Nintendo Gameboy
    Popeye 2

    Popeye 2 Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: ポパイ2

    He'll fight to the finish, 'cause he eats his spinach. He's Popeye the Sailor Man! When Olive Oyl discovers a map that leads to hidden treasure, Popeye, Olive, Sweet Pea and the whole gang set sail on the high seas. But alas, mateys, Popeye's arch-rival Bluto isn't far behind! The dastardly...
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    Baseball Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: ベースボール

    The most realistic baseball game outside of a ballpark! It's the bottom of the ninth. You're at the plate. Here comes the pitch. You swing - it's a smash deep into center field. A home run! It's Nintendo BASEBALL. A game so real you'll think you're in the majors. You control the...
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    Popeye (1990)

    Popeye (1990) Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Popeye, ポパイ

    Popeye is an action game based on the Popeye comics. Popeye finds himself in a maze (everything except the characters are shown from a top-down view) and needs to find both his girlfriend Olive and a heart within a time limit. After both are found, his adopted baby Swee'Pea appears which...
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    Darius II

    Darius II Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: ダライアスII, Sagaia

    As the Earth's last line of defence, one brave pilot is needed to beat back the alien invasion and safeguard the future of mankind. At the controls of an interstellar battle-craft you must plot your line of attack through a hostile solar system, powering-up your ship at every opportunity to...
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    Mickey's Ultimate Challenge

    Mickey's Ultimate Challenge Nintendo Gameboy

    One night, as Mickey (or Minnie) lay in bed reading a book of fairy tales, he started to wonder how it would be to live in a far off land, in a magic castle. As he fell asleep, he woke up in the Kingdom of Beanwick, which is constantly tormented...
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    Super Battletank

    Super Battletank Nintendo Gameboy

    On August 2nd, 1991, Iraq invades its neighboring oil-producing country, Kuwait. On August 25th, 1991, a joint session of the United Nation's Security Council authorizes the intervention of military force. During the twilight hours of January 16th, 1992, the liberation of Kuwait begins. With SUPER BATTLETANK, you are in command of...
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    Fortified Zone

    Fortified Zone Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Ikari no Yousai

    A male and a female commando named Masato Kanzaki & Mizuki Makimura have been sent to the jungle on a mission. That mission, should they choose to accept it, is to destroy an enemy base and everyone in it. Stealth is required, since brute force will only lead to their...
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    Aerostar Nintendo Gameboy

    World War VI left the Earth desolate and inhabitable. Many years later, the Intergalactic Council discovered that Earth could once again be populated, and people returned to rebuild their lives. Unknown to them, mutant forces had gone undetected, and are now wrecking havoc on the defenseless humans. Fearing the total extermination...
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    Swamp Thing

    Swamp Thing Nintendo Gameboy

    Part Man. Part Monster. Defender of the Earth! Dr. Alec Holland, once a brilliant bio-chemist, has been transformed into the gigantic creature known as Swamp Thing. His bio-restorative formula saved him from the explosion that leveled his bayou research lab. Only now, his arch enemy - Dr. Anton Arcane - wants...
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    SeaQuest DSV

    SeaQuest DSV Nintendo Gameboy

    SeaQuest DSV, the future's largest, most powerful submarine, is at your command! Pilot through pirate-infested waters and take on a variety of challenges. To succeed, you must take control of all of seaquest's futuristic navigational and weapon systems. Explore the depths, answer distress calls, and conduct WHISKER scans to locate various mission...
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    Mickey's Dangerous Chase

    Mickey's Dangerous Chase Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Mickey's Chase, ミッキーズ・チェイス

    In Mickey's Dangerous Chase the player takes control of either Mickey or Minnie Mouse. While on his way to deliver a very special gift to his girlfriend Minnie, Mickey is jumped by Pete who steals the present and takes off and it is up to the mouse duo to stop...
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    Bubble Ghost

    Bubble Ghost Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: バブルゴースト

    Take a deep breath and enter a topsy-turvy world where one of your greatest enemies is... an electric fan? Control the cute Ghost who loves blowing a bubble through a wacky haunted house. His soft breath can move it, but a fragile bubble doesnt stand a ghost of a chance against...
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    DuckTales 2

    DuckTales 2 Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Disney's DuckTales 2

    While in the basement of Uncle Scrooge's mansion, Huey, Dewey and Louie discover an old piece of paper. When they show it to Uncle Scrooge, he recognizes it as part of his great, great Uncle Fergus McDuck's legendary treasure map! With the remaining parts of the map hidden around the...
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    Adventure Island

    Adventure Island Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Hudson's Adventure Island, Adventure Island Classic in the Pacific, Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima

    You just found out that Princess Leilani was kidnapped by the Evil Witch Doctor and taken to Adventure Island in the South Pacific. You land on Adventure Island without weapons or food. The island is thick with tropical forest, mountains and caves. Hidden on the island are your skateboard, axe, food...
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    Maru's Mission

    Maru's Mission Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Oira Jajamaru! Sekai Daibouken, おいらじゃじゃ丸!世界大冒険

    One day while Maru and Cori are taking a walk in Central Park, a strange thing happens. Out of nowhere this weird looking guy shows up and waylays the unsuspecting couple. Before Maru can respond, the weird looking guy and Cori vanish without a trace, leaving Maru behind wondering what...
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    Bionic Commando

    Bionic Commando Nintendo Gameboy

    For two years, your people have struggled against the relentless onslaught of invading forces. With your army reduced to a handful and your artillery depleted, further resistance seems impossible. But in a hidden underground laboratory, a team of scientists has at last perfected a new kind of fighting machinery: a...
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    Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    WELCOME TO THE FESTIVAL OF FOOLS! Chiseler, Djali Bowling, Catch the Fool, Upsy Daisy, and Picture Puzzle...It's five topsy-turvy games in one! Whether you're chiseling away behind the walls of Notre Dame, or lining Djali up for a trip down the alley, this is the most foolish fun youve ever fit...
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    Track Meet

    Track Meet Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Litti's Summer Sports, Track Meet: Mezase! Barcelona

    Track Meet offers players seven different Olympic-style competitions to compete in. Competitions include a 100 meter sprint, Hurdles, Javelin Throw, Pole Vault, Long Jump, Discus Throw, and Weight Lifting. Players have to compete with five different competitors in each event in order to win the world championship. Each competitor has...
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    Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament

    Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Micro Machines 2: Special Edition

    16 crazy characters to choose from! Bigger, Better, Faster, Meaner, More! They're back! Codemasters brings you Micro Machines 2 - Turbo Tournament, packing more micro power than ever before. Hovering, tracking, biking, the game has exploded in every aspect. Interactive courses, rain, wild jumps and much much more. - Head to Head,...
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    NBA Live 96

    NBA Live 96 Nintendo Gameboy

    New for NBA Live '96: New player animations - big blocks, tip-ins, tip-in slams, spin moves, crossover moves, two foot takeoff. New moves - one-on-one, spin dribble and crossover. Two new teams - the Vancouver Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors. Multi-Team Seasons for up to four players. Trade any player, any...
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    Spiritual Warfare

    Spiritual Warfare Nintendo Gameboy

    You're a soldier in the army of the Lord. Explore the inner regions of a modern city as you endeavor to collect the Full Armor of God. Along the way you'll encounter villainous characters and numerous obstacles designed to test your faith. Correctly answering Bible questions will help restore your...
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    M.C. Kids

    M.C. Kids Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: McDonaldland

    The Hamburglar has stolen Ronald's bag of magic tricks! In this 2D platformer, it's up to you to play as Mick or Mac and get it back. Go across various lands and meet McDonald's characters as you travel to places like Ronald's Clubhouse, Birdie's Treehouse, and the Hamburglar's Hideout as...
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    Top Gun: Guts & Glory

    Top Gun: Guts & Glory Nintendo Gameboy

    Very loosely based on the Top Gun movie, the player controls an aircraft through ten different levels, taking out enemy jet fighters and battleships using missiles and machine guns in the legendary F-14 Tomcat, F-117A Stealth, MiG-29 Fulcrum, or F-16 Falcon. There are different game modes (Career, Air Combat, and...
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    World Heroes 2 Jet

    World Heroes 2 Jet Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Nettō World Heroes 2 Jet

    World Heroes 2 JET is the third game in the World Heroes series. A third tournament featuring warriors from all over the world (and different periods in time) has begun, and it's up to you to fight to the finish to find out who is organizing it. The game is an...
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    Hudson Hawk

    Hudson Hawk Nintendo Gameboy

    Eddie Hawkins, a.k.a. The Hudson Hawk, is called the world's greatest cat burglar, but he's called it quits. Some others, though, aren't ready for the Hawk to retire. They blackmail him into stealing priceless works by Leonardo da Vinci from a heavily guarded auction house and from the Vatican itself!...
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    Street Fighter II

    Street Fighter II Nintendo Gameboy

    From across the globe comes eight of the wildest fighters the world has ever known. Choose your champion, gather your courage and prepare to battle your opponents in a bare knuckle brawl. Face Ken and his devastation "Dragon Punch"! Watch the temperature rise as Dhalsim incinerates you with his mystical...
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    T2: The Arcade Game

    T2: The Arcade Game Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Terminator 2: Judgment Day, T2ザ・アーケードゲーム

    This is an arcade rail-shooter based on the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Up to two players shoot through future and present levels as robotic killers reprogrammed to serve the human resistance. Both players wield a machine gun with infinite ammo that lowers its firing rate (overheats) as it is continuously...
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    Zool Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Zool no Yume Bōken, Zool: Ninja of the "Nth" Dimension, ZOOLのゆめぼうけん

    His name is Zool, and he is a gremlin-like creature from another dimension. He is forced to land on the Earth, but his sole goal is to attain the prestigious ranking of a Ninja. To do that, Zool will have to travel through six worlds, each divided into three stages,...
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    Earthworm Jim

    Earthworm Jim Nintendo Gameboy

    Now you can eat dirt on the road. Earthworm Jim, winner of the Die-Hard Game Fan's Game of the Year, Game Player's Ultimate and Electronic Gaming Monthly's Genesis Game of the Year has wormed his way onto the Game Boy. This is the highest coversion from a 16-bit to a...
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    Chuck Rock

    Chuck Rock Nintendo Gameboy

    Chuck Rock hasn't been the same since his long-time rival in love, Gary Gritter, kidnapped his wife, the beautiful Ophelia. Help Chuck in his quest to rescue Ophelia from the clutches of the wicked Gary. Kick, throw rocks and belly-butt your way through a multitude of comical zones, featuring 500...
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    Wayne's World

    Wayne's World Nintendo Gameboy

    "Wayne's World, Wayne's World! Party time! Excellent! Woo, woo, woo!" It's Friday, it's 10:30 and like usual, Wayne and Garth are presenting their TV show. First they start off by reading a top-10 list of the worst games they recently played at the arcade. Then Wayne accounts on how he and...
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    Shaq Fu

    Shaq Fu Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Shaq-Fu

    While en route to a charity game in Tokyo, basketball star Shaquille O'Neal (called "Shaq" for short) is drawn into an alternate dimension by a local man who believes only Shaq can save his grandson. Once there, he must fight a succession of 11 opponents, one at a time, with...
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    Parodius Da!

    Parodius Da! Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Parodius 1, Parodius, Parodius: Non-Sense Fantasy, パロディウスだ! 神話からお笑いへ, Parodius! From Myth to Laughter, Parodiusu Da! Shinwa kara Owarai e, It's Parodius! From Myth to Laughter

    This is mostly the parody of Gradius (Nemesis on some systems), with some flavor from other shoot-em-ups, like Twinbee. The series is available on numerous platforms. The game is a right-to-left scrolling shoot-em-up. You can choose from 4 different flying creatures, with different weapons. You must finish 7 stages, each having...
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    Lethal Weapon

    Lethal Weapon Nintendo Gameboy

    In this game, based on the movie series, you can play as Martin Riggs or Roger Murtaugh to complete four main missions, before taking on a final bonus one. For each mission you can choose the appropriate character. Walking around, jumping and swimming, kicking or shooting the opponents you have...
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    Choplifter III

    Choplifter III Nintendo Gameboy

    In this third installment of the Choplifter series, it is once again your job to fly your helicopter through enemy territory to rescue hostages. The helicopter does not only take damage from enemy fire, but also from contact with buildings, trees, walls etc., which makes some levels difficult to navigate. Enemies...
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    Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure

    Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Bill and Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure

    Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure is based on the movie Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. The game follows the movie's basic plot: Bill and Ted, two not too bright teenagers, absolutely have to pass their history paper. Rufus, a man from the future, grants them a device for...
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    Beetlejuice Nintendo Gameboy

    Based on the 1988 Michael Keaton movie, Beetlejuice follows the rough storyline of the movie. A ghoul named Beetlejuice is hired by a recently deceased couple to scare away the new occupants of their old home. The game is a side scrolling action game where the lead character can run,...
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    The Pagemaster

    The Pagemaster Nintendo Gameboy

    The Pagemaster was released in conjunction with the Macaulay Culkin part action/part cartoon feature film released in 1994. Guide your character through a selection of levels based around themed books, ranging from Horror to Adventure and Fantasy worlds. You can use magic and stomp enemies to death by jumping on...
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    The Real Ghostbusters (1993)

    The Real Ghostbusters (1993) Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Mickey Mouse IV: Mahou no Labyrinth, Garfield Labyrinth, Mikkī Mausu Fō: Mahō no Rabirinsu, ミッキーマウスIV 魔法のラビリンス

    The Real Ghostbusters, known as Garfield Labyrinth in Europe and Mickey Mouse IV: Mahou no Labyrinth in Japan, is a puzzle/platform game. The story is very simple: Venkman (or Garfield and Odie or Mickey and Mini Mouse, depending on the version you play) walk over a bridge one day, a...
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    The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2

    The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle II, Pernalonga em O Castelo Maluco 2, Mickey Mouse, Hugo, ミッキーマウスII, Mickey Mouse II

    Bugs is back in the palm of your hand and here's "What's Up, Doc:" Nasty Witch Hazel has nabbed Honey Bunny from a party in the castle and locked her away. This time you'll have to hunt through 28 huge, multi-level rooms to help Bugs rescue his main squeeze. But watch...
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    Toxic Crusaders

    Toxic Crusaders Nintendo Gameboy

    Toxic Crusaders is a 2D platform game, based on the TV show Toxic Crusader and Toxic Avenger character. Between each level, the player can select the Crusader they want to play as: Toxie, No-Zone, Major Disaster, Headbanger and Junkyard. The gameplay is standard for side-scrolling platform games: the player goes to the...
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    Battleship (1993)

    Battleship (1993) Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Battleship, Kaisen Game: Navy Blue

    Do you have what it takes to command your own fleet of six ships? Can you survive thrilling, ruthless combat on the high seas? Stalk your enemy through unfriendly waters. Secretly plot your plan of attack. Then fire. It's a hit! But remain on red alert! For your opponent wants...
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    Bram Stoker's Dracula

    Bram Stoker's Dracula Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Dracula

    Bram Stroker's Dracula is a side-scroller platform game loosely based on the 1992 film of the same name. Players take the role of Jonathan Harker whose mission is to destroy Count Dracula by first heading to Transylvania and then London. Jonathan Harker can move left and right, jump and attack with...
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    Dr. Franken

    Dr. Franken Nintendo Gameboy

    Franky and his girlfriend Bitsy are planning a vacation to New York. There's just one problem: Bitsy doesn't have a passport. Our protagonist comes up with a brilliant idea: He takes Bitsy apart and mails her to New York in different packages, where he will put her back together. Unfortunately...
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    Skate or Die: Tour de Thrash

    Skate or Die: Tour de Thrash Nintendo Gameboy

    Skate or Die: Tour de Thrash is a skateboard game with two playing modes. The first, "Retro Rocket Ramp" is almost identical to the ramp mode of Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble. The player is presented with a half-pipe shown from the side and skates on...
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    Skate or Die: Bad 'N Rad

    Skate or Die: Bad 'N Rad Nintendo Gameboy

    Skate Or Die: Bad'N Rad is a Jump'N Run that consists of 7 levels, three of which are viewed from a top-down perspective. The side-scrolling levels play similar to other Jump'N Runs, as you have to avoid obstacles and kill enemies by jumping on them. However, since you are on...
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    WWF Superstars (1991)

    WWF Superstars (1991) Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: WWF Superstars

    WWF Superstars is a licensed wrestling game. Players can choose between five WWF superstars: Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, Macho King Randy Savage, Mr. Perfect and the Million Dollar Man to take on opponents in the ring. There are many moves that can be executed by all the wrestlers: body slam, suplex,...
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    Fist of the North Star: 10 Big Brawls for the King of the Universe!

    Fist of the North Star: 10 Big Brawls for the King of the Universe! Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: Hokuto no Ken: Sōbetsu Jūban Shōbu, 北斗の拳 凄絶十番勝負

    Fist of the North Star is a versus fighting game starring 11 characters from the Fist of the North Star franchise. Fights are either one on one or five on five. Each character can punch, kick, and jump, and in addition each has a specific special attack: either a tackle...
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    Kaijū-ō Godzilla

    Kaijū-ō Godzilla Nintendo Gameboy

    Alternative Titles: 怪獣王ゴジラ, King of the Monsters, Godzilla

    An action game in which Godzilla must continue moving right, crushing opposing military forces until reaching bosses consisting of various monsters from the Godzilla universe. It was a Japan-only, Game Boy release....
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    WWF Superstars 2

    WWF Superstars 2 Nintendo Gameboy

    A wrestling game featuring a roster of six different WWF wrestlers. Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, Sid Justice, Jake the Snake Roberts, the Undertaker, and the Mountie are the WWF superstars who are playable. Game modes include a one on one match, a tag team match, and a tournament. Matches...
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