Xbox 360

Avatar of the Dead

Explore your surroundings, search for weapons and try to survive the night. Use your Avatar and join your friends with 2-8 player online cooperative play or PvP.

Avatar Ninja! 2

EXTREME NINJA POWER! You're now travelling around the world searching for a challenge. Unleash your new ninja skills in the improved training courses! This indie game has been developed by Milkstone Studios.

Avatar Ninja!

NINJA POWER! Prove your skills as a shadow warrior by beating other trainees in the ancient ninja training course! Races on top of water, killer traps, shurikens... Will your reflexes be up to the task?

Avatar Monster Truck

Loop the loop with your Monster Truck! Ride through all the obstacle courses, and beat the developer ghost record. Trial is more fun with a Monster Truck!

Avatar Mini-Putt Challenge

18 holes of mini-putt fun!

Avatar Miner Paintball

A.M.P offers you the ultimate Block-Shooter with over 15 maps, including tributes to greatest FPS titles of all time! Rockets, Mines, Shotguns and more await in the classic Battle game types, but also in the most powerful Map editor ever created. Construct with the most blocks ever seen in any...

Avatar Meet Up Live!

Meet up with other gamers or bots and interact with your avatar! Show off your avatar's earned and purchase clothing to old friends, or make new ones! Chat live with your Xbox 360 headset and control your avatar's actions for everyone to see. This is the ultimate avatar experience, don't...

Avatar Maze Game

The sequel nobody has been waiting for is finally here! Guide your avatar through all new mazes while collecting coins and stars along the way.

Avatar Mayhem

Avatar Mayhem is a build and destroy sandbox featuring an urban world to use as your scratch pad. Create structures, fly around with your jetpack or demolish everything. Defend against an alien invasion in City Defense mode. v.1.3.1

Avatar Match

Are you ready for the ultimate head to head mental challenge? Test your recall by matching the avatars you reveal with their twins or triplets. 1-16 players supported with many many options.

Avatar Massage Online

Finally, a massage app with avatars and online play! A perfect solution for long-distance massage buddies or anyone who's just dying for a soothing massage. We here at JForce Headquarters are experts on rumble technology, and we're pushing the limits. This means you can actually get the maximum vibration out...

Avatar Man

It's... AVATAR MAN. Survive the hordes of avatars that guard the forbidden labyrinths! Outrun and outsmart your opponents!

Avatar Legends 2360

Avatar Legends 2360 is an action-RPG featuring big guns, big enemies, and a big city to explore! You and up to 3 other players can team up online to fight against the nastiest creatures in the galaxy. Upgrade your weapons and skills on your way to becoming a true soldier....

Avatar Legends Alternative Titles: The Avatar Legends

Slay monsters and cast spells with your Avatar! Create and share worlds over Xbox LIVE with the RPG Builder. Features: 10+ hour adventure, 6 player LIVE multiplayer, unlockable titles, global highscores, multiplayer map builder and sharing, and much more! Save the world with your Avatar today! Avatar Legends is for...

Avatar Laser Wars 2

Play online with up to 15 of your friends in Avatar Laser Wars 2 the sequel to the hit game by DigitalDNA Games, and one of the most advanced first person shooters to hit Xbox Live Indie Games. Unlock multiple of weapons, grenades, perks and killstreak awards as you work...

Avatar Laser Wars

Take your very own Avatar into an online Laser Tag arena with 16 of your closest friends (or enemies). Compete head to head with up to 16 players to see who can become the ultimate Laser Wars champion. Avatar Laser Wars features a full 3D multilevel environment, multiple weapon unlocks,...

Avatar Laser Tag

Play classic lasertag with your avatar online against your friends or offline against computer controlled opponents. Battle it out in team versus team mode or in free for all where everyone is out for themselves. Games can be played indoors or outdoors in both daytime and nighttime modes.

Avatar Laser Attack

Defend the space station with your trusty blaster or a host of automatic laser weapons. Play online against your friends or offline against computer controlled opponents. Rank up to unlock weapons and perks in this all out laser attack!

Avatar Kung-fu!

Your friend has been kidnapped by one of the worst Gang of the city. Obviously they did not know that you are a Kung Fu Master. One thing is for sure : They're gonna pay for it! Fight against boss of each level and their minions to rescue your friend....

Avatar Kinect

Express yourself with your Xbox avatar! Watch your avatar mimic your facial expressions and gestures as you chat with friends in our 3D stages, and then share recordings of your chats! Avatar Kinect is available to all Xbox LIVE members who have a Kinect Sensor. Log on and join in...

Avatar Karting 2

The hit racer of 2011 returns in full shape, with new karts, new tracks, and a major overhaul in all areas. Pedal to the metal!

Avatar Karting

Go karting with your avatar! Put the pedal to the metal and drift your way to the checkered flag on 16 twisty circuits. Challenging AI, online multiplayer, global rankings, Turbo Boost, rewind function, and more, from the creator of Avatar Racedrome.

Avatar Karate

Show your pride and test your karate skills on the roof, on the playground or in the dojo. Challenge 20 different opponents to become the new karate champion. You can battle against up to three other players on your console or around the world via Xbox LIVE. Pick up various...

Avatar Jump!

Jump as long/high as you can to grab the gold! Enjoy playing with up to 4 other players in this button mashing competition featuring your avatar. Share your score on line and see who's best jumper. Beat the long jump, triple jump and high jump world records. Or master the...

Avatar Insane Race 3D

Speed, explosions, amazing crashes and impossible jumps, discover what adrenaline feels like in Avatar Insane Race 3D. Do extreme acrobatics across 13 enormous scenes and 13 cars while you try to finish the race before time ends or driving across the impossible insane mode.

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