Bubba 'n' Stix

    Bubba 'n' Stix Amiga

    Bubba is a happy-go-lucky animal delivery guy for the local Zoo here on Earth. One day, while going about his daily routine, Bubba is abducted by an alien that plans on delivering him along with several other aliens into his zoo. On the way back to his home planet, the...
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    Cosmic Spacehead

    Cosmic Spacehead Amiga

    Linus had crash landed on a distant planet called Earth, and made his way back home again. Trouble is, no one believes his tale of the planet he discovered! Your job is to help Linus make his way back to planet Earth so he can take some pictures to convince...
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    Big Nose the Caveman

    Big Nose the Caveman Amiga

    BIGNOSE whacked the huge purple dinosaur... THUMP! Its gigantic head plunged to the ground... "All this action..." Bignose thought, "and this is only the start of my adventure!" Bignose will encounter many more weird and wonderful creatures in his prehistoric world - giant turtles, huge poisonous mosquitos, sabre-toothed tigers, erupting...
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    Xenophobe Amiga

    Zee-no-phobe: fear of anything alien. At first glance, you'd never guess there was a living thing aboard the deserted starbase. But inside, it's alive and crawling - with the most gruesome horde of alien lifeforms in the arcade galaxy. They lurk around every corner, they blend into every background. They...
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    Diggers Amiga

    Diggers is a Lemmings-style puzzle game where you command five alien miners (from a choice of four clans) and various gadgets to dig for treasure. The game is divided in excavation areas. Each area has a set amount of money you must raise before moving into the next one. To...
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    Quattro Sports

    Quattro Sports Amiga

    BMX SIMULATOR: Against-the-clock bike racing at its best. 15 all-action circuits across three different terrains - dirt biking, desert racing and quarry racing. The burns, bumps and ramps really work - get pedalling! SOCCER SIMULATOR: This simulation covers every aspect of the game including passing, shooting, throw-ins, penalties and fouls. Fast-paced...
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    Hare Raising Havoc

    Hare Raising Havoc Amiga

    Alternative Titles: Roger Rabbit Baby Herman in Hare Raising Havoc

    Roger Rabbit is up to his ears in trouble! Mommy's put Baby Herman in his care, but the quick toddler has given Roger the slip in a surprise trip to the Tasty Moo Dairy. Will Roger track down Baby Herman before Mommy hoofs home, or will he run out of...
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    M.C. Kids

    M.C. Kids Amiga

    Alternative Titles: McDonaldland

    The Hamburglar has stolen Ronald's bag of magic tricks! In this 2D platformer, it's up to you to play as Mick or Mac and get it back. Go across various lands and meet McDonald's characters as you travel to places like Ronald's Clubhouse, Birdie's Treehouse, and the Hamburglar's Hideout as...
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    Oscar Amiga

    Lights! Camera! Action! It's time to meet Oscar, the newest legend of the silver screen, ready to take Tinseltown by storm... once he's used his star-power to escape the theater he's trapped in, that is! In this game the main protagonist is Oscar - a cute, squirrel-like creature. The player controls...
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    Kang Fu

    Kang Fu Amiga

    Kang Fu is a standard, side-scrolling platformer. The player takes control over Klont, a kangaroo, who has travel to numerous levels while saving baby kangaroos and killing a boss at the end. Of course there are many enemies which decrease Klont's life bar when they manage to hit him. He...
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    The Adventures of Willy Beamish

    The Adventures of Willy Beamish Amiga

    Willy Beamish is a kid who likes to goof off and have fun. Naturally all the grown-ups get in the way by making him go to school, making him clean his room, etc. But now that's school's out for the summer, Willy is determined to have a good time and...
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    Surf Ninjas

    Surf Ninjas Amiga

    Surf Ninjas is based on the 1993 movie of the same title. You play as Johnny McQuinn, a teenage surfer, who learned a couple of ninja moves. Your ultimate goal is defeating the evil Colonel Chi who threatens your island, and the game leads you from California all the way...
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    Beavers Amiga

    The Beavers Supergroup and their megastar leader Jethro have reached number one in the Charts and are a big hit in all of the forest discos. Unfortunately, the previous number one group, The Rappin' Rabbit Rockers, are very angry at the Beavers success. They put a plan into action. Jethro's...
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    Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit Amiga

    Roger Rabbit has been framed for the murder of Marvin Acme, head of the Acme Corporation. Acme's will states that upon his death, Toon Town would be left ot the Toons, but the will is nowhere to be found. You have to find the will and save your wife, Jessica,...
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    The Karate Kid Part II

    The Karate Kid Part II Amiga

    Alternative Titles: The Karate Kid Part II: The Computer Game

    This time, there are no trophies. This time, there are no points. This time, there are no referees. Daniel LaRusso has entered the world of real karate. A world without laws. A world where to win is to survive. Guide Daniel through fight after fight against ever more powerful adversaries....
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    Wonder Dog

    Wonder Dog Amiga

    Wonder Dog is a side-scrolling platform game featuring a dog with super jumping ability and powerful throwing stars. Wonder Dog has these abilities because he is not from Earth, but from Planet K-9. When Wonder Dog was a pup, K-9 scientists sent him to Earth to escape the impending invasion...
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    Hudson Hawk

    Hudson Hawk Amiga

    Eddie Hawkins, a.k.a. The Hudson Hawk, is called the world's greatest cat burglar, but he's called it quits. Some others, though, aren't ready for the Hawk to retire. They blackmail him into stealing priceless works by Leonardo da Vinci from a heavily guarded auction house and from the Vatican itself! The...
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    Classic Collection: Adventure

    Classic Collection: Adventure Amiga

    A collection of the first 5 point 'n' click adventures from Lucasfilm to use the SCUMM game system. They are: - Maniac Mansion - Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders - Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure - Loom - The Secret of Monkey Island...
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    Street Fighter II

    Street Fighter II Amiga

    From across the globe comes eight of the wildest fighters the world has ever known. Choose your champion, gather your courage and prepare to battle your opponents in a bare knuckle brawl. Face Ken and his devastation "Dragon Punch"! Watch the temperature rise as Dhalsim incinerates you with his mystical...
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    Street Fighter

    Street Fighter Amiga

    Conversion of the Capcom arcade fighting game that spawned the superior (and more popular) Street Fighter II and thus started the fighting game craze in the '90s. Players star as street fighter Ryu and travel to five different countries: Japan, United States, England, China, and Thailand. Each country acts as...
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    T2: The Arcade Game

    T2: The Arcade Game Amiga

    Alternative Titles: Terminator 2: Judgment Day

    This is an arcade rail-shooter based on the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Up to two players shoot through future and present levels as robotic killers reprogrammed to serve the human resistance. Both players wield a machine gun with infinite ammo that lowers its firing rate (overheats) as it is continuously...
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    MicroLeague Wrestling

    MicroLeague Wrestling Amiga

    MicroLeague Wrestling is a wrestling game, the very first one licensed by the World Wrestling Federation. The game can be played by one or two players and comes with two possible match-ups, each with a separate match disk. There is Hulk Hogan versus "Macho Man" Randy Savage (all platforms) and...
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    Winter Games

    Winter Games Amiga

    It's all here - the strategy, the challenge, the competition and the pageantry of the Winter Games. Compete against a friend or take on the computer in four completely realistic and action-packed events. Choose the country you want to represent. Then practice, train and develop the winning strategy for each...
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    Gettysburg: The Turning Point

    Gettysburg: The Turning Point Amiga

    THE GRAY: Robert E. Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia. 40,000 weary soldiers, ragged and hungry but fiercely seasoned under fire. Inspired by recent successes, Lee boldly moves to invade the Union. With the cavalier Jeb Stuart and indomitable Stonewall Jackson, Lee's army strikes north into Maryland. On September 17,...
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    Gettysburg Amiga

    Gettysburg is a wargame simulating the Battle of Gettysburg (fought on July 1-3, 1863), the turning point and one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War. You may choose to command either Union or Confederate forces, it is also possible to play a two player game or watch...
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    Beyond Dark Castle

    Beyond Dark Castle Amiga

    This sequel to Dark Castle has our formerly nameless hero now known as Prince Duncan continuing his adventures after he toppled the Black Knight's throne and was dropped by a gargoyle in Trouble 3. With Merlin's help, Prince Duncan finds his way behind the Black Knight's throne where there is...
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    Ghosts 'n Goblins

    Ghosts 'n Goblins Amiga

    The beautiful princess is kidnapped. Her lover, the Knight in shining armor, armed with five different weapons to fight the enemy, sets out to rescue the beautiful princess. The Knight, aided by your skill, must pass through seven different guarded gates, fighting and destroying demons, dragons, giants and zombies. There...
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    Zool 2

    Zool 2 Amiga

    The sequel to Zool sees him take on the bad guys Mental Block and Krool across 15 levels. Zool 2 is a platform game where you control the titular "Ninja of the Nth Dimension" (or his girlfriend, Zooz, who can complete each level in a slightly different way) as he rampages...
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    Zool Amiga

    Alternative Titles: Zool no Yume Bōken, Zool: Ninja of the "Nth" Dimension, ZOOLのゆめぼうけん, Zool AGA

    His name is Zool, and he is a gremlin-like creature from another dimension. He is forced to land on the Earth, but his sole goal is to attain the prestigious ranking of a Ninja. To do that, Zool will have to travel through six worlds, each divided into three stages,...
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    Wolfchild Amiga

    Dr. Kal Morrow, expert in genetic research and creation of human-animal hybrids, has been kidnapped and his family brutally murdered by the terrorist organization CHIMERA. His surviving son Saul takes it upon himself to avenge his family. Using his father's research, he turns into a man-wolf and sets out to...
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    Battleship Amiga

    Alternative Titles: Battle Ships

    Your favorite strategic adventure game reaches the computer age! You're the commander of a powerful naval fleet and you face an enemy who plans to make you fish bait. Man your battleships! This is combat that's fast, furious and lots of fun! It's so real, you'll taste the saltwater. Start by...
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    Predator 2

    Predator 2 Amiga

    Los Angeles Lieutenant Mike Harrington is used to dealing with a drug war between Spanish and Jamaican drug gangs, but how he's caught up in the city's worst nightmare! The fearsome Predator species of alien has arrived, out to wreak serious destruction. It is your job to stop it. The game...
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    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Amiga

    Pick up your trusty bullwhip and don the mantle of the legendary Indiana Jones! Prepare yourself for your most dangerous adventure yet - to storm the evil Temple of Doom and rescue the imprisoned children and the magical Stones of Sankara! Beware the foes and hazards that block your way....
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    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure Amiga

    Alternative Titles: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

    Europe, 1938. The Lost Ark was just a warm-up! Now Adolf Hitler is after the most powerful talisman of all - the Holy Grail. A few brave men stand in his way. Fortunately, one of them is Indiana Jones. And this time, he has his dad with him. The bad...
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    Cytron Amiga

    Viewed from above, Cytron is inspired by Paradroid and Alien Breed. The robot Cytron has been sent into a research facility in which robots have gone berserk, and it must safeguard the area and rescue the trapped scientists. The character control is skittish, meaning that the droid is hard to stop...
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    Chuck Rock

    Chuck Rock Amiga

    Chuck Rock hasn't been the same since his long-time rival in love, Gary Gritter, kidnapped his wife, the beautiful Ophelia. Help Chuck in his quest to rescue Ophelia from the clutches of the wicked Gary. Kick, throw rocks and belly-butt your way through a multitude of comical zones, featuring 500...
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    Dark Castle

    Dark Castle Amiga

    The Black Knight has brought misery to the land, and the end way to end this is to enter his haunted house to slay him. You are the brave adventurer taking on this quest through 14 increasingly-tough zones. The bulk of the game is side-viewed, involving single screens to pass through,...
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    Brutal Sports Football

    Brutal Sports Football Amiga

    Alternative Titles: Crazy Sports Football, Crazy Football, Brutal Sports Series: Football, Brutal Football, Beastball

    Similar to Speedball 2, Brutal Sports Football is an ultra-violent sports game. Matches last 7 minutes, and the aim is to get the ball into the goal, kept by a net-minder. The oval ball can be thrown or kicked, this resulting in frequent up-and-under type kicks. Violence is the pivotal element...
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    WWF European Rampage Tour

    WWF European Rampage Tour Amiga

    Ocean's second wrestling game is tag-team-based, taking the player through four fights around major European cities. The player assembles a two-man team from Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Bret 'Hitman' Hart and Macho Man Randy Savage. Combat takes place both in and out of the ring, although a wrestler can't spend...
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    WWF WrestleMania (1991)

    WWF WrestleMania (1991) Amiga

    Alternative Titles: WWF WrestleMania

    WWF Wrestlemania is a wrestling game with arcade elements, which uses the World Wrestling Federation license. The player can control one of the three available wrestlers: Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, or the British Bulldog. The player either participates in practice matches (against the hopefully-misnamed Mr. Perfect) or in a sequence...
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    Rambo III

    Rambo III Amiga

    Rambo's mission is set deep in Afghanistan, in the days when the Soviets occupied it, and America was putting this right (we won't mention who they enlisted to do so). Colonel Trautman has been kidnapped by the Soviets, and you've gone in there to rescuing him. Doing so is a...
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    Shaq Fu

    Shaq Fu Amiga

    Alternative Titles: Shaq-Fu

    While en route to a charity game in Tokyo, basketball star Shaquille O'Neal (called "Shaq" for short) is drawn into an alternate dimension by a local man who believes only Shaq can save his grandson. Once there, he must fight a succession of 11 opponents, one at a time, with...
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    Mercs Amiga

    Terrorists have their job and you've got yours: CRUSH 'EM ALL! They've kidnapped a former President, and the MERCS are going in for the rescue. Punch through their coastal defenses, snatch enemy weapons and gain firepower. Pick up machine guns, bazookas and heavy artilery as you advance through the smoke...
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    Lethal Weapon

    Lethal Weapon Amiga

    In this game, based on the movie series, you can play as Martin Riggs or Roger Murtaugh to complete four main missions, before taking on a final bonus one. For each mission you can choose the appropriate character. Walking around, jumping and swimming, kicking or shooting the opponents you have...
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    Total Recall

    Total Recall Amiga

    Doug Quaid is a mild-mannered construction worker with a gorgeous wife in an apartment on futuristic Earth. Plagued by restless feelings and dreams of Mars, he heads to Rekall, Inc. to purchase a commercial memory implant of a Martian vacation 'cheaper, better, and safer than the real thing'. However, the...
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    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Amiga

    Alternative Titles: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure

    Based on the movie. You control Bill & Ted- Rufus, a time travelling "dude" from the future, gives you use of a time-travelling telephone booth. Use the phone booth to go back in time to many different eras, collect items, and get historical "dudes" to follow you. Some "dudes" won't...
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    The New Zealand Story

    The New Zealand Story Amiga

    Alternative Titles: The Newzealand Story, Kiwi Kraze, ニュージーランドストーリー

    One day, a kiwi tribe was having fun and games outside the zoo, only to be kidnapped by the evil-minded Leopard Seal, who plans to sell them at the black market. Fortunately, during the kidnapping process, Tiki, leader of the tribe, managed to escape the sack, and her job is...
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    Ski or Die

    Ski or Die Amiga

    Alternative Titles: שעשועי סקי

    Ski or Die is a winter-themed extreme sports game in which the player can competes in 5 different events: -Downhill Blitz: Downhill skiing event in which the player can make large jumps over chasms and perform stunts in the moguls section -Innertube Trash: Two players descend a mountain in innertubes. Score points...
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    The Real Ghostbusters

    The Real Ghostbusters Amiga

    Alternative Titles: Meikyuu Hunter G

    After the success of the Ghostbusters film (and indeed of the licensed game from Activision) a cartoon TV series was created, which this game is based on. The player controls a Ghostbuster, who has 10 levels full of ghosts to clear up. This is done by first shooting the ghosts using...
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    Bram Stoker's Dracula

    Bram Stoker's Dracula Amiga

    Alternative Titles: Dracula

    Bram Stroker's Dracula is a side-scroller platform game loosely based on the 1992 film of the same name. Players take the role of Jonathan Harker whose mission is to destroy Count Dracula by first heading to Transylvania and then London. Jonathan Harker can move left and right, jump and attack with...
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