Quake II

    Quake II Amiga

    Shortly after landing on an alien surface, you learn that hundreds of your men have been reduced to just a few. Now you must fight your way through heavily fortified military installations, lower the city's defenses and shut down the enemy's war machine. Only then will the fate of humanity...
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    Quake Amiga

    The successor to id Software's Doom series, Quake built upon the technology and gameplay of its predecessor. Unlike the Doom engine before it, the Quake engine offered full real-time 3D rendering and had early support for 3D acceleration through OpenGL. After Doom helped popularize multiplayer deathmatches, Quake added various multiplayer...
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    Dick Tracy: The Crime Solving Adventure

    Dick Tracy: The Crime Solving Adventure Amiga

    You're the famous square-jawed detective in this graphic adventure. Track down criminals and solve cases using your two-way wrist radio, squad car, and bugs you plant in the bad guys' hideouts. Suspects behave differently depending on their personality: Some will cooperate, while others will interpret a show of force as...
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    Dick Tracy

    Dick Tracy Amiga

    Retrace the steps of Dick Tracy, the world famous comic strip detective, in this superb computer conversion of the blockbuster movie. Grab that famous hat and coat and hit the streets in search of Big Boy Caprice and his gang. Big Boy, Flattop, Pruneface and The Brow are at the...
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    Tetris Amiga

    Beams, boxes, zig-zags and L-shaped blocks drop down a narrow passage. Feel your pulse quicken as you spin, shift and align the shapes for a perfect fit. It's challenging and demands split-second decision making! Start at new heights for a tougher contest. Pick the music and set your pace from...
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    Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

    Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Amiga

    In LeChuck's Revenge Guybrush Threepwood returns in his search for the legendary treasure of Big Whoop. He is now a genuine pirate and has traded in his white shirt and clean shaved face for a dashing blue coat and a beard. This would not be a true sequel if we...
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    Pac-Mania Amiga

    Pac-Mania is an arcade video game in the Pac-Man series, released by Namco in 1987. It is a pseudo-3D interpretation of the classic maze game genre using an oblique view and features many of the elements from the original 1980 Pac-Man arcade game, as well as several new features. As in...
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    Phalanx Amiga

    Phalanx is a side-scrolling shoot-'em-up originally developed and published by ZOOM for Japanese-only Sharp X68000 home computers in 1991. Players pilot a lone space-faring fighter craft, the eponymous A-144/R "Phalanx," in a one-man assault against a mysterious fleet of alien "bio-ships" that have attacked a human colony on planet Delia...
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    Primal Rage

    Primal Rage Amiga

    Primal Rage is a versus fighting game developed and released by Atari Games to arcades in 1994. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth called "Urth". Players control one of seven large beasts that battle each other to determine the fate of the planet. Matches feature many...
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    All New World of Lemmings

    All New World of Lemmings Amiga

    All New World of Lemmings is a puzzle video game released in 1994, as the third game in the Lemmings series. In North America, the game was named The Lemmings Chronicles. It was published by Psygnosis and was the last Lemmings game developed by DMA Design. The gameplay is similar to...
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    Alien Breed: Tower Assault

    Alien Breed: Tower Assault Amiga

    The game engine is a modified version of that used in Alien Breed II: The Horror Continues. One significant change is the inclusion of multiple exits for each level, making ABTA much less linear than its predecessors—the blurb on the back of the box boasts more than 276 possible ways...
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    Jungle Strike

    Jungle Strike Amiga

    Jungle Strike is a video game developed and published by Electronic Arts in 1993 for the Sega Mega Drive. The game was later released on several other consoles such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), and an upgraded version was made for the Amiga. The Amiga and other home...
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    Road Rash

    Road Rash Amiga

    Road Rash is the name of a motorcycle-racing video game series by Electronic Arts in which the player participates in violent, illegal street races. The series started on the Sega Genesis and made its way to various other systems over the years. The game's title is based on the slang...
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    Alien Breed

    Alien Breed Amiga

    The game was based heavily, and unofficially, on the Alien films, specifically Aliens, and also on the 8-bit-era games Laser Squad and Paradroid (although the game bears some gameplay similarities with Gauntlet, with which it has been compared, as well an obvious comparison with Sega's Alien Syndrome). Alien Breed consists...
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    U.N. Squadron

    U.N. Squadron Amiga

    The game is a typical side-scrolling shooter, going against the trend of other Capcom shooters, such as 1942, and 1943: The Battle of Midway, which are vertically scrolling shooters. However, like other Capcom shooters, the player has an energy bar that is consumed over the course of a single life...
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    Darkman Amiga

    Darkman was developed by Ocean Software (Painting By Numbers on the NES version) and published by Ocean Software in 1991. It was released for the ZX Spectrum, NES, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64. It was also ported to the Game Boy and Atari ST. The game's plot is loosely based...
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    Sid Meier's Civilization

    Sid Meier's Civilization Amiga

    Sid Meier's Civilization is the first in a series of turn-based "4X"-type strategy video game created by Sid Meier and Bruce Shelley for MicroProse in 1991. The game's objective is to "Build an empire to stand the test of time": it begins in 4000 BC and the players attempt to...
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    Blades of Steel

    Blades of Steel Amiga

    Introducing the hardest hitting hockey action you'll face... unless you're drafted by the pros! Finally, speed, guts, instinct and raw physical talent are the deciding factors in a game designed to simulate all pro championship caliber hockey. It's a game you can master so long as you have one fundamental talent...
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    Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja

    Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja Amiga

    Million of years ago, before the "Big Freeze" covered our planet's deserts with ice, a caveman's life was not an easy one! These were the good old prehistoric days when fires were lit by stray bolts of lightning and tools were still made of wood and stone! Although this was the only...
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    The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy

    The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy Amiga

    Alternative Titles: Fantastic Dizzy

    Dizzy's cartoon adventure in Zakeria - a magical kingdom ruled by the evil wizard Zaks. Explore the mysterious diamond mines, fabulous caverns, dragon's lair, cloud castle, find secret treasure maps, encounter strange magicians, wizards, trolls, pirates, leprechauns and many other weird and wonderful creatures. Gameplay involves walking Dizzy through the levels,...
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    Flashback: The Quest for Identity

    Flashback: The Quest for Identity Amiga

    The year is 2142. The player takes control of Conrad B. Hart, a man who has lost his memory. After barely escaping from hostile aliens, Conrad's bike crashes on an unknown planet. Conrad finds himself in the jungle, and from that moment on his quest for survival and his lost...
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    The Legend of Kyrandia - Book One

    The Legend of Kyrandia - Book One Amiga

    Enter a land where magic is real! Kyrandia is a land of dark mysterious forests and sleeping dragons. A fantasy land where rubies grow on tree and magic abounds. Who would imagine that a land so idyllic would lead to murder? Some say that the court jester Malcolm was mad to begun with. Others...
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    Krusty's Fun House

    Krusty's Fun House Amiga

    Hey, kids! Give a hoot! Help out your old pal Krusty the Clown! My official Krusty's Fun House is infested with rats! There are over 60 levels in this game, and they're all crawling with the little varmints! I've got my loyal cadets, Bart and Homer Simpson, Sideshow Mel, and...
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    Mr. Nutz

    Mr. Nutz Amiga

    It's cold. It's really cold. And y'know what? It's getting colder. The whole world is being cocooned in ice and snow by the Yeti - agruesome beast with an icicle for a heart and quite appallingly bad breath. His plan is to create and rule a new frozen kingdom here on...
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    Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2

    Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 Amiga

    Rainbow Islands - Taito's Island-Hop coin-op! From the Island of Doh to Monster Island you will encounter Doh himself, stinging insects, hideous toy creatures, lethal combat machines, mechanical assailants, the formidable beings of legend and folklore and finally you will enter the world of darkness and its inhabitants! Sequel to Bubble Bobble,...
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    1943: The Battle of Midway

    1943: The Battle of Midway Amiga

    1943 is the second game in the 194X series, following the successful 1942. The game is set in the Pacific theater of World War II, off the coast of the Midway Atoll. The goal is to attack the Japanese Air Fleet that bombed the players' American aircraft carrier, pursue all Japanese...
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    Jaws Amiga

    As Amity Island's Police Chief Brodie, it is your responsibility to stop the lethal shark Jaws from killing the residents and tourists. The Mayor is keeping an eye on you, and wants the job done as quickly and cheaply as possible. Unfortunately, the main weapon which must be used to finally...
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    Ikari Warriors

    Ikari Warriors Amiga

    The legendary coin-op from SNK - converted for your Amiga home computer! Sent on a rescue mission to the dense jungles of Central America, you will do anything to survive. Ambush enemy tanks, steal enemy supplies and cross dangerous terrain. Playable in one or two player mode - IKARI WARRIORS will...
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    Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon

    Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon Amiga

    Your ambition. Your control. Your railroad. The only thing more powerful than your locomotives is your drive to shape the nation. Big business. Big decisions. Big excitement. You are an entrepeneur in the early 1800's. You understand the changes that are sweeping the land. Factories are rising. The population is swelling. The...
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    Gold Rush!

    Gold Rush! Amiga

    Go West Young Man The gold rush is on! Sell your land, pack your bags, and grab the next ride out, because fortune lies just 2,500 miles away. Become Jerrod, a young man earning a meager living in Brooklyn, New York. Travel with Jerrod as he joins the mad rush for riches...
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    Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail

    Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail Amiga

    The Holy Grail. It is the most famous and sought-after object in the world. It is the stuff that dreams and legends are made of. It is the one thing that will heal the heart of a king and breathe life into a dying land. More than all these things,...
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    Maniac Mansion

    Maniac Mansion Amiga

    "Pardon the mess... it's all those brain donors." Ever since that meteor landed, strange things have been sighted at Dr. Fred's old mansion. Disembodied tentacles hopping around. Chainsaws in the kitchen. Plants with unusual appetites. An odd glow from the swimming pool. And now, sweet Sandy the cheerleader is in Dr....
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    Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

    Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers Amiga

    May the Farce be With You! Get ready for a trek through time with everybody's favorite intergalactic sanitation engineer and freelance hero, Roger Wilco. In their latest spaced-out space opera, the Two Guys From Andromeda take on science fiction (and just about everything else!) in a spoofy sendup that will leave...
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    Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon

    Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon Amiga

    The Two Guys from Andromeda, designers of the graphically extravagant (and satirically sensational) Space Quest series, have disappeared into thin oxygen! Hysterical game fanatics around the world await word on the whereabouts of these celestial celebrities! Who could be the mastermind behind this evil plot? Could it be the Pirates of Pestulon,...
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    Space Quest II: Chapter II – Vohaul's Revenge

    Space Quest II: Chapter II – Vohaul's Revenge Amiga

    VOHAUL'S REVENGE Just when you thought it was safe to go back into space, HE'S BACK! And he wants revenge! Sludge Vohaul, the demented evil scientist (whose sinister plan you unknowingly foiled in our last episode), is seething over Sarien slip-up. Madder than a drenched Astrochicken, (and still determined to rule...
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    Space Quest: Chapter I – The Sarien Encounter

    Space Quest: Chapter I – The Sarien Encounter Amiga

    Stardate: A long, long time ago (sounds familiar, huh?) in a galaxy just around the corner... You are the janitor on the Spaceship Arcada. Your mission!... To scrub dirty floors... To replace burned-out light bulbs... To clean out latrines... TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO MAN HAS SWEPT THE FLOOR! CAPTAIN'S LOG: SATURDAY,...
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    Castle of Dr. Brain

    Castle of Dr. Brain Amiga

    The object of the game is to successfully navigate the puzzles Dr. Brain has set up in order to become the mad scientist's assistant, a position Dr. Brain had advertised in the local classified section. To enter the castle, the player must play a game of memory at the front...
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    Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

    Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Amiga

    In the beginning, there was "So You Want To Be A Hero". Now Sierra is proud to introduce the second chapter in this amusing yet challenging adventure series, Trial by Fire. Set in the mystical tradition of The Arabian Nights, this sequel expands on those gameplaying elements that made the...
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    Hero's Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero

    Hero's Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero Amiga

    So You Want To Be A Hero As a graduate of the Famous Adventurers' Correspondence School, you're more than qualified to battle brigands, massacre monsters and rescue royalty. If you're eager to exercise your new credentials, you've come to the right place. The barony of Spielburg is in dire need of...
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    Disney's Aladdin

    Disney's Aladdin Amiga

    Alternative Titles: Aladdin

    Hang on to your carpet for ACTION and FUN! Aladdin slashes his shining scimitar to fight through Agrabah, escape the Sultan's dungeon, survive the fiery Cave of Wonders, snatch the Genie's Lamp and save Princess Jasmine from the evil Jafar!...
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    Battletoads Amiga

    Okay 'toads! Let's get EVEN! When the evil Dark Queen kidnaps both your best buddy and the best looking girl this side of the Mazallion Star Cluster -what are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna cry? Hide? Call the Starcops? No way! Because you're a BATTLETOAD and BATTLETOADS...
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    King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

    King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Amiga

    For months Prince Alexander of Daventry has shut himself away from the world, thinking only of Princess Cassima, who he met while imprisoned in the previous game. Eventually he can take it no longer, and he hires a ship to search for the Land of the Green Isles located on...
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    King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!

    King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder! Amiga

    Dark powers summon a cold wind from the north. The terrifying gust surrounds Sir Graham's castle, and mysteriously sweeps his fortress and family into the prison of oblivion. It's a bitter omen that chills the bones of every man, woman and child in the once peaceful Kingdom of Daventry. Who...
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    King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella

    King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella Amiga

    King Graham and Queen Valanice were glad to have their children back. Graham thinks that it is time to pass onto them his old adventurers' hat. When he throws it across the room, he suffers a heart attack and collapses on the floor, and he is carried off to bed....
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    King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human

    King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human Amiga

    Become Gwydion, young slave to the evil wizard Manannan of Llewdor. Discover the wizard's secret spells and use his magic to free yourself from his thrall. Embark upon a dangerous voyage to another land. Scale snowy peaks and brave a terrible monster to free a kingdom from its ravages! King Graham...
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    King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne

    King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne Amiga

    After having recovered the three treasures, King Graham has been crowned king. Now having needing a queen for companionship, Graham searches the land for a maiden, but to no avail, so he turns to the magic mirror for help. The mirror shows him a beautiful girl locked away in a...
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    King's Quest - Quest For The Crown

    King's Quest - Quest For The Crown Amiga

    Sir Graham is a brave knight who is sent on a quest to retrieve three treasures that were stolen by deception and stealth: a shield that protects its bearer from invaders, a mirror that foretells the future, and a treasure chest that is forever filled with gold. If Graham takes...
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    SimCity 2000

    SimCity 2000 Amiga

    SimCity 2000 puts an entire city in the palm of your hand. SimCity 2000 lets you create, build, and run a city of your own. Take on the role as a mayor and call the shots for the entire city. You'll have to keep up on the housing, industries, mass...
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    Romance of the Three Kingdoms II

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms II Amiga

    Alternative Titles: Sangokushi II, 三國志II

    Return to an age of chivalry and courage, a time when the destiny of entire kingdoms could be decided by combat between two heroes. As the virtuous Liu Bei, ruthless Cao Cao, or another powerful leader from China's past, take part in the struggle to unify a country torn apart by...
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    Strider Amiga

    You're Strider, a crunching hulk of muscle with a grappling hook and laser sword. You're in a future land of backward time, and its evil Master is taunting you with defeat. Can you survive 8 megs of incredible danger? Hang-glide into the citadel, then clang your hook into metal to...
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