Hi, Serj here. I'm 27 y.o. and I love gaming since childhood. I also like anime, MTB and cannot live without metal music.

My hardware:

  • PSone (still working!)
  • PlayStation 2 Slim w/ softmod
  • PlayStation 3 Slim w/ cfw
  • PlayStation 4 Pro
  • PlayStation Portable Slim w/ cfw
  • PlayStation Vita w/ softmod
  • Xbox 360 (Jasper) w/ RGH Freeboot
  • Xbox One S
  • Nintendo Wii w/ softmod
  • Nintendo Wii U w/ softmod
  • Nintendo Switch
  • New Nintendo 3DS XL w/ cfw
  • PC [i7 4770k@4.0; GTX1070; 16Gb RAM; 256Gb SSD; ASUS Xonar D2X]
  • 51inch Plasma TV (Samsung PS51F5500); 27inch iiyama AMVA display

Although I'm playing on many systems my favorite one always was a PlayStation. While I'm fairly enjoying playing on portable systems, I prefer to play on home consoles if possible.
I'm enjoying almost every kind of games, but my favorite are Shooters, jRPGs and Racing games.

Xenoblade Chronicles is the best game ever made. I'm not always feeling it, but when I do, I'm really feeling it.
My all-time favorite game series: Ace Combat ▫️ Tales Of ▫️ Final Fantasy ▫️ Forza Motorsport ▫️ Gran Turismo ▫️ Call of Duty
My favorite New IP's game series from previous generation (PS3/X360): Gears of War ▫️ Mass Effect ▫️ Crysis ▫️ MotorStorm ▫️ Uncharted

Highlights 2017/2018:

  • Ace Combat 7
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  • Detroit Become Human
  • The Last of Us Part II
  • Ni no Kuni 2
  • God of War
  • Crackdown 3
  • Dragon Quest XI


August 09, 2016 @ 1:10 am
Hey c: My header is art for Anohana. ^-^

July 13, 2016 @ 5:42 pm
Hi there. Sorry, I just read your comment now. Thank you for your games sugestions. I started Xenoblade Chronicles, but just started. Don'y worry, I will finish someday, probably after Tales of Symphonia (yeah, I started this game before your recomendation). Well, you use my beloved fire emblem to discribe a game, so I will give a chance to the franchise, but I have to tell this, Fire Emblem is the only SRPG that I like, I tried Ogre Battle, Final Fantasy Tactics and Illuminous Arc franchise and I dropped. Namco x Capcom and Project x Zone worked for me because the fanservice factor. I really appreciated your Xbox recomendations, but I have no plans to bought one someday. About Project Diva, I'm gonna play after I complete some JRPGs on my PSP, so it's gonna take a little time. To tell the truth, I never played a Project Diva game because I really, really dislike the vocaloid robotic way to sing. I hate that. So I will play Project Diva while listening Utaite versions of the songs of the game.

June 26, 2016 @ 6:09 pm
Hi! I did. I realized I've played a lot of video games but haven't accomplished much. So I'm working on completing more games. Thank you for your nice comment! It is from Life is Strange. Your profile is very cool.

February 20, 2016 @ 6:52 pm
My friends and I want to cosplay ToS in October this year, maybe it will be just half a year from now on until I watch it. ;3 Of course, I did say that I don't know any of the games yet and don't like cosplaying things I don't even know but when they asked me to cosplay Sheena in their group I couldn't say no. I like her design a lot and was told she'd fit me. So I have to be finished playing by October, wish me luck. XD // Corpse Party is so good, really. Great characters, interesting story, amazing Japanese voice actors who did a perfect job, it's one of my favorites. You should definitely try it out if you like horror survival and RPG in a Pokémon-like gameplay (I hope you understand what I mean because I have literally no idea how to spell it in English. If you don't, then maybe I should just post a link. I'm sorry. x.x // Never heard of Shining Tears X Wind so far. Is it a game adaption or just an anime series? // Yes, I think I'll try it and see what people on my friendlist think how they liked this and that manga or anime. (: // I love ZnT's style and story and they're both canonically straight (unless your mind wants to ship them gay, it's up to people's tastes and as for me I like both. I like their relationship in both a platonically and romantically way because it's funny to imagine how certain characters relationship would look like.) Unfortunately the best friends from childhood ended up liking the same girl. The blonde one is said girls step-brother. The brown haired guy her boyfriend which the blonde doesn't and shouldn't know about. The girl was found dead in her house and... yeah. That's how the story starts. They are all precious characters who didn't do anything wrong. Screams into pillow. // Cosplay is really amazing, yes. But also very depressing at times. What most cosplayers want is to be fame and some of my friends are acting like that, too. It can ruin a person in more than one way and it's sad that a friend of mine is becoming more... arrogant and egoistic lately. Saying she laughs at cosplayers who don't do it right. What is """right"""? And what's more important: everyone started small, no one is a pro at their first try. And no one deserves to be laughed at. Ugh. Just why.

February 10, 2016 @ 11:17 am
Uh, that bad? A friend of mine watched ToS OVA recently and they said they liked them a lot. Now I have heard about two entirely different opinions, hooray. xD I will see which side I'll be on when the time has come. The game comes first and then the OVAs. Judging by the anime style I think it's pretty, at least. The worst adaption EVER in anime history is Corpse Party, have you seen it? If you don't, then don't do it. Seriously, I have never come across something that bad in my whole life. // I don't know why I don't use them, maybe because I didn't know what to do with it. I'm fine with just adding games/anime to my list to keep track of them. But... that might be the reason why everytime I look at someone else's profile on MAL there's "Affinity to You: Unknown :(", WOW I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVEN'T FIGURED THAT OUT YET. // The characters seen on the background picture are two boys, the series is called Zetsuen no Tempest (engl: Blast of Tempest) one of my favorites. They do have earrings but I assure you they are both male. xD // You want me to guess the cosplayers gender? I don't know, honestly. I saw male cosplayer cosplaying female characters I never would have guessed their body is that of a boy. It's amazing. // I'm still at it and so far I like it. The anime style is okay and the graphics too, the one thing I don't like is the character's sprites. They all look better as 3D-models when you walk around the streets. It feels quite rushed though. Not good on PS3 and big screen? I think they released it on PS4 too, but I can't talk about that since I'm playing the game on Vita which I find is okay. I'm too much of an PSV enthusiast.

February 06, 2016 @ 3:11 pm
Now I'm even more hyped about it! I heard there's a release containing both Symphonia and its sequel, that's one reason I want to play it on PS3. Another is, simply, because I want to buy a PS3 anyway. So it's basically one more reason to go for it. :3 // DR anime is about the first game only. The second game doesn't have an adaption and its spin-off called Another Episode (Ultra Despair Girls in English) won't be getting one either. There is one announced this year called Danganronpa 3. Where the second game left off, the anime will set in. I'm so looking forward to it but don't confuse it with the game that's supposed to come out this year too. They are completely different things. // Yes, I can't deny that VNs are kind of... boring? ///D It depends on the story and how much you like it, I guess. Personally, I really like Otome Games. Like Diabolik Lovers, Amnesia, Brothers Conflict, Uta no Prince-sama and so on. I already know the characters and would love to play these VNs because the anime provides us with only little information about them. Steins;Gate is the same, not otome but Visual Novel still. The first chapters are really, really long, contain words a non-speaker has trouble understanding, it's about physics, when SUDDENLY there's a point where I was like "Damn. You can't stop now, you can't sleep, you must play to see what happens next." I can see your point though. I, too, can't keep playing VNs only I need some action as well. If you're uncertain whether you'll like Danganronpa or not you could always watch a gameplay on youtube. I did the same when I had trouble deciding whether or not to buy Abika's Trip on PSV. // Regarding Vocaloid, all I did was playing it once at my friend's house and failed miserably. Playing rhythm games on my phone is one thing but Vocaloid is another. It was hard enough to get used to Love Live and Idolish7 to be honest. XD Vocaloid has nice music though, I liked Love Is War a lot. And last but not least, your question! Mmm, something unexpectedly good? I'm currently watching Persona 4 The Golden and don't like it one bit except for the episodes about Adachi. "Currently" is not the right term though... originally started watching it in August to be exact still not yet finished because meh. P4 and Golden anime is really... bad. The game is awesome, the anime let me down. I know that's not what you asked me about but the first thing that came to mind. xD

January 29, 2016 @ 3:10 pm
So that's how it is. Sounds good! // I'm not familiar with the Tales Of series yet but I planned on playing some games of it anyway, hopefully soon, starting with Symphonia. People have been recommending me Tales Of for a while now and it got me curious. Japanese voice acting is a MUST HAVE for me, therefore I'm always disappointed when it's removed in Western localizations. Their English voice acting can be real good too, I like the P3/P4 voice acting very much, Lost Dimension too, SO GOOD, though I would prefer if they let the player choose which audio setting they prefer. Regarding the PS3 topic, you're right I do not have a PS3 at this point, hopefully I'll get my hands on one this year, will need it for P5. 8') (P5 too but Symphonia comes first.) Mmm, let's say it would be nice if P5 came out this year but if that's not the case, it's not like I'm gonna die or something. I rather wait a little longer than having to play a game with grammar mistakes, bugs and so on. We'll see about that. ( : // [Screams in excitement] Danganronpa probably's my favorite game series ever. If you like visual novels, survival and mystery, you should give it a try. Also, if you haven't watched the anime, save your fun for the game. It's much more detailed and explains things better, it isn't rushed as the anime and it's fun to investigate crime scenes and find out who the killer is yourself. I hope you come to like it, if you really decide on playing it on steam!

January 27, 2016 @ 10:56 am
Hello, thanks for commenting my page! Yeah, that's the main problem at hand, though I'm very grateful how understanding most native-speakers are toward those you are not. At least I have only encountered understanding people so far. Don't know how it is for you, though? Thanks, I like my avatar a lot and think your header is pretty cool, too! Tales Of, I assume? ( :

January 04, 2016 @ 9:47 pm
yo! yes its always nice to talk to other xenoblade fans (especially since it seems like there barely are any o.o)

November 30, 2015 @ 5:07 am
🎮 Hey there! Welcome to MyVideoGameList.com, hope you will have a great time around here. Nice meeting ya ^-^

August 11, 2015 @ 9:18 pm
yup, I know, but I really don't like playing on pc so it's a little hard to play it xD

August 07, 2015 @ 8:55 pm
hey, thanks ! I still wish to play Vesperia but since my PS3 isn't unlocked I can't patch the game so gonna wait a little more... for Xenoblade it's hard since I don't have the Wii anymore. orz but either way thanks for the recommendations :D

July 08, 2015 @ 4:56 am
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