Video games has been a huge passion of mine for most of my life and I don't enjoy anything more than a good afternoon laughing over a game or diving deep into an open world RPG. Be free to leave comments also.


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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus PC

Metro Exodus had the promise with making it seem this would the last game and a good send off to a niche but beloved franchise. While the game it's self-looked beautiful and overwhelmingly promising, the truth couldn?t be farther. Game breaking bugs, laughable animations and the loss of its linear narrative turned itself into a seemingly shallow story. While pretty in nature and made a good look at what the future of ray tracing could be, I can?t recommend this game for newcomers and only those that are seriously dedicated to the series. What starts as a simple extension of the crafting system from the second game, becomes to be problematic for what would be the add-ons and extra content of the open world. To get said upgrades in metro last light the player needed to use ammo to buy the necessary upgrades, this forced the player to be...

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami PC

Hotline Miami is a special case of matching between aesthetics and indie gameplay. I find it crucial for game developers, especially in indie front to build on the advantages of their art style rather than be a chance of circumstance. You will be hard pressed to find a game that matches a vaper wave aesthetic, and even more so to find a game that does it so perfectly. Along with a killer soundtrack featuring a mixture of artists and frustrating gameplay that is challenging and random. I would highly recommend the game for a quick session of high paced adrenaline. Gameplay: The AI is random by nature and helps with the sense of progression one has with understanding the game on a deeper level. Rather than play a few lives then progressing by memorization. You must adapt and change your play style to what is available to you. That could...


Bayonetta Nintendo Switch

A word to describe this game would be, sexy. From the beat them up gameplay to the provactive style, you can?t feel like there?s a thing missing from the broader game here. Deep down there?s some more glaring problems but for the most part I would recommend this game to the warriors crowd and those familiar to arena brawlers. As a disclosure I?ll also say that I played this on the switch and the game feels amazing as always for switch games. The controllers matched perfectly with fast paced style of the game Gameplay: The combo system in this game is a bit mediocre by today?s standards. There?s a limited number of weapons and it?s a bit restrictive with you having to use the pre made combos to do well. On the other hand when pulling off consecutive combos it can feel awesome and super rewarding with the heavy punches and...

Fate/Stay Night Réalta Nua

Fate/Stay Night Réalta Nua PC

Indeed, I?m not one for visuals novels but fate/stay night is an exception that I would recommend to anyone. It?s captivating as it is long, mixing music and presentation to create a type of dragging effect that makes me spend a longer amount of time engrossed in it the further I went through it. A game with few choices but none the less has you guessing many different outcomes. Story: The plot is solid but leaves a few things to be desired. For the most part, the writing is gripping, and the format of visuals novels allow for the writer to lengthen or shorten sentences at will, causing shocking revelations to be strengthened by a short couple worded sentence. There were many times in the story when the plot was going smoothly until a simple statement would make everything do a 180, really catching my attention off guard and catching...

Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome Xbox One

A questionable game when I first saw its reveal at the Xbox one announcement, but none the less was interested in playing it when I got it with games for gold. Many years later (2018) I decided to finally play it and see what exactly made this game a launch title? At first glance, you have to praise the Xbox one for handling the graphic fidelity of this game because even after almost 5 years for its release, it still looks stunning. From the armor to the grass, the game is packed full of quality that even matches the standard of games today like For Honor. The high res especially comes into play with the close quarter combat when you?re in a small clearing under the trees or in the torched lighted ground of the far north. It can really draw your breath away when noticed at the right time....

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation PC

A perfect example of how to make not only a good horror game but also a good adaptation. Too often do media companies try to cross pollinate IP's with either them taking a game franchise and making a movie or taking a movie and making it a game. This unfortunaly is inherently flawed as games and movies are two drastically differnet mediums in how they are consumed and trying to make a 1:1 adaption will 99% of the time fail. Luckly this isnt a 1:1 adaption and is really strong in its own right making it able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the orginal source matieral, being both creative and respectful to it. The core mechanics are polished and well rounded, allowing the player a wide variety of strategy. The weapons are great and very balanced while the items you can craft are either specific to one type of...

Portal 2

Portal 2 PC

The Portal series has always been a rocky road with me, I played 1 on the orange box back in 2011 when I still played the Xbox 360 a lot and was very active on it. To my surprise, I really enjoyed it and found my self-wanting to play the second which I did several years later on a PC that I had just got. For the life of me, I can't seem to remember why I stopped playing it half way through as the game is amazing in its own right. I believe I might have been distracted during that time by many other games that I couldn't have played since I didn't have a PC up till that point. None the less I managed to get back to it and oh boy was it was just as good as when I started it. The story is very...

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