Headliner: NoviNews

    Headliner: NoviNews PC

    A stack of news article sits on your desk, two stampers on each side - green to approve, red to reject. Your reporting team is hacking away in the background as corporate music plays through the loudspeaker. It's time to make decisions. Will you endorse nationalized healthcare, even though your...
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    Medieval Engineers

    Medieval Engineers PC

    Medieval Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction and the maintenance of architectural works and mechanical equipment using medieval technology. Players build cities, castles and fortifications; construct mechanical devices and engines; perform landscaping and underground mining. There is an entire planet to explore! The game is inspired by real medieval...
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    Stronghold Kingdoms

    Stronghold Kingdoms PC

    Cast as a feudal lord or lady, players begin with a single village and keep. They must design and defend their castle before turning their eye to the rest of the country, Europe and the world! Whatever path they choose players will find strength in numbers as they band together,...
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    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms PC

    Alternative Titles: Ghost Recon Phantoms, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online

    Developed by Ubisoft Singapore, Ghost Recon Online is a free-to-play online third person shooter. By marrying the quality of previous AAA Ghost Recon franchise games with a host of innovative game play features and online services, Ghost Recon Online will redefine team play in multi-player shooters, while creating social bonds...
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    Royal Quest

    Royal Quest PC

    Royal Quest offers a fresh MMO experience from the creators of Space Rangers and King's Bounty series. Join Guild Wars, conquer Castles, and battle other players in unique PvPvE locations, or explore the vast world of Aura and enjoy the story on your own. Innovative elemental battle system allows players to...
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    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Lite

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Lite PC

    Alternative Titles: PUBG Lite

    PUBG LITE is here! Built with Unreal Engine 4, this version of PUBG is smaller in size and compatible with more devices with less RAM, yet without compromising the amazing experience that attracted millions of fans around the world! PUBG LITE features fast-paced matches and a smaller map made for...
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    Deliver Us The Moon

    Deliver Us The Moon PC

    Deliver Us The Moon is a Sci-Fi thriller set in an apocalyptic near future where Earth's natural resources are depleted. In an effort to solve the energy crisis, global powers created the World Space Agency and secured a promising new source of energy on the moon. The World Space Agency colonized...
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    A Knight sworn to the forces of darkness. A creature which feeds on pain. A young girl all alone. One interconnecting tale of suffering, sacrifice, and the family in the middle of it all. INMOST is an atmospheric, story-driven puzzle platformer, following three playable characters within one dark, interconnecting story. In...
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    Decoherence PC

    Build robots from a wide variety of components. Plan a strategy to carry you to victory. Fight as a pilot alongside your bots in exciting PvP matches or test your mettle in the single player Entropy Tribunals experience! Customize your bots and assign them specific commands to carry out your strategy! Pilot...
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    Spencer PC

    Spencer is a classic Jump´n Run with challenging levels and enemies. Find missing items, destroy enemies, collect coins and diamonds. 3D graphics packed in a nice graphics style, great 2.5D levels and proven gameplay gives you hours of fun. Spencer is an intergalactic traveler who crashed his spaceship on Earth. Alien...
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    Rise of Balloons

    Rise of Balloons PC

    With your help, one hopeful child will be able to solve puzzles and share her joy with the other residents, but a single balloon is not enough... In this adventure game, you have to use your brain to spread happiness by giving away balloons! Use your wits, your environment and, of...
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    Fallen Hero: Rebirth

    Fallen Hero: Rebirth PC

    Become the greatest telepathic villain Los Diablos has ever known! Once you were famous; soon you will be infamous. That is, unless your old friends in the Rangers stop you first. Juggle different identities and preserve your secrets as you build new alliances and try to forget the friendships you've...
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    Heritage of Kings: The Settlers

    Heritage of Kings: The Settlers PC

    Alternative Titles: The Settlers: Heritage of Kings

    Enter a medieval world where you can create your own community, discover new advancements, and repel enemy forces. Heritage of Kings: The Settlers challenges you to conquer seven kingdoms by retrieving their Orbs of Power. You can manage more than 70 types of inhabitants--each with its own benefits, uses skills, and abilities. Barter...
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    Little Misfortune

    Little Misfortune PC

    Little Misfortune is an interactive story, focused on exploration and characters, both sweet and dark, where your choices have consequences. Starring Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez, an imaginative 8-year-old, who seeks the prize of Eternal Happiness, as a gift to her Mommy. Led by her new friend, Mr. Voice, they venture into the...
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    Umfend PC

    An atmospheric horror about love and time. The completion takes approximately two hours. Mysteries and mild jumpscares weave into the fabric of space and time, taking you to places where you have never been. The glass sphere burst in the night of 1996. The world of distortion opened its gates and...
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    Alternative Titles: What the Golf?

    The golf game for people who hate golf! This game is made by people who know nothing about golf and it will not make you a better golf player! A silly physics-based golf parody where every golf course is a new surprising type of golf, some brilliant or hilarious, others...
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    Echo VR

    Echo VR PC

    In Echo Combat, you will play as a futuristic battle-ready robot armed with an array of weapons and abilities as your team of four competes against the opposition in high-speed objective-based zero-gravity mayhem! In the Arena, your team will face off against the competition in a zero-gravity clash of robotic glory...
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    Langoth PC

    The world around you is not real - it's only a high-quality multi-level simulation. Due to a virus attack on the basic simulator system, the program was corrupted and all living entities disappeared from the world and have been replaced with virus cells, eating the remains of the matter. Hope...
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    Hyposphere PC

    Hyposphere is not simply a classic "marble" platformer, it may also be the most beautiful, thanks to the power of the Unreal Engine 4, as well as the most difficult. A cunning artificial intelligence, along with the help of a clever virus, has taken over every computer in the world! There...
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    Gone In November

    Gone In November PC

    Gone In November is a video game which deals with the theme of depression. Go through the mind and thoughts of a patient who was diagnosed with a deadly disease during his last days of living. A short experience where your choices and your actions don't matter. Texting messages to...
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    War of the Vikings

    War of the Vikings PC

    Built on the same CQC Tech as War of the Roses; War of the Vikings delivers the next generation of Paradox’s close quarter combat focused brands that moves the setting to the Viking Age. All of these factors enabled us to create a game experience that has an increased intensity, improved...
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    Only If

    Only If PC

    Only If is a surreal first person adventure-puzzle game. You play as Anthony Clyde, who, after a heavy night of partying, wakes up to find himself in an unfamiliar bed with no memory of the previous night's events. Unfortunately, escaping these unfamiliar, opulent surroundings will prove to be no easy...
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    Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest

    Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest PC

    A lightning strike ignites a breathtaking chain of events, and a blogger follows the Grim Reaper to Hell. Angelo’s channel suffers from a lack of likes and views. He needs them. At any cost. Deciding to record his journey to another world with the Grim Reaper, he hopes he can...
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    The World Next Door

    The World Next Door PC

    Inspired by the emotional storytelling and thrilling action of anime and indie gaming, The World Next Door follows Jun, a rebellious teen who finds herself far from home in the magical and mysterious world of Emrys. As she encounters a colorful cast of otherworldly creatures, Jun must learn to rely...
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    Fenix Rage

    Fenix Rage PC

    Fenix’s village was decimated by a huge explosion, leaving only our hero and the mysterious Oktarus. As Fenix, track down this shadowy villain through nine worlds, defeating brutal bosses and hundreds of minions bent on your destruction. Fenix Rage mechanics are unique yet simple – infinite jump and dash paired with...
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    We Were Here Together

    We Were Here Together PC

    Embark on a puzzle solving adventure in which you and a partner must prove you can communicate and work together to escape the haunted Castle Rock. It all begins with an emergency flare lighting up the sky and a distress call waking you from uneasy dreams. Your fellow Antarctic explorers are...
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    Solar Shifter EX

    Solar Shifter EX PC

    Warp into action with Solar Shifter EX. Man your ship and dive into fierce combat situations in space and over beautiful and distant planet surfaces. Solar Shifter EX is a sci-fi shoot 'em up with the unique ability to 'shift'. Your only weapon is your ship: The Phase Shifter has...
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    Leaving Lyndow

    Leaving Lyndow PC

    Leaving Lyndow is a short, first-person exploration adventure game, set in the Eastshade universe. It's Clara's last day on the island where she grew up. With high honors, she's graduated and fulfilled her childhood dream of joining the Guild of Maritime Exploration. She needs to complete preparations, visit her favorite places,...
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    Terminator: Resistance

    Terminator: Resistance PC

    There is no fate but what you make. Experience the events leading up to the decisive final battle for the fate of mankind in the war against the machines. Terminator: Resistance, is a first-person shooter set during the 'Future War' scenario that was only glimpsed at in the iconic films, 'THE...
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    CastleStorm II

    CastleStorm II PC

    Command and Clobber Aim your catapults! Command your troops! Bloody the battlefield! Gaming’s most charming genre mashup returns, leveling up everything you loved in the original with Unreal 4-powered ruthless destruction. A whole new metagame of strategic conquest adds turn-based tactical intrigue to mix. Dominate six distinct story-driven campaigns – even PvP...
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    Breathedge PC

    Breathedge is an ironic outer space survival adventure game. Take on the role of a simple guy called the Man who is just carrying his grandpa's ashes to a galactic funeral and suddenly finds himself in the middle of a universal conspiracy. A massive space hearse suffers a wreck in the...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Red Dead Redemption 2 PC

    Alternative Titles: Red Dead Redemption II

    Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland. The game's vast and atmospheric world also provides the foundation for a brand new online multiplayer experience. America, 1899. The end of the wild west era has begun as lawmen hunt down the last remaining outlaw...
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    Creature in the Well

    Creature in the Well PC

    Creature in the Well is a top-down, pinball-inspired, hack-and-slash dungeon crawler. As the last remaining BOT-C unit, venture deep into a desert mountain to restore power to an ancient facility, haunted by a desperate Creature. Uncover and upgrade powerful gear in order to free the city of Mirage from a...
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    Ciconia When They Cry - Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

    Ciconia When They Cry - Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones PC

    This is the first chapter in newest entry When They Cry visual novel series produced by Ryuukishi07. It features HD graphics, more detailed animations, and newly created songs by many of the composers from Umineko, as well as several new additions. The Steam version is playable in both English and...
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    Drop Dead

    Drop Dead PC

    3 Exciting Timelines! Defeat Monday's hungry hordes and use cunning to defuse his Zombombs! Combat the undead with a futuristic arsenal of kick-ass weapons! Master the charge pistol, fusion cannon and sticky grenades as you muscle your way through more new missions. Slay your way to Monday's lair for an epic last stand... but...
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    Moe! Ninja Girls

    Moe! Ninja Girls PC

    From the creators of the women’s visual novel games series “Shall we date?” with 32 million downloads, comes our newest title FOR MEN!! Moe! Ninja Girls is a visual novel game that contains the perfect blend of reality and out-of-the-ordinary! Be the ultimate genius ninja and unmask the girls! WHAT’S THIS GAME?: The...
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    Eternal Magic

    Eternal Magic PC

    MMORPG Eternal Magic is a huge fantasy world with a flexible class system, dynamic combat and epic battles for up to 80 people. A MOBA mode, a party in your mansion, weddings, and guild battles. A killer mix for an incredible adventure!...
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    Backbone: Prologue

    Backbone: Prologue PC

    Backbone: Prologue is the demo of an upcoming noir-inspired detective adventure. Step into the shoes of Howard Lotor - anthropomorphic raccoon and private eye - and explore the beautifully rendered 2.5D pixel art environments of dystopian Vancouver. Howard Lotor is smart, self-assured and set in his ways. Caught in the tedium...
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    Backbone PC

    Backbone is a noir-inspired detective adventure. Step into the shoes of anthropomorphic raccoon and private eye, Howard Lotor, and explore the beautifully rendered 2.5D pixel art environments of dystopian Vancouver. Howard Lotor is smart, self-assured and set in his ways. Caught in the tedium of day-to-day life, he’s resigned to the...
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    The Lake House: Children of Silence

    The Lake House: Children of Silence PC

    Alternative Titles: The Lake House Free. Hidden Objects

    Long-forgotten memories bubble to the surface when the past invades the present in the Collector's Edition of Lake House: Children of Silence! Located at the edge of a gloomy lake and shrouded in fog, the old mansion at the center of this story has stood empty for 15 years. All that's...
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    BioShock / The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    BioShock / The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PC

    Alternative Titles: BioShock & The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Bundle

    Contains; * BioShock * The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion BIOSHOCK BioShock is the "genetically enhanced" first person shooter that lets you do things never before possible in the genre: turn everything into a weapon, biologically mod your body with plasmids, hack devices and systems, upgrade your weapons and craft new ammmo variants, and experiment...
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    Pankapu PC

    Jump into a neo-retro adventure with Pankapu : a taste of 90’s platformers in an oneiric world. Pankapu is a narrative action-platformer that takes place in the dreams of Djaha’rell, a child troubled by a tragic incident. Upgrade your skills, find new competencies, switch your Aegis in real time in...
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    Gryphon Knight Epic

    Gryphon Knight Epic PC

    Gryphon Knight Epic is a 2D Medieval Shoot’em up currently in development for Windows, MAC & Linux. Mixing elements from classical shoot’em ups, exploration and duel-like boss battles, it tells the story of Sir Oliver and Áquila, an accomplished knight and his loyal gryphon that are forced back to adventure...
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    Furwind PC

    Furwind is a colorful, pixel art style, action-platformer game that evokes the challenging classics of the old days. Embark on this epic adventure in which a little fox will fight the ominous darkness that is invading its world. FIGHT A TERRIBLE DARKNESS The old war between ancestors ended with the imprisonment of...
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    Alvastia Chronicles

    Alvastia Chronicles PC

    Alternative Titles: Alvastia Senki, アルバスティア戦記

    RPG with over 100 companions?! Set out on an adventure in a retro-styled world! After encountering the man who killed their parents ten years prior, Elmia and her brother Alan set out to avenge their deaths as they fight to stem the tide of monsters flooding into the upper world, and...
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    WWE 2K20

    WWE 2K20 PC

    2K invites players to Step Inside the squared circle with WWE 2K20, available October 22. Your favorite WWE Superstars, Legends, Hall of Famers and NXT’s best will join the festivities and celebrate the rebirth of the WWE 2K franchise! WWE 2K20 will feature key gameplay improvements, streamlined controls, and the...
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    War Selection

    War Selection PC

    This pseudo-historical stategy game with construction of base, resources gathering and military clashes. Up to 62 players in one match fight in a random map. Each player starts from the Stone Age. During the match you choose your culture, and then a certain country. This represents the entire historical diversity of the human civilization. Each...
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    Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG

    Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG PC

    Encased is an isometric role-playing game in a sci-fi post-apocalyptic setting. It was inspired by the first two Fallout installments, Divinity: Original Sin, Baldur’s Gate, Pillars of Eternity and alike. Our team of experienced developers, some of whom were involved in developing such games as Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition and...
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    Flotsam PC

    Survive in a feel-good apocalypse world. Manage your drifters as they try to survive in a harsh ocean world, where everything is trying to eat you or sink your town to the depths of the sea! You’ll need fresh water, seafood, and scrap to make sure your drifters can make the...
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    Cat Quest II: The Lupus Empire

    Cat Quest II: The Lupus Empire PC

    CAT QUEST II is a 2D open-world action-RPG set in a fantasy realm of cats and dogs. Under threat from a continuing war between the cats of Felingard and the advancing dogs of the Lupus Empire, CAT QUEST II tells the tail of two kings, brought together against their will, on...
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