Xbox 360

Avatar Ragdolls

Everybody loves ragdolls. Throw your funny avatar rag-doll higher and higher. Play alone or with up to 4 friends. See your avatar fall, rebounce and climb up to the victory.

Avatar Racedrome

From Spanish developer Rendercode Games, Avatar Racedrome features 16 reversible racetracks, adaptive AI competitors, championships, online multiplayer modes, optional autobrakes for an easy learning curve, and the ability to rewind in the race.

Avatar QuizCall - Xmas Edition

The hit game Avatar Quizcall is back to brighten up your holiday season, step up to the stage and take part in the ultimate holiday quiz. With one to four players, global highscore tables and region specific questions. It's not a party unless it's a Avatar Quizcall party, let's see...

Avatar QuizCall - Africa 2010

QuizCall - Africa 2010 has a plethora of new features including computer opponents to test you to the max. Gather round and show us who is the smartest cookie in the jar, with a mix of general knowledge/sports and football questions. Africa 2010 the perfect addition to any World Cup...

Avatar QuizCall

Think you are the genius of the household? Put your Avatar on the stage and your quiz knowledge to the test with up to three other contestants. Will you be the laughing stock, or win the adulation of the crowd? With over 1000 questions and online high score tables we...

Avatar Quest

An adventurer lost on a mysterious island faces the dangers of a runic quest. Every game is different! Lots of replay value with 186 random levels. Test your mental agility while the time is running out!

Avatar Puzzle Pop

Avatar Puzzle Pop is a frantic and fun action puzzler. Connect two groups of blocks of the same colour to remove them from the play field. Combo blocks together for big points. Avatar support for fun gameplay feedback. Multiple game modes, clear the line, disarm the bombs, shoot some dice...

Avatar Punch

Compete with your avatar to manage to be the best boxer of all times across his 4 game modes or fight against a friend!

Avatar Pumpkin Smash

Get your Avatar into the autumn spirit and have a smashing good time too! Ghoulishly throw pumpkins at other Avatars to score the most points within the time limit. Play in teams or everyone for themselves. Each map can be played during the day or at night if you dare....

Avatar Pro Wrestling

A wresting game... with avatars!

Avatar Planking

Ready for extreme planking? You’ll plank in places you’ve never dreamed of! Plank inside a taco, on a cat’s stomach, or even on Mars! Over 60 crazy locations, famous landmarks, and beautiful vistas await your avatar in Avatar Planking! Don’t forget to make a silly face for the camera!

Avatar Pinball

Ragdoll physics meets classic pinball gameplay in a giant pinball machine where your Avatar is the ball!

Avatar Physics: Running

Running is hard! Can you reach the finish line? Features avatar ragdoll physics.

Avatar Penalty Shootout

Take part in a tense penalty shootout with your avatar. Compete against AI or take on a friend and see if you can become the penalty shootout master! Quick fire fun for all the family.

Avatar Penalty Kick

Replay the world cup matches with Avatar Penalty Kick! Will you be the best scorer?

Avatar Panic

Avatar Panic rejuvenates an Arcade classic, now in Full HD! Pop bubbles with your harpoon while avoiding being hit by them! Includes an Arcade mode with 50 levels, and Panic mode for fast-paced games! Play alone or cooperatively with your friends and try to achieve #1 world ranking!

Avatar Paintball

Take your very own Avatar into the battlefield and compete online in Avatar Paintball. Play online with up to 16 players, in a fully 3D world, complete with weapon unlocks, battlefield power-ups and portals! Compete with the rest of the world with the global high-score list.

Avatar Orbitroid

Try this frantic space shooter with eight action packed levels! Fight against tons of enemy waves to progress in levels. Destroy the Planetoid that contains the bonuses and at last, destroy the core!

Avatar Onslaught 2

Brace yourself for a massive onslaught of evil avatars. Take on the horde alone or get help with the online CO-OP mode. Level your character and compete against the world with global scoreboards. See you on the battlefield!

Avatar Onslaught - Blizzard Alternative Titles: Avatar Onslaught - BLIZZARD

Prepare yourself for an almighty Onslaught. Take on hordes of avatars in full HD as you compete against the best in the world. Onslaught - BLIZZARD features character leveling, global scoreboards and Avatars.

Avatar Onslaught

Prepare yourself for an almighty Onslaught. Take on hordes of avatars in full HD as you compete against the best in the world. Onslaught features character leveling, global scoreboards and Avatars.

Avatar of the Dead

Explore your surroundings, search for weapons and try to survive the night. Use your Avatar and join your friends with 2-8 player online cooperative play or PvP.

Avatar Ninja! 2

EXTREME NINJA POWER! You're now travelling around the world searching for a challenge. Unleash your new ninja skills in the improved training courses! This indie game has been developed by Milkstone Studios.

Avatar Ninja!

NINJA POWER! Prove your skills as a shadow warrior by beating other trainees in the ancient ninja training course! Races on top of water, killer traps, shurikens... Will your reflexes be up to the task?

Avatar Monster Truck

Loop the loop with your Monster Truck! Ride through all the obstacle courses, and beat the developer ghost record. Trial is more fun with a Monster Truck!

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