Hero's Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero

    Hero's Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero Amiga

    So You Want To Be A Hero As a graduate of the Famous Adventurers' Correspondence School, you're more than qualified to battle brigands, massacre monsters and rescue royalty. If you're eager to exercise your new credentials, you've come to the right place. The barony of Spielburg is in dire need of...
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    Disney's Aladdin

    Disney's Aladdin Amiga

    Alternative Titles: Aladdin

    Hang on to your carpet for ACTION and FUN! Aladdin slashes his shining scimitar to fight through Agrabah, escape the Sultan's dungeon, survive the fiery Cave of Wonders, snatch the Genie's Lamp and save Princess Jasmine from the evil Jafar!...
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    Battletoads Amiga

    Okay 'toads! Let's get EVEN! When the evil Dark Queen kidnaps both your best buddy and the best looking girl this side of the Mazallion Star Cluster -what are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna cry? Hide? Call the Starcops? No way! Because you're a BATTLETOAD and BATTLETOADS...
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    King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

    King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Amiga

    For months Prince Alexander of Daventry has shut himself away from the world, thinking only of Princess Cassima, who he met while imprisoned in the previous game. Eventually he can take it no longer, and he hires a ship to search for the Land of the Green Isles located on...
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    King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!

    King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder! Amiga

    Dark powers summon a cold wind from the north. The terrifying gust surrounds Sir Graham's castle, and mysteriously sweeps his fortress and family into the prison of oblivion. It's a bitter omen that chills the bones of every man, woman and child in the once peaceful Kingdom of Daventry. Who...
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    King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella

    King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella Amiga

    King Graham and Queen Valanice were glad to have their children back. Graham thinks that it is time to pass onto them his old adventurers' hat. When he throws it across the room, he suffers a heart attack and collapses on the floor, and he is carried off to bed....
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    King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human

    King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human Amiga

    Become Gwydion, young slave to the evil wizard Manannan of Llewdor. Discover the wizard's secret spells and use his magic to free yourself from his thrall. Embark upon a dangerous voyage to another land. Scale snowy peaks and brave a terrible monster to free a kingdom from its ravages! King Graham...
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    King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne

    King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne Amiga

    After having recovered the three treasures, King Graham has been crowned king. Now having needing a queen for companionship, Graham searches the land for a maiden, but to no avail, so he turns to the magic mirror for help. The mirror shows him a beautiful girl locked away in a...
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    King's Quest - Quest For The Crown

    King's Quest - Quest For The Crown Amiga

    Sir Graham is a brave knight who is sent on a quest to retrieve three treasures that were stolen by deception and stealth: a shield that protects its bearer from invaders, a mirror that foretells the future, and a treasure chest that is forever filled with gold. If Graham takes...
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    SimCity 2000

    SimCity 2000 Amiga

    SimCity 2000 puts an entire city in the palm of your hand. SimCity 2000 lets you create, build, and run a city of your own. Take on the role as a mayor and call the shots for the entire city. You'll have to keep up on the housing, industries, mass...
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    Romance of the Three Kingdoms II

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms II Amiga

    Alternative Titles: Sangokushi II, 三國志II

    Return to an age of chivalry and courage, a time when the destiny of entire kingdoms could be decided by combat between two heroes. As the virtuous Liu Bei, ruthless Cao Cao, or another powerful leader from China's past, take part in the struggle to unify a country torn apart by...
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    Strider Amiga

    You're Strider, a crunching hulk of muscle with a grappling hook and laser sword. You're in a future land of backward time, and its evil Master is taunting you with defeat. Can you survive 8 megs of incredible danger? Hang-glide into the citadel, then clang your hook into metal to...
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    The Immortal

    The Immortal Amiga

    Meet the Maker! A gut-wrenching nightmare come to life. Terror reigns in his dungeon lair. Hurling toward your doom, you grasp one chance to live. Survive and win immortal fame. Your old mentor Mordamir has disappeared - probably kidnapped. You're not too sure where he might be, but a dungeon...
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    Disney's The Lion King

    Disney's The Lion King Amiga

    Alternative Titles: The Lion King

    You think you want to be King? Get real. You're starting life as Simba, the cub. To survive and grow into a powerful adult lion, you must perfect your savage pounce, reckless roar and master fighting with all four paws. If you survive the challenge, you'll grow into a strong,...
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    Super C

    Super C Amiga

    After losing a confrontation against Super Commandos Mad Dog and Scorpion, the juices of destruction drip from the spiked tongue of the vile alien warmonger - Red Falcon. Now, he's coming back stronger than ever, with a sinister plan that includes having his intergalactic warriors seep into the brains of...
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    Wiz 'n' Liz: The Frantic Wabbit Wescue

    Wiz 'n' Liz: The Frantic Wabbit Wescue Amiga

    Catch'em if you can. Join Wiz 'N' Liz, those crazy wizards, in their frantic race to rescue their wayward wabbits. Dash across the screen collecting rabbits, gaining bonus points by scooping up ingredients for spells. You Can Play With A Friend. This one or two-player game is a fast, smooth playing, non-violent adventure...
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    Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis

    Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis Amiga

    The planet Arrakis (also known as Dune for its sandy landscape) is the only place in the known universe where Melange (more commonly known as the Spice) can be found. The Spice is the basis of interstellar travel and thus the standard of the Imperial economy. To increase productivity, The...
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    Loom Amiga

    Long after the passing of the Second Shadow, when dragons ruled the twilight sky and the stars were bright and numerous, came the Age of the Great Guilds. Blacksmiths, Shepherds, Clerics. Each dedicated to the absolute control of secret knowledge. Another such Guild was the Weavers. Over the centuries, their...
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    Guardian Amiga

    Guardian is a fast and furious shoot 'em up. You skim over the surface of a planet, shooting enemies down as quickly as you can, with the hope of protecting as may of the installations as possible - the more you save, the quicker you get extra lives. Plenty of power-ups...
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    Jim Power in Mutant Planet

    Jim Power in Mutant Planet Amiga

    Jim Power is the chief of the Special Warfare Unit in charge of the President's security. He is an unrivalled sharpshooter and is gifted with an incredible aptitude for detective work. Jim, urgently implored, accepts the mission of his life - to rescue the kidnapped President's daughter from the Mutant...
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    James Bond 007: The Stealth Affair

    James Bond 007: The Stealth Affair Amiga

    As British super-agent James Bond, just back from holiday in Kuwait, you will find yourself plunged headlong into the world of international espionage, sent across the globe in an attempt to find the missing, super-secret Stealth Bomber. The list of suspects include a Latin American dictator, the Russian KGB, and,...
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    Dune Amiga

    Far across the universe, past the edge of known things and expected outcomes, at the intersection of outer and inner space, lies the planet Arrakis. A world of sand and spice. Of space travel by expanded consciousness. Of giant worms, Palace intrigue, armies massed for battle, and a warrior prince...
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    Airborne Ranger

    Airborne Ranger Amiga

    You are a member of the elite corps selected for your courage, ingenuity and special skills to go on the most dangerous missions. Parachute behind enemy lines armed only with a machine gun and hand grenades. This fast-paced action simulation challenges your strategic skills and reflexes. Control one soldier's battle...
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    Shufflepuck Café

    Shufflepuck Café Amiga

    One puck, and only two competitors. One is the computer, and the other is, of course, you. You get a chance to match your skills at this Air Hockey style game, over 'Cantina Band' inspired music. Deflect the puck around the walled area using your bat, trying to knock it...
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    SWIV Amiga

    One player controls a helicopter and the other a jeep, with the jeep transforming into a boat when the vehicles pass over water. As well as a host of blaster fodder the game also includes a mid-level enemy inspired by the "Goose" enemy from the earlier title Silkworm. Pieces of...
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    Future Wars: Time Travellers

    Future Wars: Time Travellers Amiga

    What an unlikely hero! You are a window cleaner. A common, little window cleaner. Yet you discover, more due to your notorious curiosity than by mistake, a time machine in your chiefs back office. Strange? Absolutely. Your adventure in the past and the future is about to begin. The quest?...
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    Defender of the Crown

    Defender of the Crown Amiga

    Strategy is vital in this chivalrous charade, and smarts will protect your hide better than armor as you command the role of a brave Saxon knight destined to avenge King Richard's murder. To reclaim the crown and conquer the heart of a beautiful maiden, you must outwit and outmaneuver hordes...
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    The Speris Legacy

    The Speris Legacy Amiga

    Cho is a young farmer who travels the world in search of adventure, fame, and fortune. He is asked by the king to find out the whereabouts of the evil prince Gallus, overpower him, and bring him back to the king to serve his punishment for burning down the palace...
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    James Pond 2: Codename RoboCod

    James Pond 2: Codename RoboCod Amiga

    Dr. Maybe's dangerously fishy plans for world domination continue. In a slimy effort to sabotage the world's largest toy factory, he has planted penguin-bombs in toy factories inside the North Pole. James Pond bubbles to the rescue as RoboCod in another massive oceanic adventure!...
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    Arabian Nights

    Arabian Nights Amiga

    In Arabian Nights, you play Sinbad Jr., a gardener at the royal palace who loves to sneak a peek at the princess every now and again. One day, Sinbad looks up and sees a huge demon kidnapping the princess. He dashes to save the princess, only to be caught by...
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    Bubble and Squeak

    Bubble and Squeak Amiga

    The planet Grool used to be a calm and peaceful place, where the amiable blue inhabitants went about their business, not bothering anybody or causing any trouble. That's why they were so surprised when Kat of Nine Tails invaded their planet and captured the entire population except for one: Squeak....
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    Final Odyssey: Theseus verses the Minotaur

    Final Odyssey: Theseus verses the Minotaur Amiga

    Theseus and the Minotaur is an authentic adaptation of Robert Abbott's pencil-and-paper maze puzzle Theseus and the Minotaur, based on the concept of logic mazes where certain limitations in movement apply. The game contains 87 levels for the player to solve, using a board of tiles, a number of walls, a...
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    Dragonstone Amiga

    Cut a path through Agon's demonic hordes and explore vast, forgotten lands as you play the hero in this fantasy role-playing adventure, set in a top-down, multi-directional perspective across seven externsive levels. A mystery with a twist in the dragon's tail......
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    Agony Amiga

    As a magician's apprentice, you have been turned into an owl to give you the best chance of destroying the many dark creatures to be faced, and thus discovering the secret of cosmic strength....
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    Leander Amiga

    The titular hero travels through this platform action game, slashing up mutant creatures with a sword and battling the evil Thanatos in hopes to save the life of Princess Lucanna....
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    The Lost Vikings

    The Lost Vikings Amiga

    Three Vikings are lost in time and space. Erik wants to run away, Balog wants to crack some skulls, Olaf want to eat. They all want to go home. But they must work together.., Discover The Lost Vikings, refreshingly original arcade action with perky puzzles and a sense of humour...
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    Yo! Joe!

    Yo! Joe! Amiga

    Graffiti artists live a hard life. Joe and Nat are always on the run, trying to escape New York's police. When they reach a mysterious castle, there's no way of knowing they're in deep trouble already....
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    Putty Amiga

    Putty is a platform game where the lead character is... a blob of putty. He has been expelled from Putty Moon by Dazzledaze the wizard and his assistant Dweezil the Cat. Your job is to lead the character round the platform levels making use of his special abilities to rescue...
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    Silk Worm

    Silk Worm Amiga

    The first player would play as a helicopter, but if a second player joins the game, they would play as a jeep. Both players would have to protect each other as well as themselves. After a certain number of kills, a "goose" helicopter would form on the screen. If the...
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    Apidya Amiga

    The story revolves around Ikuro, who's wife Yuri has been poisoned by Hexaae, an evil lord of black magic. Ikuro uses magic to transform into a deadly bee and vows to find an antidote for Yuri and reek revenge on Hexaae....
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    The Faery Tale Adventure

    The Faery Tale Adventure Amiga

    Once upon a time, the people of Holm lived happily and peacefully, protected by a powerful talisman. But one day, their land was attacked, and the talisman stolen. A brave warrior went out to investigate the talisman's disappearance, but returned mortally wounded. Before he died, he told his three sons...
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    Benefactor Amiga

    As Ben E Factor himself, you must travel through the six moons of Minniat, on which the peaceful and good-natured people of Lullyat have been kidnapped. These Merry Men each have their own potential skill once rescued, so releasing them in the right order is often essential for completing a...
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    Lure of the Temptress

    Lure of the Temptress Amiga

    The medieval town of Turnvale has fallen into the hands of the evil sorceress Selena. She is controlling an army of an orc-like warrior race skorl, who serve her with devotion. The skorl hate humans and have terrorized the town and the nearby land. Diermot is an ordinary fellow who...
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    Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

    Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf Amiga

    A year after the Gulf War, a self-styled general named Kilbaba takes over an Arab Emirate and threatens to start World War III against his western enemy, the United States. The whole world holds its breath as the President has chosen you to destroy Kilbaba and his terrorist army before...
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    Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus

    Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus Amiga

    An evil force has penetrated our universe, possessing Black Widow Productions in Hollywood. The studio owner, Elvira herself, has vanished. Now three cavernous movie sets - a graveyard, a haunted house, and catacombs - are erupting with the most hideous monsters of gothic horror. Your quest? Find and rescue Elvira...
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    Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

    Elvira: Mistress of the Dark Amiga

    "Can somebody help me find my chest? No really, I'm serious! See, I've been remodeling this cold and moldy castle, right? So how was I to know that I'd wake up Queen Emelda - especially since the old bat croaked hundreds of years ago! Anyway, Queenie-dearie wants to come back...
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    Centurion: Defender of Rome

    Centurion: Defender of Rome Amiga

    Lead the greatest invasion of all time! Conquer the land, rule the sea and build a mighty Roman Empire. Hear clashing swords and trumpeting elephants as you wage war in real-time battles that you control. Take on the world in this cinematic adventure to become the absolute ruler of Rome....
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    The Pawn

    The Pawn Amiga

    The aim of this interactive fiction with graphics is to escape from the land of Kerovnia, where strange occurrences are routine. The Roobikyoub dwarves have been banished from the kingdom, which is not good as they produce high-quality whisky. King Erik is not popular for this decision, as some feel...
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    Special Forces

    Special Forces Amiga

    When times are rough, the American people rely on their army. And when times are rough, the American army relies on their special forces. A small group of highly trained, superbly skilled, well-armed and clean-shaven elite soldiers boldly go where no man has gone before. At least no honest man....
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    Deep Core

    Deep Core Amiga

    An underwater nuclear research base has been invaded by a hostile craft. Captain Dawnrazer is sent in to wipe up the aliens and other beings, and that's where you come in. Deep Core is a dark platform adventure with similarities to Gods. There are nine main levels, each of which...
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