any of four character classes; War Mage, Inquisitor, Barbarian or Assassin. Each character class provides interesting twists during multiple play-throughs as players reclaim the once...
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    Virtua Tennis 3

    Virtua Tennis 3 Xbox 360

    With Virtua Tennis 3, the series returns with enhanced photo-realistic graphics and advanced player animations that perfectly match the behavior and mannerisms of individual professional athletes. In Career Mode, gamers travel the world and take on the biggest stars of the tennis world. Improvements to the Player Creation Mode allow gamers...
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    Hard Corps: Uprising

    Hard Corps: Uprising Xbox 360

    Thrilling retro run-and-gun action is back with a vengeance in Hard Corps: Uprising, a new 2D side scroller developed by ARC System Works that pays homage to classic Konami action series. Play as the soldier Bahamut as he begins to write his legend. Battle in the grueling trenches of Arcade...
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    Rise of the Tomb Raider - Cold Darkness Awakened

    Rise of the Tomb Raider - Cold Darkness Awakened Xbox 360

    Decommissioned during the Cold War, a dormant weapons research base has been breached, unleashing a mysterious affliction into the Siberian wilderness that transforms men into blood-thirsty, mindless killers. Lara must overcome increasingly dangerous waves of these infected adversaries while scavenging their equipment and crafting additional gear on the fly, in...
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    Rise of the Tomb Raider - Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch

    Rise of the Tomb Raider - Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch Xbox 360

    Deep in the wilds of Siberia lies a forest that no man will enter, where a Soviet expedition vanished without a trace. Lara enters the Wicked Vale in search of a missing man, but she finds a nightmare that defies explanation. Is the witch, Baba Yaga, haunting the forest? Or...
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    Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear

    Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear Xbox 360

    Wage high speed war in Iran and Afghanistan with helicopters, tanks, ships, the mighty AC-130, sniper rifles, machine guns, pistols, grenades and more. Single player or cooperative mode for up to 4 players. 60+ Achievements, ranks, and upgrades. Compare scores via the leaderboard. 24 action-packed missions....
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    F1 2014

    F1 2014 Xbox 360

    Feel the power of new turbocharged FORMULA ONE cars in the most accessible FORMULA 1 video game yet, including a new driver evaluation system to adjust the game to your level, shorter career options and new Very Easy mode. F1 2014 features all the cars, drivers and circuits from the...
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    Rugby League Live 3

    Rugby League Live 3 Xbox 360

    It's Footy season and this is Rugby League Live 3!!! - All 2014/2015 rule changes, updates to current 2015 rosters and team uniforms. - Over 100 teams from Rugby League competitions around the world including the NRL, Super League, Holden Cup, and many more. - New Career mode with Be A Pro -...
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    Rugby League Live 2

    Rugby League Live 2 Xbox 360

    Rugby League Live 2 is a sports game in the Rugby League series of Rugby League video games. Commentary is provided by Andrew Voss and Phil Gould. The cover features Benji Marshall, a former Wests Tigers player and St George Illawarra Dragons player and now a Brisbane Broncos player. Players...
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    Rugby League Live

    Rugby League Live Xbox 360

    Rugby League Live is a sports game based on Rugby league. Developers of the preceding title Sidhe Interactive stated on their online forum that they supported the new developers by providing commentary, stadium and motion capture data (which may or may not have been used) as well as QA testing....
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    EA Sports MMA

    EA Sports MMA Xbox 360

    EA SPORTS MMA brings the authenticity of the world’s most intense combat sport home like never before. Choose from the world’s top fighters or climb the ranks of the worldwide circuit with your created prodigy to become the ultimate MMA champion. Travel the globe and learn a multitude of fighting...
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    Create Xbox 360

    The more players explore the game, solve level-based challenges, and customize their world, the more rewards will be unlocked. Creativity will be unleashed as players design environments with easy-to-use brushes and tools, including textures, props and animating objects that bring the scene to life. On the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360,...
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    Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

    Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Xbox 360

    Get ready for unlimited skating and BMX biking in the vast wasteland of skate culture - Los Angeles.No levels. No load times. Just never-ending action that doesn't stop until you leave the game! Tony Hawk's American Wasteland gives you - for the first time ever in a Hawk game -...
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    Tony Hawk: Shred

    Tony Hawk: Shred Xbox 360

    Experience some of the biggest air and tricks seen in an action sports video game. Tony Hawk: Shred's motion sensing skateboard/snowboard allows players to control the action with their feet to perform amazing tricks in the game. Using the board as a skateboard, clear huge gaps, hit massive drops, and...
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